“S” University Zo Insung is first. Hello. I major in Architecture and Music Composition at Seoul National University. I’m 28 years old. (Sending Love Balloons) (The ladies are very outgoing today) I’m Kim Bohun and I’m 28. I’m here to find a woman that’ll inspire me in composing my music. You’re here to find your muse. Yes. Your musical inspiration? (Getting interested) What are some of your talents? Do you know what the longest word in English is? The longest word in English? – I know. / – What is it? Isn’t it the word with a smile in it? No. It’s made of 45 words. I’ll say it in a native American accent. Okay. It’s pneumonoultramicroscopic-silicovolcanoconiosis. (Everyone is astonished) You all don’t look too pleased. Well, that is… He’s a weird one. (He’s no ordinary man) It’s a medical term. Why did you bring that up out of nowhere? My talent is that I can pronounce the word in fluent English. You were showing off your English? I feel like he’s going to be a complicated person. Okay. (Everyone is shocked at his talent) (Hehe) Alright. Corporate Worker Key is next. Why is he called Key? I can see Key in him. He also looks like Baekhyun… – From EXO. / – That’s right. (Baekhyun from EXO) (Key from SHINee) (Corporate Worker Key looks like) (Someone from SM Entertainment) (He really looks like them) (Blushing) Hello, I’m a corporate employee. I work at a cosmetic company. (With just a few words) (He got her blushing and smiling) I really love men with a good voice. That’s why I couldn’t help but to keep looking at him. (My eyes kept going to him) Could you tell us your actual name? Please say your name. I’m Lee Kwanu. (She’s shooting her balloons) Please don’t press it so hard. (She’s busted) (She’s very forward at love) (Does he feel the same way about her?) Let’s move onto the next contestant. I really wanted to hear from this guy. He’s Hot Body Acupuncture Doctor. I’m 31 years old and an acupuncture doctor. My name is Jeong Daejin. I run an acupuncture office near Gangnam Station. And I specialize in beauty and diet medicine. The reason my nickname is like this is because I enjoy working out. I’ve competed at fitness competitions. – Competed? / – Yes. Let’s see your abs then. I can’t do that. Why don’t I do some poses? (Here comes Hot Body Acupuncture Doctor) (Look) (Such a powerful walk) Look at that. (This is how he actually looks like) (Laughing) (Speechless) (Showing off everything he’s got) (These are the same person) (Confidence is my strength) (That concludes the posing performance) That’s insane. Next up is the one that basically started off the group chat. It’s Park Bo-saur. You’re incredibly handsome. He looks like a model. He’s tall as well. You also look like Kim Kangwoo. I was thinking the same. (The two really look alike) Hello, I’m 25 years old and Park Bo-saur on chat. My name is Baek Myeongjin. I’m currently studying acting to become an actor. Have you been on screen yet? I’ve been an extra in a few works, but nothing big yet. You’re going to become such a unique actor. – You’re handsome. / – Thank you so much. Engineer Lee Sungkyoung, you mentioned that Park Bogum is your ideal type. Does he look like Bogum? – Sungkyoung? / – Yes, a little bit. (Thank you so much) Next up is Cheongju Ong Seongwu. He really looks like Seongwu. (The two look identical) – You two look like twins. / – Thank you. Please introduce yourself. Hello, I work for a company that makes car parts. I’m Lee Hojin and I’m 27 years old. I’m Cheongju Ong Seongwu. I like taking lessons for different things on weekends. I love baking, dancing, as well as working out. I’m looking for someone who’ll enjoy these things with me. – He sounds confident. / – What’s your talent? Well, my nickname is Ong Seongwu. (Does that mean…) (That you’re…) I’ll dance to “Energetic” by Wanna One. (I’ve prepared “Energetic” by Wanna One) (Excited) Let’s see. (What kind of performance will he put on today?) Look at how prepared he is. That’s excellent. (Cheering by sending him a lot of Love Balloons) (Here he goes!) (He’s a little stiff, but he’s still a good