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pardpardeftab720qlqnatural f0fs24 cf0 The presence of evil, pain and
suffering in our world is the most persistent argument raised against the belief in God.
Usually it goes something like this…
An all-knowing God would know evil exists. An all-loving God would want to prevent evil
from existing. An all-powerful God could prevent evil from
existing. But evil does exist.
Now given that the fourth proposition would
appear to be undeniable, it can be inferred that one of the other three must be false,
and thus there cannot be an all-knowing, all-loving and all-powerful God. Or, to put it another
way, if God does exist, He must be either “impotent, ignorant or wicked”. Checkmate,
or at least some people think that.
However, not too long ago, an American philosopher named Alvin Carl Plantinga put forth a new
proposition that is intended to demonstrate that it is logically possible for such a God
to create a world that does contains evil. This is how he summarized his defense: A world
containing creatures who are significantly free (and freely perform more good than evil
actions) is more valuable, all else being equal, than a world containing no free creatures
at all. Now God can create free creatures, but He can’t cause or determine them to do
only what is right. For if He does so, then they aren’t significantly free after all;
they do not do what is right freely. To create creatures capable of moral good, therefore,
He must create creatures capable of moral evil; and He can’t give these creatures the
freedom to perform evil and at the same time prevent them from doing so. CS Lewis would
agree saying, imagine a wooden beam became soft as grass when it was used as a weapon,
and the air refused to obey me if I attempted to set up in it the sound waves that carry
lies or insults. But such a world would be one in which wrong actions were impossible,
and in which, therefore, freedom of the will would be void; nay, if the principle were
carried out to its logical conclusion, evil thoughts would be impossible, for the cerebral
matter which we use in thinking would refuse its task when we attempted to frame them.
Continuing his defense Plantinga says “As it turned out, sadly enough, some of the free
creatures God created went wrong in the exercise of their freedom; this is the source of moral
evil. The fact that free creatures sometimes go wrong, however, counts neither against
God’s omnipotence nor against His goodness; for He could have forestalled the occurrence
of moral evil only by removing the possibility of moral good.”
So, even though God is all-powerful, it is
possible that it was not in his power to create a world containing moral good but no moral
evil; therefore, there is no logical inconsistency involved when God, although wholly good, creates
a world of free creatures who chose to do evil.}

100 thoughts on “Why Doesn’t God STOP All Evil, Pain & Suffering?”

  1. My problem is, since we're instructed always to pray, then why pray if God won't intervene on the behalf of others when we have prayed diligently for them to be saved or rescued from evil people? Why won't He deliver children from evil when we've broken ourselves in prayer for them?

  2. Wrong, don't you see… the evil is the one that creates it; so the problem of evil is the evil god, mastermind evil that confuses and manipulates creatures, cosmic sadist, evil is the god itself. Don't look to justify god it's roor of all evil. There's no free will just god's evil will and its intriguing evil mind.

  3. Our creators left us to die… Check out the Sumerians… Our long lost ancestors had all the answers scientifically and spiritually… It all adds up perfectly…

  4. It's funny how people blame God on the bad things happening and yet they do not look at the devil who is causing these havoc. It's the devil's job to create havoc so that humans won't believe that there is God and God is not doing anything.

    Man, if God is the cause of evil, He would've wiped us all out in a single flick of His finger. But you know, humans just want to blame God rather than the devil who is the cause of bad things.

  5. Flaws:
    1. The assumption that a choice with a negative outcome for anyone is 'evil'
    2. The assumption that 'evil' choices must be present in a free society because humans chose 'evil'. Why not create morally good creatures with freedom of choice within the sphere of 'morally good'?
    3. The assumption that God is morally good or morally evil and not a combination.
    4. The assumption that logic used to argue these cases is a human construct. An all powerful God could create a logical system where no such fallacies exist, negating this argument.
    5. The assumption that human choice leads to all morally 'evil' situations. What about Gods choices such as disease?

