It’s important to know whether there’s any swelling of the knee joint if there’s any giving way of the knee
joint, whether there’s any associated pain that’s going further down the leg,
or if the pain is actually coming from another area and it’s actually around
the knee that you actually feeling the discomfort. So if your knee pain is not
resolving and not settling and it’s alo there’s swelling of the knee, locking, catching giving way, then there’s something significant happening in the
knee joint. A few clicks and bits of discomfort are normal part of life
but pain particularly related to activity and the associate features
means there’s something more serious going on with the knee. The cause of
acute knee pain is often related to something that happens when you when
you’re walking or you twist your knee or if you’re playing a sport and I think
it’s important to assess and see what happens especially if the problem
doesn’t go away and it continues to bother you after about five or six weeks
of rest and ice and physiotherapy, from your local doctor, then I think
it becomes an important injury to assess and treat. Equally, chronic knee pain
tends to be pain that’s present either on the inside or the outside or even in
the back of the knee and it carries on for much longer and it gets to a point
where all the things that you have done to try and improve it, taking
painkillers, physiotherapy, exercises, all of it haven’t helped in which case the
pain has now got to a point where something is something is really going
on and needs to be looked at and treated. If you have an acute knee injury what
you can do is to initially I think do consult this physiotherapist or A&E
department to find out what might be the cause of an injury. If it’s not a
fracture and we’re dealing mainly with a soft tissue injury, then I think it’s
important to give some rest, some ice reduce the swelling come down. If possible
if you can see a local your GP or the physiotherapist get some advice on how
to rehabilitate yourself. But I think if the pain is not settling it’s in fact
getting worse over a bit of time then I think it’s important to not neglect it
and get back to doing things but to seek help. Just because somebody has
knee pain doesn’t mean necessarily mean they need an operation. Very often a knee pain
can be managed without surgical treatment and that
includes seeing somebody who can guide you with your exercises, what you
should do and should not do, taking painkillers as required and finally if the sport that you’re doing is detrimental to your knee getting advice
on other sports that you can do that’s less harmful to your knee.

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  1. Yeah doc PAIN is never a "normal part of life," any inflammation due to any sort of damage is not normal, cant stand when doctors say this crap.

  2. my knee clicks whenever i bend it and i mean every time but its mostly very quiet but when i put my hand on it i can feel it creak and click
    it only very rarely hurts, its mostly just the clicking and only sometimes hurts
    i've had this for 7 years now

  3. I have pain in my knee when I try to twist my knee and when I woke up in the morning I have pain in my knee when I try to move my legs,what can it be ? I have this since 2 years and it mainly happens during winter..I have a bit difficult walking downstairs

  4. Find answers to commonly asked questions about knee problems, injuries, including diseases, and conditions which can cause pain, and how..

  5. I’m a 13 year old soccer girl, and i have a knee injury. My doctor banned me from playing soccer, until i get my answers from the orthopedic surgeon. I’m in pain everyday, and when i play soccer, it’s so painful. I’m gonna see an orthopedic surgeon soon, but i’m looking forward to get back on the field as soon as possible. I’m working hard everyday, and i’m in pain everyday.
    It’s so horrible to be on the field, watch all my team mates play, but i can’t play with ‘em. 😭

  6. My knees been hurting on and off for 2 years and it’s rlly sore but it’s hasn’t got much better

  7. This is very helpful because i had knee pain from sports and after a few days of ice and rest it was all good

  8. I've had knee pain for as long as I remember. Even when I was a baby, my mom would talk about how I would refuse to walk because of the pain. My pain is just getting worse

  9. Ok, so I was playing football outside and I was running. My knee started to hurt out of no where. I put ice on it and it’s been hurting since two days ago, and I haven’t been able to sleep. I can’t twist, or bend it barely

  10. would this help? my invention, walking with no weight on your legs

  11. walking with no weight on your feet, my invention, would this help

  12. Left Knee hurts for months now…. no swelling at all… no bruise …. i did not bump or hit it…. it gets worse when i am on it too long…. but it does not feel like bone on bone, or any kind of bone pain really …. but it does not feel like muscle pain either …. it is stiff, and painful … better when i lay down for a long time, but never normal like the right knee … i am 59 … never had this before… i run on it, (3 miles once a week) but usually that makes it hurt more later that night… confused and scared…. can anyone tell me what is the cause? …. will it be like this for the rest of my life??? …. it hurts pretty bad right now… and i am lying down in bed….. my right knee is fine…. no problems… no pain…. normal…. what can this be?

  13. Just saying, I had insane knee pain and was looking for one of those brace things, to all of you that were in the same boat as me, i found some nice ones on nice quality and comfortable, really reduced the pain. would recommend.

  14. Why does my knee feel like it is going to come from under me like just completely fall apart. I have hit it a couple times but thought nothing of it but time to time it feels loose and I can walk like I want. And one day I was stretching my legs and my knee went backwards and cracked

  15. It feels very bad when such a problem occurs. Actually, I had the same problem, then I went to many hospitals. But the result was not good. Then, Someone told me about planet Ayurveda. I went to Planet Ayurveda & got his treatment started. Now I am fine. If you have this type of problem or any other type of health problem. you should go to Planet Ayurveda.

  16. Help! My father was hurt on the job badly about 2 weeks ago, My mom just signed him up and he is coming to a doctor on Friday, What do i do???

  17. I was skating today, I skated down a long slide, I noticed my skateboard was going sooo fast I knew I was still gonna land it.I enjoyed the slide while it lasted. However ,as soon as I hit the floor, I was in full control at first and I was so happy until my skateboard slipped with myself on it ofc cuz of the water in the ground that I didn’t even notice was there…my knees were the first to hit the ground..very hard, one of them was just bruised badly the other is in the weirdest position.It’s not a fracture yet whenever I bend them I feel like am literally breaking my own bones, So I for sure haven’t really tried fully bending them.Its been a couple of hours now they still hurt like hell..between all the injuries I ever had from sports this, by far, is the worse.I still thank god that it’s not a bone fracture, and I ask him to help me recover soon 🙏🏼 …so that I skate down that fun slide again ^_^

  18. I bashed my knee on the inside while sparring at taekwondoe we both bashed our knees but I got hit in a few of the nerves. But I fell to the floor and really started crying can’t Sleep in a comfortable position I don’t know what it is called yet. It does not swell so I think I just hit some nerves.also it feels bad when you are in pain I wish we didn’t have pain at least something else come on human body at least give us something that doesn’t make fall on the floor and hurt ☹️.

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