Oh hey look. It’s one of the most dangerous places in
the world. The infamous Line of Control, a heavily guarded
450-mile long border between Pakistan and India that slices a region known as Kashmir
in two. There is constant tension here…like…at
any moment, war could break out…between countries that have nukes, I might add. I’m Mr. Beat, and this is the return of
State Rivalries… But this time, for the next two episodes,
the Cynical Historian and I are looking at states outside of the United States. You know, actual states, or as we Americans call them, countries. On his channel, he’s tackling a much older
rivalry between France and England. Be sure to watch his video when you’re done watching this one. But I’m looking at Pakistan and India. Two very powerful Asian countries. Both have nukes. Back in 1999, the world was scared the two were actually going to use those nukes against each other. Some folks are scared they might actually use them
against each other TODAY. Holy crap. But I don’t mean to get you scared. Let’s just go back and learn about the history
of India–Pakistan relations. We will begin this story with the end of British
Raj…aka British rule on the Indian subcontinent. Yep, the British controlled all that. But in 1947, the British Parliament granted
all of it independence. But it would be tricky. It created two new dominion states: the Union
of India and Dominion of Pakistan. However, there were over 500 sovereign princely
states ruled by local monarchs, as well as French, Portuguese, and Omani territories
on the subcontinent. The princely states had the option to join
India or Pakistan by signing the Instrument of Accession, or they could remain independent. So why just these two new states? Why just India and Pakistan? Well it was all rooted in what is known as
the two-nation theory. The two-nation theory argued that the main
unifying force for Muslims on the Indian subcontinent was their religion, not their language or
ethnicity, and that they should all be together in one country. And therefore, Hindus and Muslims were two
distinct nations. The Dominion of Pakistan would mainly be a
Muslim state, and the Union of India would mainly be a Hindu state. At midnight on August 15th, 1947, India and
Pakistan legally came into existence. Within a period of less than 4 years, at least
14.5 million people migrated on the subcontinent. Millions of Muslims left everything they had
behind to either West Pakistan or East Pakistan, which later became Bangladesh, and millions
of Hindus headed the opposite direction. It was one of the biggest and most rapid migrations
in human history. And this mass migration wasn’t pretty. Hundreds of thousands did not make it. Although Hindus, Muslims, and this other religious
group called the Sikhs had got along for the most part for hundreds of years on the subcontinent, now there was sectarian violence, usually with Hindus and Sikhs usually on one side and Muslims on the other side. Cynical Historian: You know, the whole dynamic between Hindus and Muslims in India obviously didn’t start in 1947, of course. Mr. Beat: Uh, sure Cypher. Go ahead. Cynical Historian: The subcontinent was mostly united under numerous
regimes long before the British officially assumed hegemony in 1858, after a huge rebellion
made the British East India Company no longer allowable by the British government. Before that, the largest power in the region
was the Mughal Empire. These guys were muslims whose dynasty related back to the Timurid Mongols. The Mughals were fairly religiously tolerant,
even having courts about emphasizing synchronicity among the various religions. Akbar the Great even tried to merge Islam,
Hinduism, Jainism, Christianity, and Zoroastrianism into a single religion he called the Divine
Faith in the late 16th Century. People regarded India as one place before
the British Raj, and religion was not necessarily as big as a divide before the British came. Think about it this way, the Indus River,
for which India derives its English name, is currently almost completely in Pakistan,
save for a very contentious region to say the least. So where did the tensions between Hindus and Muslims begin, to the point that they supposedly needed separate countries in 1947? For one this is a huge point of contention
with no answer to be given, and if you want a good analysis of the various theories on this, the Diplomat has an excellent article on the subject. Some post colonialist historians blame existing tensions completely on the British. But for one, Mughal tolerance didn’t change pre-existing tensions and there were internecine conflicts between religions, dating long before
their dynasty, and even during their dynasty there was still a bunch of problems. Plus the British were often only playing a reactionary role to stuff the locals were doing on their own. So Pakistani historians tend to emphasize that two-nation model which Mr. Beat already talked about. Whereas the concept of a Greater India or
