So it says you’re here to audition for Vine 2 – perfect and your experience is Musically okay must be a new thing, take um, take it away show me what you’ve got Hi guys welcome back to my channel if you are new here, my name is Tom Harlock I I don’t have an intro But I make two videos a week So feel free to subscribe if you want to. If you have been living under a rock this week you may have missed that Dom Hoffman who was one of the original creators of vine tweeted this now obviously the internet went mad Everyone’s loving the rebirth of vine etc etc However a few people are skeptical that this is going to go down the pan like vine one I can understand Why they would think that however as long as the creators of Vine 2 take into consideration User experience a revenue stream for the app and the creators and good content We should be good to go on the subject of good content that leads me into today’s video See there’s been a lot of talk online about who should Or should not be allowed back on the Vine 2 – quick disclaimer. I may or may not talk about your favorite person in the world In this video if I do one it’s because I think i’m funnier than them and it’s my opinion, and I’m allowed to say it – two I don’t hate them or think they shouldn’t be allowed on vine this this videos is a massive joke 3 if you feel like I’m a dickhead and I’m shit make a video about me about how terrible I am but I guarantee I Promise you I will be able to make a better video about how shit of a person I am because I hate myself more than Anyone else also speaking about hating myself I purchased this t-shirt with the intention of it being a long sleeve t-shirt, which is which is perfect than brilliant However didn’t afford me any elbows What the fuck are they playing at Asos are you taking the limp biscuit? So I thought it’d be a fun video idea to look at some of the great content That was put on vine 1 and some of the potential great content That could be put on Vine 2 – if we don’t have a crackdown on these terrible terrible people so Let’s start with musically star Mark Thomas see I didn’t want to give this gobshite any attention however He followed me, and he was tweeting me the other day and I’ve learned as an adult if a child panders to you and they’re Tugging at your sleeve you should give them a little bit of attention or they do have complex issues And they end up I don’t know blowing up schools and shit so Markey T. This is your moment I’m giving you your personal chance to audition for Vine 2 – in front of the world take it away Tell me pretty lies look me in the face. Tell me that you love me Even if it’s fake. Cos I don’t fucking care, at all You been out all night, I don’t know where you been you’re slurring all your words ahhhh Based on that performance. I’m implementing a rule no children are allowed on vine unless it’s Gavin, Eva I smell like beef or miss Keisha’s murderer Those are the only three And if you want to be on Vine you’re young you have to apply Sorry Marc denied entry Next we’ve got our first ex Viner to take a look at if you don’t remember this guy pretty green eyes “Weekly Chris” Weekly Chris was a massive inspiration to a lot of children back in the day on vine He used to post inspirational messages and also coverage of popular songs found a pretty good Weekly Chris vine So let’s take a little look at his audition. If you smile as soon as you wake up you will be happier for the rest of the day even if you have to force yourself to smile Do it. Your first mistake Chris was assuming that I wake up in the morning I tell you what Chris I’ll do you deal if you can come back to vine With your original eye color instead of those digitally green nightmares. I will personally put you on the popular page I think a lot of these Viners are going to struggle when they go back to Vine 2 – if they do Because they’re gonna start from zero followers And there’s no way they’re gonna build up to the following that they had before Whether it be because the apps not as active or they just aren’t as appreciated by an older audience Which is the actual fact and so I think a lot of egos are gonna be deflated so that’ll be interesting Weekly Chris was a good start But I reckon we can I reckon we could get a bit worse if don’t know who lady dippers are If you missed Lady dippers the first time around on vine Then you are very welcome for what you’re about to see Eeee eee eee eee Don’t know what that is between her teeth It’s tobacco lady dippers with this niche community on vine that would they were just disgusting But so intriguing I could spend hours just watching at the tobacco and flick out their lips oh yeeee You know what lady dippers on first thoughts I wasn’t gonna have you know now I’ve watched Weekly Chris And then you immediately after I feel like you’re comedy gold so yeah actually welcome back Yee yee, I wasn’t planning on letting anyone past the first round of auditions in this video but if you guys want me to do a video on people I would have back on vine 2 Like this video and leave a comment Let me know and I will definitely do that like tomorrow because I have so many opinions moving on from lady dippers Leading on to some people that we definitely will not be having back on vine to sexual predators Okay, so I’ve lobbed these two together because it doesn’t made sense to get them over and done with mr. Carter Reynolds and a mr. Curtis Lepore, let’s let’s see where you got caught me Mr. Curry Yeah, you know I’m the Beast man my mouth is dry i need something sweet Yeah, girl. Why don’t you come over and then come over and over and over I’m gonna go with a firm no, mainly because they’re gross and disgusting and also because their content was terribly shit peaks Not a terribly unfunny person if I’m completely honest He is somebody who was stuck into that fuck’s sake He is somebody who is stuck in 2012 his comedy is similar, do remember the four panel memes where it was like wait you know I’m gonna make one Why am i trying to do this, i never usually do shit like this Tom edit dramatic music Enough talking let’s have a look at what Peaks can do Who the fuck has that many chips and that little Just NO no one starts off like that in the first place All right moving on Peaks is denied the Jake Paulers are gonna say he’s “not gonna want to go back to Vine He’s too big for Vine he’s got team ten” team ten are greedy arse holes and Drake Paul..Drake Paul? I don’t even Drake Paul would be so much better Jake Paul change your fucking name and your haircut and your lifestyle and your content Jake Paul will go back to vine And he will take Team Ten to vine purely because there’s money in it just because he loves Popularity and all he cares about is money and greed And he’s a filthy dirty bastard anyway moving on let’s have a little look. At would Jake Paul can do Hey, will you take a picture with me? Sure, I’m not kissing you No you don’t have to, don’t! You may be thinking that ‘Tom you purposely picked a Jake Paul Vine that makes him look creepy’ yes I did because he doesn’t own me because I’m not in team ten Next person is someone that I just don’t like because I think she’s an absolute arse hole She’s actually made a video kind of featuring me. It was when she was reading mean tweets This is why I can take the piss out of weekly Chris because I also have a speech impediment okay, Brittany M—urphy? No she dead, Brittany Furlan so she did this video And she purposely got my app wrong in this video knowing that I – Why am i holding my tiddy – She purposely got my app wrong in this video knowing that I would tweet about it because she wanted the extra views I see you Brittany Furlan. I think she’s the most Caucasian person I’ve ever seen in my life But all she does is take the piss out of Hispanic people so Don’t get me wrong if she is in any way 1% latina. Let me know and I will take it back but right now She’s looking Caucasian. Okay, let’s have a little look at what Brittany Ferland can’t do this Hello, my name is Jelena. I am dog trainer. Please call I train your dog. Oh, that was hilarious At which point was I supposed to fucking laugh. Are you using your dog for content? you’re using your dog to make the laughs if you genuinely want a Brittany Furlan piece of content that will make you laugh try and Find her character real for 2012. It’s so offensive You generally think “what the fuck went into your brain when you did this?” ALSO talking about racism, People who me racist last year because this girl called Hamna Told me that I was 30 years old, and I should get off the internet And I said Hamna your name sounds like if I said Honda with no teeth and the people came from you saying that was offensive and looking back that probably was a bit too much So I think I’ve apologized for it, but if not then soz Moving on, brittany furlan’s a bitch. We’ve got danielle bregoglio’s snokesness snicker bar, danielle bregoliusn she rose to fame off dr. Phil I’ve done a little video about before which makes me sound like a terrible horrible adult, but if I’m honest it was well funny So gonna watch it. She is a *pause* she’s a little gobshite Isn’t she to be fair, but I reckon she’d be well funny on vine *scoff* look at this shit, So the audience are a bunch of hoes? Yep *applause* cash me ousside how bout dah? huh? cash me ousside how bout dah get you outside? What does that mean What I just said imagine that imagine the smack cam she would do moving on, this next person, i personally I don’t want to mention her name too much because everyone just thinks im obsessed with her, but Lele Pons Lele, you’re allowed back to vine if you film with an iphone 3gs no other no equipment just an iphone 3gs, baby I’m gonna end the video here Because I don’t need to be too long however if you do want to part two to this Let me know in the comments, and if you want a video about all the nice viners I like because I definitely like more people that I dislike even though it seems like I hate a lot of people Oh my god my lung capacity Fuck me I could be an Olympics swimmer, I could be Michael Phelps without the ears If you didn’t like this video then feel free to leave me a hate comment because then I’ll make a read and hate comments video and I’ll put loads of ads on it, so thanks If you enjoyed this video make sure to give it a like if you watched any of the adverts in this video Thank you very much. You’re paying for some elbow patches. Thank you very much again for 280 thousand subscribers I appreciate it more than you know I will be making more vines if it comes out and I will be making YouTube videos Alongside vines. I don’t worry. I’ll be everywhere is normal like fungus That you just can’t get fucking rid of thank you very much for watching. I love you. Goodbye

