100 thoughts on “WHY 2018 FLOPPED”

  1. emma chamberlain realizes (as one who has made scrunchies) that making scrunchies takes like 5 minutes? they are super easy to make..

  2. People talked shite about the tide pod thing as if every generation didn't eat the forbidden pods. We just documented it. Stay woke

  3. Only true arianators heard thank you,next in the background music (or you could just have good hearing 😉

  4. Tom: …and of course his EIGHT part series into Logan Paul's mind.
    Me: Eight parts? Logan Paul doesn't even have that many brain cells.

  5. I can’t even remember half of this shit happened just last year it literally feels like all of the bs happened in 2016/2017

  6. "and despite the lack of webbing between my eyes, I've definitely had downs" is the first time I've heard a downs syndrome joke that isn't offensive

  7. "if you're a christian, merry christmas,
    "if you're jewish, happy hanukkah ,
    "and if you're too young to be watching this channel, sANtA cLaUSe iSnT rEaL."

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