    I could go on… but frankly the argument is so mind numbingly simplistic, based on such a plethora of assumptions that its hardly worth the time.

  6. God is holy. God made everything . Evil and sin exist. So God had a holy motive for making them. Jesus was determined to obey and creation to fail to do so.

  7. The hoops cultists jump through is truly astonishing.

    I'm not asking god to take away free will or the choice to be evil.

    I'm asking him to….

    Freeze time the split second the axe is about the cleave a babies skull the woman is about to be gang raped the man is about to open fire in a church or school….. stand in front of the attacker… Resume time…..Flick the man in the face with his godly finger and send him to oblivion.

    God could make himself appear as the would be victim as well. To ensure nothing about the scene is changed and free will is protected.

    An evil act would have still be commented… just upon god instead, because he traded places with us during that moment. Therefore, this bullshit notion of "free will" remains intact.

    Would any of you sit idly by while a mad man attempts to kill a baby in front of you even though you have the POWER to easily stop him?

    The whole conversation is mental gymnastics cultists use to try and make sense of their voyeur god. He watches everything and is everywhere. One cannot claim to be good if one sits idly by while evil is committed in their presence AND they have the power to stop it.

  8. This argument has never made any sense to me. First of all, what is up with this weird notion that the only way to eliminate evil is to make us into pre-programmed robots with no control over our actions? It doesn’t need to be literally impossible to so much as think an evil thought. All God needs to do is intervene whenever someone attempts to commit an evil act, and stop it. Pretty simple. This would not turn us into robots. This would not even take away our free will, at least not in its entirety. I could still, for example, freely choose between eating chocolate ice cream, or eating vanilla ice cream. I could still choose between going to the gym or staying home. I could still choose between watching TV or reading a book. The fact is, not every choice is between a morally good action and a morally evil one. It is possible to choose between two morally good actions, or between two morally neutral actions. The only freedom we lose from the elimination of evil is the freedom to do evil. We still get to keep our freedom to do everything else. So this idea that evil is somehow necessary for free will to even exist at all is complete nonsense.

    So should the freedom to commit evil take precedence over the prevention of evil? The answer is clearly no. Suppose a man is about to beat an innocent child with a bat, when a police officer arrives at the scene. What should the police officer do in this situation? Stop the man and save the child? Or leave the situation alone, so as not to interfere with the man’s freedom to inflict evil? Obviously, the officer has a moral obligation to save the child. Nobody would argue with that. Yet Christian apologists would have you believe that as soon as you replace the police officer in this scenario with God, suddenly the man’s freedom to beat an innocent child takes precedence over all else. Why? Why is it that when a person prevents someone from successfully carrying out an act of evil, it’s a good thing and they’re praised as a hero, but if God were to do it, it would be a violation of our “free will” and an attack on our humanity?

  9. All arguments are refutable unless you understand that after Adam and Eve sinned and out of Eden, Evil, misfortune, and disaster are already in every imaginable time and places. All occurrences are available for reference in all old books especially in the time of Old world where tragedies natural and man-made are ever present, One must understand that it is in the sole understanding of the finite reason of existence and the history of humanity that it cannot understand much more by problem of evil by mere bias and a lack of wisdom. basically, such argument like this is merely comic relief by children trying to understand the significance of Santa in Christmas.

  10. Jesus Lord please help me
    Adam and Eve are so ignorant that's sinned they are creating more evil people so sad

  11. If there was a god there would be no need for convoluted arguments about the existence of god or free will.

  12. I don't understand theists. They claim that God is so mysterious that we cannot understand Him but we do know that He is good. Huh?