Indosphere emphasizes the synchronicity or tolerance of Indian culture prior to the Raj. Whether they were completely separate ethnicities or not, is something that everyone debates about, but the one they can all agree on at least
thing everyone seems to agree on, is that is that the British exacerbated those tensions and accelerated the frictions between Muslims and Hindus by enacting further and further segregatory laws and thereby imposing a greater and greater divide. The way Hindus and Muslims navigated those differences caused very different
visions of what independence would mean – so once it came in 1947, partitioning the two religions apart seemed to be the
most practical answer. So as you can see, even
the historiography itself is partitioned. The answer to how much those tensions actually existed
is just as much a battleground as Kashmir is today. But enough talk about all this ideology stuff. Let’s
get back to how all this becomes deadly serious. Mr. Beat: Thanks Cypher. You always have to be all smart and stuff
like that. Anyway,
It’s estimated as many as 2 million people were killed after the Partition of India. It also led to a refugee crisis. Things were particularly violent in Punjab,
a region in India that was the heart of the largest Sikh community in the world and bordered
West Pakistan, and Bengal, a region in India that bordered East Pakistan. As predicted, most of the Muslim-majority
princely states joined Pakistan, and most of the Hindu-majority princely states joined
India. However, there was Junagadh, which joined
Pakistan since its ruler was Muslim, even though 80% of the state was Hindu. After Indian troops came in and some embargoes,
eventually it switched to India. There was also the princely state of Kashmir. Oh Kashmir. The king of Kashmir, Hari Singh , was Hindu,
but he had a Muslim majority. Singh wanted Kashmir to remain independent,
but Pakistan invaded it. So Singh asked India for military help, and
ended up requesting that Kashmir go ahead and join India. Well that led to what became known as the
First Kashmir War between Pakistan and India. After some intense fighting in the region
for several months, the United Nations stepped in and declared a ceasefire. India ended up gaining control of about two-thirds
of Kashmir and Pakistan got a third. That uh, Line of Control which I mentioned
at the beginning of this video, by the way, split up that territory. Both Pakistan and India became republics,
although India’s government was more secular. Pakistan’s government became more and more
influenced by Islamic laws in the coming decades. Still, both had constitutions and were representative
democracies, although in Pakistan this dude, Ayub Khan, led a coup and took over the government
in 1958, declaring martial law and suspending the constitution. But four years later, Khan helped get a new
constitution approved that made Pakistan a presidential form of government instead of
a parliamentary one. Tensions got bad between India and Pakistan
again in 1965. Over which area, you ask? You guessed it, Kashmir. Well actually, all over the state of Jammu
and Kashmir in India. In August, Pakistan launched Operation Gibraltar,
in which they sent soldiers into the area disguised as locals to try to rile up Kashmiri
Muslims, with the goal of getting them to revolt against India. Well it failed and the Pakistan Army got caught. India responded by attacking West Pakistan,
leading to a 17-day war we now call the Indo-Pakistani War of 1965. It resulted in thousands of casualties and
ended only after the two global superpowers who hated each other at the time- the Soviet
Union and the United States, stepped in to help negotiate a peace deal. Meanwhile, East and West Pakistan were growing
apart…even though, you know…they technically were not connected to begin with. Increasingly, East Pakistan, which was made
up of mostly Bengali people, did not feel represented. Even though around 56% of the population of
the country lived in East Pakistan, West Pakistan held most of the power. After a terrible cyclone hit East Pakistan
in 1970, West Pakistan was slow to help out. And later, President Yahya Khan declared martial
law and delayed the opening of the national assembly in order to prevent East Pakistan
from getting more representation in government even though they won big in the general elections
of 1970. And then, things got down right ugly. The next year, soldiers from West Pakistan,
as well as some from the East who were loyal to the West, slaughtered, sexually assaulted,
and simply just terrorized those who had been pushing for an independent East Pakistan. Some historians estimate that they eventually
killed up to 3 million Bengalis. As brutal as that civil war was, it did lead
to independence. East Pakistan was now the independent state
of Bangladesh. So what did India have to do with this? Well they aided the Bengalis as they tried to
