at age 12 severe accident left me with
chronic upper back pain pain pills and doctors could help nineteen years ago I’m at st. Joseph’s
Hospital with mr. green he was probably around 75 years old I never knew what a
physical therapist was I heard about it but I was a volunteer and mr. green was
mentoring me and I’ll never forget what he said to me he said perseverance
seldom failed and we would transfer the patients from bed that came out of
really bad surgery a lot of pain they were plugged into all these morphine
pumps and I started to realize how powerful the profession I was going to
get into was and I entered the physical therapy program at NYU and graduated at
the top of my class I feel like people just don’t know what to do about their
pain they they get stuck they go to doctors they get the runaround
they’re taking medications they’re taking pills they’re getting shots some
are getting unwarranted surgeries they’re depressed people are fearful of
moving because they think that they’re going to hurt a bone or a joint in their
body because there may be arthritis on an x-ray or if they keep running or if
they keep powerlifting or lifting weights I know because I was there too
when I fell down injuring myself on a snowboarding accident when I was 12
years old I didn’t realize at that age that I was going to struggle with so
much pain chronic pain for so many years until I realized that doing certain
exercises can actually help me not like the stuff that you may have tried like
manipulations to your back or massages but really connecting and stretching
those nerves back into position and creating symmetry and balance without
taking all of that advil and percocet I want people to be able to fix themselves I’m leading the do-it-yourself pain-free
revolution empowering people to eliminate their pain themselves without
med surgery multiple co-pays or wasted time they just don’t realize that over
92% of pain is not caused by bone or muscle it’s caused by your nervous
system in your brain trying to protect that part of your body pain is a
circumstance the PainFree Maverick’s purpose is giving you the pure truth
about your pain so that you can help yourself create more positive change in
your life the PainFree Maverick is your
superhero! and all care physical therapy and the
PainFree Maverick it is our goal to get you back to everything that you used to
do before you started having pain so you can live better more pain-free life

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