  13. Much of the problem comes down to values and the classic debate or preference between free will and guaranteed 100% no risk-safety. You can't have both. It comes down to your value system of which you prefer. I'd rather go through a world of trials and be able to be a being who can act for myself, rather than being a 4 month old baby raised under overprotective parents who never really grows up but lives in hedonistic bliss. That's just me tho. I'm not saying my post fixes the problem of evil but it is an observation about how our value system interacts with this system of existence and why forced existence and free will and evil is more problematic for some than others

  14. OK – Even if you were to accept all those arguments who else other than God can you blame for giving or not preventing small children from getting terminal cancer? What evil committed by individuals would be responsible for this? What about a tsunami or other natural disasters that cause death and destruction?

    Essentially our God of love seems very uninterested in preventing dire circumstances that cause us more grief than we can handle in this life. So what exactly are we giving him praise and worship for? And no Christians, suffering does not bring us closer to God, it only creates anger and bitterness towards him.

  15. There is a problem with this argument that I think is overlooked. I have never heard anyone bring this point up.
    Although this argument is pretty good (in my opinion), there is no choice between good and evil in (the new) heaven. In heaven, we aren't free creatures!

  16. I believe everyone takes this argument in a back wards selfish way. When we think "why would a loving God be so crule" I'd argue it should be "why would a god love such pitiful creatures"

  17. This video is another example of the tired, flawed and downright dishonest 'free will' apologetic. It blatantly and dishonestly ignores all the pain and suffering that occurs from nature and things beyond human control. Hurricanes, earthquakes, droughts, diseases and such have nothing to do human action or free will. These things occurred and caused pain,suffering and death to sentient creatures long before humans even existed. Humans came into a world that was already full of pain and suffering.
    I am not saying that the existence of pain, suffering and evil exude the possibility of an all loving and all powerful God, but this stupid free will does not address the big questions.

  18. What we fail to realize – it is not God who created or creates death – sin – suffering – heartache – pain – etc. God created us to obey Him – IF we obey Him and His Holy Word then His people (us) will live prosperous – healthy and happy. But we humans have mucked that one up – and due to OUR sin(s) – we bring on ourselves all of this horrific things that we are seeing in the world today. The more we sin – the more we turn from God – the more wrath He is going to cause us to suffer -including the suffering of our children.
    People want to blame God – asking why He doesn't do something – but He gave us the perfect world – good health – our very next breaths we take each second of the day – but if we don't obey Him then He is going to continue to allow us to suffer for our choices – for our sins.

  19. One can only hope that the theologians will put a sock in it and stop adding to the layer upon layer of strained contrivance they've been spewing for thousands of years. Enough, already! Can't they see that the original authors of the books of the bible had no ideas about the current questions of philosophy? If the scriptures were truly revelation from God, He did a lousy job of explaining himself, not to mention his description of the universe around us. If He's out there listening, He owes us a whole lot more "revelation". I, for one, don't believe a word of all the theology. What a bunch of crap.

  20. Being evil is a test you have free will god does not want robots he wants you to know it's ok to do wrong but turn away from it we try but we are being tempted by Satan

  21. How sad? Man with his warped thinking knows nothing and understands nothing about God, the Lord of Heaven and his Word, his Power and Father. Even because men have not the Holy Ghost. Because of that they are blind and ignorant to see and know God's purpose for this life.

  22. One child, or adult suffering and screaming in pain, dying a horrific death from cancer, starvation etc..etc, makes all these attempts to try and explain "Why allow, create, or let exist evil" void and stupid.

  23. Bullshit! Your like a mother telling a child why they can't stay up to see Santa Claus. A real all powerful God could make any world he wanted. He could make a world with free will and no evil. God can help someone get rent money but can't keep children from being killed. Free will my ass. Your just making a list of poor excuses to justify your mythology.

  24. People need to learn to stop doing evil themselves, and not wait for GOD to do it for them. We must learn to overcome sin in our lives. GOD already showed how to do it by coming to the world Himself as a mere man. GOD is not to blame but man.

  25. Are you that posted this video from a religious set or you just Christian? like not Mormon,not Catholic, none of that stuff, just Christian?