achieve independence. And of course, this further hurt India-Pakistan relations. The Indo-Pakistani War of 1971 saw Indian
and Pakistani forces fighting each other on both the eastern and western fronts. Still, India decisively won, and their help
is a big reason why Bangladesh got its freedom. As you could imagine, losing Bangladesh was
devastating for Pakistan. However, the Shimla summit after the war was
a big step attempting to heal relations. The 1970s were an interesting decade for both
countries. Pakistan ended up embracing social democracy,
economic nationalization and the promotion of scientific and cultural activities that
brought much progress to the country. India, meanwhile, saw some setbacks with political
unrest in places like Bihar and Assam. But things were relatively quiet between Pakistan
and India for a couple decades. (shouting) That is, until the late 1980s and early 1990s. Back to Jammu and Kashmir we go. First of all, they began fighting over a glacier
near the Line of Control. A probably rigged election there in 1987 led
to a renewed rise in a separatist movement. Muslims there were angry, feeling they were
not being represented. Some became radicalized, and turned to violence,
forming militant groups and calling for revolt. They terrorized the Kashmiri Hindus so much
that almost all of them ended up leaving the region. And Pakistan was giving them support. In the 1980s, by the way, Pakistan was once
again under military rule and becoming less secular. In the 1990s and early 2000s, the violence
in Jammu and Kashmir got worse. It became a very tense place. Things escalated in 1999 in what became known
as the Kargil War. During the previous winter, the Pakistani
Army crossed the Line of Control and occupied high altitude posts on the Indian side of
the border. Well yep this led to fighting and thousands
of casualties. The international community once again stepped
in to stop it, and India eventually regained those posts. The world was really worried about this conflict. Why? Because now the world knew that both Pakistan
and India had developed and had been testing nuclear weapons. Oh that’s just lovely. But the good news is, in July 2001 leaders
in both countries met at the Agra summit to talk about reducing how much nuclear weapons
each had and to ease tensions in Kashmir. Since the Agra summit, violence in Kashmir
has slowly declined. The two countries also stopped fighting over
that glacier. Some bus routes and railway lines were built across the India-Pakistan border. The governments of the two countries have
sent aid to each other after natural disasters, and have had open lines of communication. Sure, militant groups like Lashkar-e-Taiba
have still carried out terrorist attacks, most notably the 2008 Mumbai attacks, but
today their numbers are small and Pakistan’s government has officially banned them. And yeah, ok, today the relationship between
Pakistan and India is ice cold. In fact, it’s taken a bit of a turn for
the worse this past year. There are still border skirmishes on the India-Pakistan
border. There are still terrorist attacks on both
sides. India’s military has been more aggressive,
making supposed “surgical strikes” on targets on the Pakistan side of the Line of
Control. Yeah these surgical strikes almost always
end up killing civilians.And to Pakistan’s credit, its government freed an Indian fighter
pilot captured after his plane was shot down over its territory early last year. India now has federal control over Jammu and
Kashmir, and its military has been accused of persecuting Muslims in the state. Since last August, India has locked up thousands
of Muslims and cut off communication there. In response, Pakistan has downgraded its diplomatic
ties and reduced its trade with India. According to one 2017 BBC poll, just 11% of
Pakistanis view India’s influence as a good thing, and just 5% of Indians view Pakistan’s
influence as a good thing. How concerned should the world be that Pakistan and India are still not getting along? Again, I don’t mean to scare you,
but we should all be very concerned. These are two powerful countries, and an all-out
war between the two could drag the rest of the world down with them. Our goal of world peace is more realistic
if we can get peaceful relations between these two states. Boy this was a serious episode, wasn’t it? Don’t forget to check out the less scary
rivalry between England and France by watching over on the Cynical Historian’s channel. He just posted the video and that rivalry is so long, that he
ended up making it a two-part episode. Thanks to Syawish from the channel Al Muqaddimah for helping me with the script for this episode. He is actually from Pakistan. Go check out his channel and subscribe. And finally, are YOU from India or Pakistan? If so, I want to hear from you. Let me know in the comments. What do you think about India-Pakistan relations? Thank you so much for watching!

