Dr. Axe: Hey, guys. Dr. Josh Axe here, along with Jordan Rubin. Welcome to Ancient Medicine Today. Hey, on this video, we’re going to be talking
about how to overcome the bloat. If you’re a person struggling with bloating,
gas, digestive distress of any kind, we’ll be going through the top herbal remedies,
vitamins, supplements, and foods, and tips you need to follow in order to overcome bloating
fast. Jordan: This is a good topic because people
are making videos about Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, about chronic constipation
and diarrhea, but just flat out bloating, which everybody experiences, 100% of people
experience bloating at some point. Some people literally have bellies out to
here and they’re loaded with gas or distention. They’re not necessarily full of fat. So, how do we get rid of bloating, what foods
to eat, what foods to avoid, and some other tips. Let’s get started. It’s time to beat the bloat. So, these are the causes. Dr. Axe: Yeah. Number one, digestive disorders. Now, this could be leaky gut syndrome, it
could be Crohn’s, ulcerative colitis, a number of other conditions, but it all comes down
to this. We’re going to go through things today on
how to seal and heal that gut lining. Jordan: Absolutely. Fluid retention is typically caused by excess
sodium. We consume 10 times too much sodium, 10 times
too little potassium, we actually bloat on the cellular level. Fluid retention sort of disguises itself as
bloating. Too much fluid can be bloating, but so can
too little fluid. Dr. Axe: Yeah, dehydration, you really need
to have more H2O in your system and that really keeps things moving through your body on a
regular basis. This is important for your blood, it’s important
for your digestive system, your kidneys, but especially if you want to get rid of the bloat,
you got to have more water. Jordan: Absolutely. Constipation, this is a no-brainer, right? Dr. Axe: Yeah. Jordan: If you don’t have proper bowel motility,
if you don’t have movement, the wave-like motion that peristalsis will cause, you’re
going to be bloated. Because what happens is when food sits in
your gut for a long time, it causes putrefaction and really unhealthy fermentation, and that
leads to bloating. So, if you’re constipated, you’re going to
be bloated. It will be relieved temporarily by an evacuation,
but it’s going to keep coming back. This is a big one, too. Dr. Axe: Oh, yeah. Food allergies and food sensitivities. Listen, everybody has their kryptonite. We know Superman’s kryptonite. For some people, I’ve done an IgG test, Jordan,
that said my body did not do well with cow’s milk, certain types of casein and egg whites,
and so, those are things that I stay away from. And there are other things, some other people
can handle those foods, no problem, but again, if you have a specific food sensitivity or
allergy, absolutely it will cause bloating. Jordan: SIBOS, small intestinal bacterial
overgrowth. The small intestine is meant to have a very
little amount of bacteria, but when some of it backs up from the colon, you get SIBO,
however you want to pronounce it. Bloating absolutely is an indicator of SIBO. Good news is you can eat the right foods,
take the right supplements, and remove or even reverse SIBO. Dr. Axe: Now, there are many different types
of infections that can take place in your gut, whether it be your stomach or small intestine
or your large intestine. But in terms of infection, yeast infection
or candida infections are some of the most common. Different types of yeast, different types
of bad bacteria can overgrow in the gut and that’s a major cause of bloating as well. Jordan: Now this is a big one, if you have
bloating and you ruled out all the other previous causes or underlying issues and you think
you might have bowel obstruction, if it’s terrible pain, you’re not evacuating properly
for days and days, you need to see a physician. Bowel obstruction can be very, very serious. Sometimes it requires surgery, but it can
be improved through nutrition certainly. Dr. Axe: Absolutely. Hormonal changes, now this can be big. If you’re going through very different hormonal
changes, that can actually affect your bowel movements, but also it can cause bloating
as well. We know women, during certain times of every
single month, can start to have issues with bloating and cramping in their gastric system. Jordan: Absolutely. And cancer, many types of cancer cause digestive
distress, but also cancer treatments, virtually every cancer treatment, whether it’s surgery,
a prep for surgery, what you’re taking, what’s being injected in or infused in, cancer medications,
etc, radiation, can all cause bloating. So, if you have cancer and are dealing with
treatments, you likely are going to have excessive bloating. But certainly, if there’s bloating and you
don’t understand why, definitely get checked, certain digestive cancers can cause bloating. Now here’s a good news, these are bloat-fighting
foods, let’s get started. Dr. Axe: Yeah, number one here, probiotic
powerhouses. Consuming more fermented vegetables like sauerkraut