  26. God, speaking through Isaiah: "I form light and create darkness, I make good and create evil, I am the LORD, who do all these things,". (Isaiah 45:7)

  27. God doesn't seem to have unconditional love and acceptance with compassion. Example: create homosexuals struggling since as long as they've known, to points of ending their lives because of the inner conflict and suffering, GOD not accepting this from the start, not helping people through the battle and then sending them to hell because they weren't strong enough on earth, alone when I'm sure many have begged for his help. You get the point. Plenty if otuer scenerios that fit the same bill. So then how could God be true if even human beings are capable of these Godly like attributes…like wtf?? I want to believe but..really? I want to believe because it's a fucking pain I'd been raised in churches-forced by a mentally ill disfunctional, controlling parent! Just too much

  28. 2:29 There ya go, you said it yourself: something was not in his power. So he is not omnipotent. You just destroyed your own argument, LOL. And besides… by this logic heaven is worse than life on Earth. XD

  29. 1) Are people free in haven?
    2) There is no evil and suffering in haven, right?
    3) Does the fact that creatures living in the world necessitate that there would be evil in that world?

    If you answer “yes” to every question – you’ll get a contradiction – there is no haven.
    If you answer any of the questions with “no” – then god is evil…

    What is your answer?

  30. This video doesn't address natural evil and an all-powerful god to stop it, as in the case of a 1-year-old child to be painfully burned to death in a house.

  31. Don't believe what you here on here its all making people being doubters in the holy bible and god is good and is a loving god not a wicked man . for god loves the world. Jesus was sent down to earth to die for our sins so we can live how we do today. This is the whole purpose of why jesus suffered on the cross . its the people that choose how there want to live there lives. Eva be good and go to heaven. Or bad go to hell. Its your choice people . your call.

  32. Free Will is an illusion. And nature has always been crueler than people. We have horrors all around us. Also most evil that people do is not intentional. We can define evil as causing suffering. Stupidity is really the only sin, a stupid person drives too fast, crashes his car into someone, another person falls asleep with a cigarette, burns down a house, burning people in it. The drug cartel guys are in the minority category. Most people that you know that are suffering, it's caused by nature ( disease, or bad genetics) or a stupid accident. Where a person life is ruined by one stupid mistake they regret forever or a stupid mistake by someone else ruining another's life.

  33. We are desperate to believe and make excuses for God. The reality is whether you believe in God or not. We are without one here.

  34. don't blame God goodness blame the evil one who made chaos an sickness an evil people. That is the one who started all this not God so stop picking on him

  35. simple answer: Because he doesnt want to, he created our world as an amusement, its kinda like a video game where theres rape,murder,theft and other atrocities, he simply loves it
    we are just his guinea pigs inside a game mixed like sim city, black and white, the sims, gta etc…


  37. It is even simpler than his argument. The flaw in the atheist argument is the assumption that being all-powerful means that there can't still be things beyond the scope of your power. You can have all possible powers, and still have not have powers that aren't concievable. The easiest and simplest one concerns the mutability of God. God is immutable. It can't commit suicide. So, all we have to do is establish one limitation to God's power and God can still be all powerful and not have limitless powers beyond what is conceivable as it violates immutable laws of God's existence. So once all-powerful is properly defined it becomes possible that there can be an all-powerful God and evil still exist, because it could be beyond the scope of God's power to prevent all evil. That is an emotionally problematic argument, but is logically sound

  38. The argument of Mr. Plantinga is flawed. It will still fall under omniscience. If god is all knowing, he does not need to test these creatures using freewill if they choose to be morally good or bad, because being omniscient, he already know the result even before the creature decided how to be. This “Tests” would be useless even if the person has the freewill because it is already predetermined by the omniscient god. In other words, why test something if you already know the result?

  39. It's called reincarnation in Sikhism, past life actions determine your subsequent life. It is also due to free will that God gave us as humans

  40. OK. if. I. was. God. I. would. make. every. thing. right. I. mean. if. something. is. broke. I. would. fix. it. OK. think. about. this. God. must. really. enjoy love. us. serving. him. right. cause. that. what. he. wants. right. cause. he. will. punish. us. for. not. following. him ?