dancer) Look at his muscles. (He has a perfectly toned body hidden) (Flopping his arms) (It’s a little awkward) (But seeing him try so hard is quite charming) (Or that’s what we thought at first at least) (What did I just see?) (He was really dancing hard) (Then he suddenly flashed his abs) (The sudden flashing of the abs) I saw it right in front of my eyes. (All the ladies are surprised) That was so unexpected. (Confused) I was astonished. I really was. Who was the guy that showed his abs? (Blushing every time she thinks back at that moment) We’ll now have the ladies introduce themselves. I’m currently majoring in Electrical Engineering at Yonsei University. You were a first-year in 2017? I was a first-year in 2002. (That’s a big age gap…) I’m really good at doing impressions. (She’s good at impressions) (She’s starting off right away) My mom doesn’t even ask why I steal. Is that a Doraemon impression? Jingu! You don’t even ask why I steal. Wasn’t that Doraemon? (It was actually a Yebin impression from “Sky Castle”) I’m sorry. You’re still getting a lot of balloons, so it’s fine. It’s the courage that she has, not about how good she is. (Courage is the most important thing in love) Gwangju Chungha… – Please introduce yourself. / – Gwangju Chungha. I’m Jo Hyemin and I’m 24 years old. I can walk and pose like a model. You can do runway walks? – Can we see it now? / – We have to see it. What about this? Keep walking, then pose in front of your favorite guy. (Stop in front of your favorite guy) (Then pose) (Who will she stop and pose in front of?) It’s “Havana.” (Gwangju Chungha’s runway walk starts now) (You can see how confident she is from her walk) (Impressed) (They continuously click) (Around the half point) (She approaches the male participants) (Who will she walk up to?) (Everyone’s eyes are on her) (She chooses…) (To shoot love at everyone) Bang, bang. She shot at everyone. (It made everyone happy) (But after then…) She shot at everyone. (She shoots hearts at Corporate Worker Key) (Let’s see it from a different angle) (We got you) (Corporate Worker Key) (Can you see my heart?) (How will he react to this?) (His smile makes it hard to tell what he’s thinking) From the start, his first impression was good and he has many traits that I like. So he kept drawing my attention. Well… This is so embarrassing. (She mustered up her courage to express herself) (Will they become a couple?) Please introduce yourself, Chunhyang SUNMI. Hello, I am Chunhyang SUNMI, Park Inyeong, and I’m 22 years old. Why is your nickname Chunhyang SUNMI? It’s because I won an award at Miss Chunhyang beauty pageant this year. (She won an award) (Inyeong participated in Miss Chunhyang) (This is a surprise) (Obvious movements) As soon as you mentioned Chunhyang… I guess Yi Mongryong is here. They pressed the buttons. I think I can tell who that was. (Laughing) I think it’s Yi Ongryong. Was it Yi Ongryong or Park Bo-mongryong? Who was it? (Who will become her Yi Mongryong?) – Next. / – Let’s move on. Hello, I’m Art School Gong Seungyeon. My name is Jeong Gyeoun, and I’m 25 years old. My specialty is pansori. (Pansori?) (Come this way) (Let’s play with you on my back) (She’s good) (Her “Chunhyangga” draws attention) (Despite her cute looks) (She shows off a very unexpected charm) Let’s meet 3 Seconds Iring. Hello, I’m 3 Seconds Iring, Lee Haju, and I’m 25 years old. I’m currently working as a pet-sitter. I’m good at imitating singers… (Excited) It’s short, so listen carefully. – Okay. / – It only happens three times. This is how Lena Park gets ready before her rehearsal. I like the setting. One moment. (Give her a hand before it gets too embarrassing) Gosh, what do I do? (Laughing) (It’s strangely addictive) (I met you) She keeps singing. – She’s cute. / – Alright. Everyone here is so charming.

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  1. It's been my current favorite show.. I like Gwangju Chungha & Corporate Worker Key <3 They look so good together.. I hope their relationship would last long..

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