and kimchi, kefir. These are some of the best. We know that probiotics are going to help
get rid of some of that bad bacteria that’s overgrowing in your system and really can
help in a big way with getting rid of the bloat. Jordan: Absolutely. Now this is interesting, raw dairy in some
can exacerbate bloating, but in many, it really, really helps. You know what’s interesting, years ago, when
somebody would have nausea or even food poisoning, they tell you to drink dairy, drink milk. So, contrary to current popular belief, raw
dairy products, especially fermented yogurt, kefir, etc, are amazing to fight bloating. You and I both like coconut kefir. Kombucha is interesting because it’s iffy. Some people get more bloated, some people
less. The kombucha with chia seeds in it, chia is
a great bloat-fighting food, we probably should be talking about, but raw dairy can help you
with bloating because of all the enzymes that the probiotics in the dairy create. Dr. Axe: Yeah, water-rich produce can really
help as well. Celeries and cucumber are really near the
top of the list as well. Getting more of those really water-rich vegetables
are great. And then fruit as well. If you really want to get rid of the bloat,
your diet should really consist of lots of organic fruits, or a small amount of organic
fruits, lots of organic vegetables are going to lead to a path of success. And even juice vegetables can be good as well. Jordan: Absolutely. What I found is oranges are great, kiwis are
great, mangoes. They all have a good source of soluble fiber. And blueberries. Doing enough of those will really, really
help. Blackberry, not only its fruit but its leaves
have been known to fight digestive issues for a long time. Herbs and spices, this is the best. I’m going to just start with ginger and peppermint. What I love about those, that’s like hot and
cold. I mentioned to you, my neck was bothering
me and I had peppermint and ginger, and it was amazing. If you do that for your gut, it is great for
bloating. We know that peppermint oil that’s enteric
coated in studies relieves gas and bloating. Ginger does the same thing. So many more I could mention, chamomile is
a good one and many others, but ginger and peppermint are an ultimate one-two punch to
beat the bloat. Dr. Axe: Teas are fantastic. Chamomile is one of the best teas for reducing
any type of digestive distress. Now oftentimes, you can find teas that are
a bloat-specific formula, and most of the time, those will consist of chamomile, fennel,
peppermint, and sometimes other herbs like caraway. Jordan: Absolutely. Those type of seeds are good, cumin’s another
one, really, really good for bloating. All right, here’s our bloat-promoting foods
and these are pretty self-explanatory. I’m going to let you take the first one because
I got an interesting story on the second one. But this should be a no-brainer but it’s not. Dr. Axe: Yeah, we know sugary foods and drinks,
those are going to feed that candida, different yeast and bad bacteria buildup. So again, sugar is a big no-no. Jordan: Well, and think about this, carbonation,
the man-made carbonation. I don’t know about you, but I can’t get through
drinking carbonated beverage and not fight a belch. You know what I’m saying? Dr. Axe: Oh, absolutely. Jordan: I mean, it just happens. So, sugary foods and drinks, like the soda
pictured cause of lots of disease. Dr. Axe: Xylitol, right? Jordan: Well, buddy, don’t even ask. Xylitol, which is definitely better for your
teeth and your body than sugar and artificial sweeteners, we should have . . . I think we
may have that. Sugar alcohols are notorious for causing bloating. But chewing gum, you know why chewing gum
causes you to bloat? Because you produce digestive enzymes in your
mouth called ptyalin, which digests carbs. When you chew gum, you expend all your enzymes
and you’re losing them like withdrawing from your bank account. If you want to have less bloating, I’m going
to turn this into a positive, chew your food 25 to 50 times, especially a carb food. Think about it, you start with oatmeal, and
by the time you chew it 25 times, it’s liquefied. Chewing gum causes more bloating because it
robs your digestive enzymes. Dr. Axe: Wow, that’s huge. Conventional dairy products. Here’s the issue, conventional dairy products
have been pasteurized, so it’s been heated up at a very high temperature, you’re killing
off the enzymes, you’re killing off some of the good bacteria, and many of them have also
been, processed in many other ways like homogenization, so they become very, very hard to digest,
both the proteins, especially, as well as some of the carbohydrates like lactose. Jordan: Refined grains and the starches they
contain are disaccharides. Disaccharides are two sugars that are linked. Good digestion will break them apart for ease,
bad digestion won’t. And when these disaccharides get to the gut,
bad bacteria and yeast create substances that represent gas and bloating. It’s a battle, that’s what it feels like,
that’s what it is. Refined grains can certainly make it worse. Dr. Axe: You know, difficult to digest vegetables. Jordan: This is a tough . . .