  41. This is a bad title. This only justifies moral evil, not natural evil (natural disasters) that affects the innocent. Of course, the Christian response is to say that all people are inherently tainted by evil, or that it is not caused by God, but He allows a being of ultimate evil to hurt us (a Job-style situation).

  42. Just came here to remind everybody that you don’t need to argue with people in the comments section of a YouTube video. This isn’t a hill to die on.

  43. Nothing exists beyond our five senses, there is no free will, if there was, there will be no heaven or earth, no ten commandments. Religion is a weapon of mass deception. Each region has their own unique religion and culture, it is constrained by geographical boundaries because it is manmade a tool to subdue and control the masses, science is the true religion

  44. A short story
    “The Irony”

    A man took a walk through the woods.

    He came upon a small brook.

    When he attempted to cross it, he set his foot upon a wet rock.

    He slipped and hit his head, stumbled a bit and fell unconscious.

    A stranger soon came upon him.

    He saw the man was dying.

    The stranger heard the brook nearby and took a handful of water.

    He immediately baptized the dying man.

    Just then he died.

    By the Godly power of the Sacrament of Baptism

    his soul was cleansed and the man went straight away to Heaven.

    The irony is this;

    It was the water upon the slippery stone that brought about the man’s untimely death.

    However, it was the very same water that

    brought the man, through Holy Baptism, into eternal life. 

    Now, we may wonder why some things in life come about 

    but be assured God does all things for our own good. 

    Thanks be to God.

  45. Everyone wants God to stop all the evil in the world, but if he did how do you know he wouldn't start with you? For all have come short of the glory of God.

  46. So conclusion is that God cannot create world with moral good without moral evil being there as well? What about eschatology and the reality that in heaven there wont evil?

  47. Heavenly Father, I dont derseve your love But you love me just the same Teach me to follow Jesus.


  48. We are all evil we all have sin in us we all have come short of the glory of god so if he wanted to destroy evil we would not exist

  49. Honestly, this video is totally convoluted in my view.  As crazy as it seems, I think even the KJV Adam and Eve discussion is less complex.  The video attempts to use some form of linear logic to explain the nature of God. To me, the result is a mess that poses more questions than answers.  Just look at the comments following the video. Simple key questions are raised that the video can't answer or address.All we are talking about is God giving unrestricted "Free Will" to every 'living' creation in this universe "within its range of natural abilities and capabilities". Using that "Free Will" gift will result in one of two choices – obedience and disobedience toward God's plan and purpose, or what God defines as "good" vs "evil".As an example of failed logic, this video equates being "All Powerful" with being "ALL CONTROLLING". Biblically that is wrong. Being "All Powerful" or omnipotent means "Having The Capability To Control All Things" – not necessarily doing so.  Using other misleading definitions, the video quickly goes off the rails. It focuses on trying to explain how God thinks and reasons (which is impossible for us to grasp) rather than explaining 'WHY' God made this universe and everything in it as it is. The great news is that The Bible already explains this repeatedly.Hope this helps…And Peace.

  50. Is there free will in heaven?
    Is there evil in heaven?
    Hence, free will is not the cause of all evil.

  51. The reality is that God created this world and human beings with free will to enjoy what has been created. God created people with free will in order that they may have authentic relationships with God and with others in their own earthly societies.

    In fact, good and evil doesn't actually exist on earth in the way we think it does. The earth is what it is. What is "good" and is "evil" can be merely the subjective opinion of the individual human mind. In fact, in the centre grey area of right and wrong, what may be good for one is bad for the other.

    That being said, some things are good and some things are evil, objectively. The good and evil we can agree on are objectively good and evil rather than simple subjective reasoning. Everyone can agree that love is good and right, while the murder of a child is entirely wrong and evil. These are in fact absolute truths that exist in the world.