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    14:18 surgical strike were never intended to cause civilians casualties but elimination of terrorists camps. And it didnโ€™t count any such casualty. Wrong point raised by you.

  46. Pakistan's flag looks like a dog sitting obediently looking at his master.

  47. It wasnt hindus and Muslims . It was India and people who wanted a sovereign Muslim nation . There is a huge difference.

  48. To show you how divided muslims and Hindus are look up the language Hindustani. When spoken they are identical. It however has two written forms. One called Urdu for muslims. Hindi for Hindus

  49. That's European policy divide and rule
    Ex- India and Pakistan
    North Korea and south Korea
    African countries
    Muslim and Arab countries

  50. So Mohammed Ali Jinnah was the biggest madarchod on planet earth.
    He was responsible of killing of 6 million people and 2 millions rapes.. and that mother fucker is father of nation of bloody pakistan

  51. Thanks, I've always wondered about this rivalry.

    A Sikh man owns a liquor store by where I live and he is fun to talk to – he had a career in the military.

    You mentioned nuclear weapons…

    I would like to share my opinion on that topic. More importantly I would like to request that you respond to the idea of helping to create something more valuable than the current YouTube alternative media environment.

    My opinion on nukes and geopolitics in general is that it is run by secret societies.

    The state of Israel is high on the list of where world forces collide and are managed.

    Check out the recent episode of Freeman TV with Joseph Atwill which highlights much of what I'm discussing here.

    He points to history that shows it was the Anglicans that started the first wave of Zionism – which is the idea that the Jews need to re-occupy the Holy Land so their messiah will come and it forces the idea that the state of Israel dictates what it means to be a Jew.

    It's a political move by elites that believe in Babylonia mysticism which is known as Kabbalah which states that man can become a God ultimately by eliminating 90% of humans which is what nuclear weapons are for.

    The Georgia Guide stones in Georgia make this eugenics claim and thus notification is written in many languages including Sumerian which there are only like six people in the world able to translate it so that suggests elite intelligence resources used to create it.

    President Donald Trump thanks his Kabbalah teacher and is featured on a Temple shekel next to King Cyrus celebrating the opening of the third temple.

    The Rothschild own the land that the state of Israel is developed on.

    Many Jewish people don't like being used as pawns by these elites just like the rest of us worldwide.

    Obviously, America is Darth Vader's empire with over 700 bases installed worldwide.

    I think Putin and Trump and all these newly installed conservative leaders worldwide are the same – they pretend to be rebel leaders for the people but who are also powerful from within established power systems. Obviously, the Russian mafia became the Russian oligarchs with independence there and Trump depended on the same mafia that runs the New York City construction business.

    My point is if it's obvious that this division between India and Pakistan is manufactured by the British drawing a line of control (division) then just admit that this same tactic is used worldwide.

    Obviously, it's easier for elites who have been wealthy for centuries to create nations they manage because those rules don't apply to them.

    Washington D.C., The Vatican and The City of London are examples of how international law creates trade zones with restricted access similar to how money is laundered through Swiss Bank accounts.

    But, the people that can defend these arguments with sources within the conspiracy/occult research community suffer from a lack of organization ability.

    The problem with alternative media on the internet is that we have too many channels without a protocol for information management.

    We need to develop such a protocol that is bigger than us individually.

    This same tactic was used on Jews – its called the diaspora. Jews see themselves as loyal to their religious affiliation beyond national loyalties.

    That has advantages and disadvantages as does any tactic or tool.

    The disadvantage is that they were often forced to live in ghettos both by their choice to not associate with outsiders and by the prejudice of those in the out group to them based on practices like lending money at interest.

    We are obviously functioning within a global order today despite these fake nationalist movements.

    I know Trump supporters believe in these policies like improving immigration management but they don't have their wall do they?

    We're still buying cheap goods from China at the cost of American manufacturing jobs.

    So, we should act as a we the people of the world movement as the alternative media.

    My dream is that we could create the world we want by copying what worked with MTV but removing the parts that promoted consumer degeneracy that suits the multinational corporations.

    I sincerely believe that all of us regardless of age, race, religion, etc. have a duty.

    Screw Google, You Tube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

    We haven't seen what we the people can do with these IT tools.

    This past 25 years of the first wave of the Internet has just been about getting us addicted to corporate slavery sold as freedom.

    The past real world revolutions like America and France were the same fake revolution marketing scams but people believed them just like religion.

    The same thing with science – marketing is the most important factor in anything which is about telling a story to get people to buy into an idea by buying or funding a product or service.

    It's not enough to make a living off of YouTube views as a channel creator – these people are just as controlled by the bankers as professional journalists.

    You have to censor yourself and create content based on what creates views.

    What are we doing as viewers of this content?

    Is this just about entertainment?

    What is the point of learning if we don't apply it?

    The zeitgeist of today is an all or nothing bet. We either learn how to cooperate and create a reality we can be proud of or we participate in the end of humanity due to a war with each other or with A. I.

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