Dr. Axe: Now, here’s what I’ll say. Yeah, I mean, cooked vegetables are typically
more easily digested. Doing raw broccoli or raw cruciferous vegetables
is a big no-no when it comes to overall gut health, especially if you’re experiencing
any type of inflammatory bowel disease. You want to do cooked vegetables ideally made
in a crock pot, like a big bowl of bone broth soup with a little bit of chicken and loads
of veggies are going to be better. But raw cruciferous vegetables, you want to
stay away from. And do more cooked vegetables like cooked
carrots, cooked ideal green beans, but cooked vegetables are definitely a better option. Jordan: It’s funny because people will always
talk about enzymes in raw foods, but I agree. Raw cruciferous vegetables are a challenge
to so many people. And really, the difference between a raw carrot
and a cooked carrot digestively is huge. Traditional Chinese medicine, they want you
to warm pretty much everything. I do think some raw foods are good. Dr. Axe: Sure, especially lettuces. Jordan: Yes, a lot of veggies should be cooked,
especially, look at the fiber in that stalk. That is impossible, in fact, it’s unable to
be digested, which is why gas and bloating comes. Similar, unsprouted beans and legumes, you
always want to soak your beans and legumes or you want to look for a canned bean or legume
that’s already been soaked. And frankly, nobody needs to tell you that
beans are . . . there’s all these, musical fruit and all that stuff, beans are hard to
digest, beans and legumes. By the way, peanuts and cashews are a legume,
unsprouted, unsoaked can definitely cause issues. They contain sugars called raffinose sugars
that come off in the soaking and sprouting process, very difficult to digest. Dr. Axe: Yeah. Artificial sweeteners can wreak havoc on your
gut. They’re really toxins that end up, when you’re
consuming one of these pink or yellow or some of these different packs, and there are different. There is NutraSweet, there’s also Sucralose,
and what these will do is they will cause your body, they can damage the gut lining
causing more leaky gut syndromes which in turn will cause bloating. Jordan: Absolutely. Now here are some bloat-beaters. The right exercise is really good. My favorite for bloat is jumping on a trampoline
or a jump rope. Now in the beginning, you might feel more
bloated, but that really helps move things along, great for peristalsis. Dr. Axe: Yeah, I love rebounding in those
mini tramps. Reducing stress, getting outside in nature,
taking walks. We know that stress, actually backs up your
liver, which is actually a big part of digestion. It can back up your colon. Getting outside, doing exercises to relieve
stress is a great way to go. Jordan: Getting hydrated. Drink more cleansing fluids, waters, herbal
infusions, bone broth, and raw diluted juices are all great. Dr. Axe: If you follow all these tips and
you’re still having some issue, talk to a doctor. You may start off talking to a natural, a
doctor who practices more natural medicine who’s going to really lay out for you a detailed
supplement plan, a diet plan and program to help relieve your bloating. A
Then also again, if you see a holistic doctor and that’s not working, and you’re having
issues like an obstructed bowel, then you’re going to want to see a conventional doctor
and get a diagnosis. Jordan: Absolutely. All right, I’m going to go over the causes
of being bloated. Because if you’re watching today, you have
eyes, then you’ve been bloated before you’ll be bloated again, but we’re going to help
you get bloated less often. The cause might be a digestive disorder and
you need to look deeper. Fluid retention can disguise itself as bloating,
so can dehydration. Too much water, too little water, all can
cause bloating. Constipation creates lots of gasses that will
bloat you and distend you. Allergies and sensitivities underlie your
bloating, I promise you in 100% of the cases. Small intestine bacterial overgrowth is part
and parcel to all of this. Sometimes, bloating is caused by an underlying
infection. You need to make sure that you do not have
too much yeast, bacteria, or parasites. Bowel obstruction, if you suspect that, go
to your doctor immediately, go to the emergency room, make sure to get that taken care of. Hormonal changes, we mentioned PMS comes with
bloating. And bloating might be the sign of a serious
issue such as cancer. Dr. Axe: All right, bloat-fighting foods. Get more probiotics in your diet like sauerkraut. If you’re a person that tolerates dairy, raw
dairy, especially dairy kefir, can be a good option. Water-rich produce like celery and oranges
and kiwi. We talked about herbs and spices and teas,
like chamomile and fennel are two great ones as well. Jordan: And bloat-promoting foods. Stay away from sugary foods and drinks. Don’t chew gum. People have more wrinkles that chew gum, too. Same thing, you’re robbing your enzymes. Dr. Axe: Oh, yeah, makes sense. Jordan: Conventional dairy has all kinds of
things that make it difficult to digest. This is the number one allergen, in fact. Refined grains have starches called disaccharides,
which are difficult to split and difficult on your gut. Difficult to digest veggies, raw cabbage,
raw broccoli, raw Brussel sprouts, yeah, back off if someone’s going to consume that. Unsprouted beans and legumes, you’ve heard
the jokes but it’s true. Beans and legumes, that includes cashews and
peanuts, people don’t think about that, can cause bloating. Artificial sweeteners mess up your gut. Sucralose is chlorinated sucrose. And you know what else we don’t have on here,
swimming in a chlorinated pool or showering in chlorinated water kills bacteria. Drinking it can certainly cause bloating by
unbalancing you. And you mentioned this, sugar alcohols, if
you consume too much, Xylitol, Sorbitol, Maltitol, I’m talking about bloat city. The good news is you can beat the bloat by
following these simple tips. Now if you know someone who’s bloated, this
is a big payoff, right. Like, “Hi, I know you’re bloated all the time. Check out this video.” No, seriously, make sure to send the link
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  44. pasta and bread bloat my stomach. Especially pasta. That's why I steer clear of it . It doesn't hurt just like having wind in your belly. Some beans are like gases and comfortable .

  45. Questions (please enlight me) :
    Some food to avoid are sugars (monosaccharide), refined grain ( disaccharide) and vegetables (polysaccharide). So what carbs food can I eat?

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