    The problem is that human beings living with free will habitually take ownership of this world as if it were created for their own purposes. So, when something happens that goes against that purpose we call it bad, or evil. When life goes in our favour, we call that good. But, this is only subjective reasoning because we are biased toward our own opinions and selfish desires.

    We need to only focus on the relationship aspects of life as being the primary purpose for this world as this is the only thing we as humans can control. We can only be responsible for our own personal beliefs and conduct. Treat others as we would like to be treated.

    That's God's purpose; producing authentic relationships and the pursuit of absolute good for all mankind. These authentic relationships can only be produced by individuals with free will to do so because the pursuit of absolute truth runs opposite of our natural born instincts.

    The purpose of life can be summed up by the first question posed by God toward Cain after he had killed his brother in Genesis 4.

    Then the Lord said to Cain, " Where is your brother Abel?"
    "I don't know", he replied. "Am I my brothers keeper?". Gen 4:9

    And that is the question we must all ask ourselves. Are we our brothers keeper? The answer is an objective, yes.

  52. The definition of an "evil man" is one who puts his own personal needs ahead of the needs of others, while the definition of a "good man" is one that puts the needs of others ahead of his own.

  53. we live in a fallen realm…. don’t worry Jesus will be back shortly and there will never be any suffering again for those who follow him

  54. God CAN'T create a world where everyone is free and everyone is morally good. Therefore if a god does exist, he/she isn't all-powerful since he/she is limited by the rules of logic.

  55. The background circus music was unnecessary. It cheapens the topic that is considered to be profound to many.

  56. Nonsense I am not even a fraction as allloving as god and seeing people born in hunger, disease, violence, abuse, etc and I want to stop it so imagine a God that is infitely more good than I am and all powerful and all knowing he should definitely stop such things right ?

  57. The world was given to satan by God, to see who obeys God YHWH and accepts jesus and his promise that his crucifixion saves ur soul if u accept him. God gave us free will, we have the freedom to choose what we want and its obvious that u and this channel and all involved have chosen to not kmt be blasphemous but disrespectful and disobedient to YHWH so that's great cuz i don't want the evil likes of u in heaven with me, my brothers and sisters in christ and our heavenly father God YHWH. Our new earth made by YHWH after WE HAVE WON THE WAR will be incredible and u will be bowing down to the true deceiver, still drinking blood and killing babies in the name if Lucifer, the true deceiver. I invite u to accept jesus christ as ur savior and i rebuke the devil from disturbing my peace. God Bless ur soul.

  58. No…..God is supposed to be "infinitely powerful and knowing" therefore, there are literally infinite other ways to create a better world…he made up the laws of nature and the universe, so there really isn't an excuse to have this world exist the way it does when he claims he's "all good, knowing and powerful"

  59. We all got choices to make.. eternal life or hellfire and brimstone🤔🎲🎯we are ON this earth but not OF this earth🌍🌌.. those who commit evil will be judged accordingly👹🔥♨.. glory to God📖🕊🕯📿🕆

  60. How dare any of us bring a child into this world. How self-serving of us it is. Never mind that it's unfair to the child. A child that isn't brought into this world is a child that doesn't have to experience its pain. A child that isn't brought into this world is a child that doesn't have to experience its fear. And a child that isn't brought into this world is a child that doesn't have to experience its death (after the fact of its birth). Not to put too fine a point on it, to deliberately bring a child into this world is to deliberately commit the ultimate crime. It's only that this world isn't able to recognize it for the ultimate crime that it is.

  61. If this god wanted humans to love him, worship him and go to heaven, why didn't god just create them in heaven in the first place?

  62. "Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able?  Then he is not omnipotent.   Is he able but not willing?   Then, he is malevolent.  Is he both willing and able?   Then, whence cometh evil.   Is he neither able or willing?   Then, why call him God?"