100 thoughts on “Who’s NOT invited to Vine 2.0?”

  1. People that should be on vine 2
    Quensadilla, trey???, Thomas sanders, and iconic FUNNY people not like

    ANY ONE from musically
    Lele pons
    Hannah stocking
    Logan and Jake paul
    Instagram “comedians”

  2. People not allowed
    Lele Pons
    The Paul’s
    Gabbie Hanna (sorry I used to like Gabbie but after the whole Kenza scandal. I’m not blaming her for promoting it. I’m blaming her for not researching it to see if it was. A scam first. And then she acted so self righteous afterwards in her “apology” video)
    Fuckboys who just make the eyes brows raised pouty lips and the finger gun with the chin resting the the crook between the thumb and index finger.
    Anyone from Musically (with the exception of Lisa Koshy) (yes this includes Andrea Russet)
    The Dobre Brothers

    People we need in Vine 2.0

    Liza Koshy
    Sarah Schuar (did I spell it right oh well)
    Drew Gooden
    Tom Harlock
    And all the other kids who made the funny vines.


  4. I saw an Insta ad about V2 and guess what… the person advertising it was Jake Paul.. . That's just bad advertising on their part.

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    I know this is off topic but I just needed to get it off of my chest.

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    Or buy it for someone I do like, because it looks like a nice shirt.
    Or both.

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  8. Before I watch this vid; aren't you the dude in that vine that went "my mum took my ipod away because I was listening to fall out boy and she doesn't like the fact that I'm emo"

  9. Talking about burning the school down… 2 kids in year 2 try to burn down my old primary school AND THEY DIDN'T GET EXPELLED

  10. I love Chris Collins! Ok he's kinda cringe now that I look back on it but hey,, I was like 14 and he wasn't THAT bad ?

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