  63. A Far-Left Philosophical Satire.

    The Universe is once again attempting to force its "biased self-centered" ways upon me, by insisting that I could not fit a round bolt into a square hole. This takes away my free-will and violates my civil-rights and liberty. Besides, the Universe should obey and serve me, according to my own private and personal wishes, beliefs and sentiments, (however selfish and damaged they may think I may be).
    I am often aware of others preaching and adhering to the laws of the Universe, physics and civility. I realize that they are simply mis-informed, mis-guided. This further tells me that I need to Make My Own Laws and make the Universe bow to, serve and obey me… "Grand-Dios" is a good self-selected Title!

    This Universe is way out of control and very, very insubordinate, vile, vicious and unrelenting to individuals (individualism) that want to re-fashion themselves away from the original design. I will not tolerate this anymore, even if it kills me and everybody else!

    I will just keep denying the Universal and Spiritual laws and decrees. By sheer persistence and repetition, the Universe will finally surrender to me and go away or capitulate, so I can be free to do whatever I want. "The tail must always wag the dog" as I see it. Self-indulgence, rebellion and disagreement of and with truth and principles are the true creations. We can and must fashion everything and anything as we want, so the war is on! Lies are our truths and their truths are our lies. Let us fashion god in our own image.

    I will never (ever) change-within in order to so flow smoothly with and in the Universal Laws. This would invalidate and insult me as well as make me ever so wrong, which is wrong in and of itself in my eyes. I would rather commit spiritual suicide of my theoretical immortal spirit, than harmonize with my enemy, the Universe or God! My motto is, "Love to hate and destroy and hate to love and repair!"

    We have discussed that The Truth is whatever we want to believe, create, tell or fashion and others God/Universe so-called lawfulness or reality is contrary to ours. Therefore, try lies and undermining. Take over any positions of power. Thereafter, if you cannot whip them, destroy their foundations, then confuse them as to the truth, this is very good strategy. It is an old strategy, used the world over since time immemorial, to confuse, stifle and incapacitate people and it can be as good as stasis (holding people frozen in progress, finances, etc.). This will at least weaken them to be less problematic to us, while we degrade, slander and slaughter their leaders.

    Exploit their children's and leaders weaknesses, with temptations of covetry, lust, greed, addictions and laziness. Keep in mind that they are just waiting to be used for our purposes. These priceless tools were given to us from our father Satan, so use them. The harvest is here, so pluck the fruit and cannibalize.

    Hopefully you and I will win the Far-Left Awards! Surely we need more income, designed to weaken the con-quested, and a few Satanic sacrifices would be well received.

    Are you with me?

    Un-respectfully, "Grigori Rasputin"

  64. What a load of tripe, enjoy life best you can then enter nothingness…simple! why is that concept so scary to people. What is scary is the thought of spending eternity with dead relatives, think of that….i would go insane! i welcome nothingness.

  65. Lots of problems here… Could list more but my 3 main arguments against this.

    1.You can still have freedom without desires to abuse and cause harm to others.. The idea of a God that can't do bad is a perfect example of this concept. It is almost certain that in 100 years from now we will be able to change the genetics and and biology of humans so that they no longer act cruel or are extremely selfish. The idea that people on earth have to be capable of evil but once they get to heaven no longer do is illogical.

    2. Having freedom is not necessarily better then not having freedom if the cost is all sorts of suffering and agony. One could very much argue no universe at all is much better than a universe where some people and animals have to go through extreme agony and torture to allow others to live a happy relatively pain free life.

    3. Much of the suffering and pain in this world is not caused by people's choices or intentions but is simply the result of how the physical world and our human biology is set up. Again in 100 years from now we will have the ability to change human biology so that humans and even animals will no longer have to endure extreme pain or suffering. The question is why wasn't it this way from the beginning.

  66. The only way there can be an all knowing, all loving and all mighty god in a world containing evil is if either it makes sense to let evil happen to a loved being or if our very definition of evil is false and there is no such thing as good and bad. According to my personal reasoning these are the only two options.

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