Elon Musk, the celebrity
entrepreneur behind Tesla and SpaceX, finally unveiled what his company Neuralink has been
up to for the past two years. Neuralink is developing a brain-machine interface,
or BMI, with the goal of one day helping the paralyzed use robotic limbs or other devices. Musk even envisions a future where able-bodied
people also have BMIs that will let them communicate with artificial intelligence more efficiently. But BMIs have been around for over a decade,
so what makes Neuralink’s device newsworthy? Well, aside from Elon Musk himself. What can I say, everything the guy does generates
publicity. He has a habit of making bold predictions
and goals for the future, like his claim that putting a human on Mars in the next four years
“sounds doable.” For perspective, NASA’s crewed missions
to Mars won’t happen until the 2030’s. So of course when Musk announces a company
that’s created thin threads to be implanted in human brains, it’s going to make… headlines. Anyway, hilarious puns aside, that is one of the more
exciting aspects of Neuralink’s coming out party; the thin cellophane-like filaments
containing electrodes that will be inserted into the brain. BMIs that have come before use an array of
stiff needles with electrodes to detect neural activity. As you might imagine, squishing a microscopic
pincushion into your brain causes some damage, and the recovery process can lead to some
points of contact being lost over time. The brain also shifts inside the skull, and
when that happens, the needles can cause further damage. Flexible threads of electrodes just 4 to 6
micrometers wide could be less invasive and damaging. Neuralink also claims they would allow for
a higher volume of data, since they could use over 3,000 electrodes, while some current
BMIs have up to about 100. But their flexibility also makes them harder
to insert, like pushing on a rope. To go along with their threaded electrode
development, Neuralink also announced a remotely operated neurosurgical robot capable of inserting
6 threads a minute. Imagine a microscope and a sewing machine
had a baby and you get the gist of it.But Musk’s company still has bigger goals in
mind. They’re also hoping to do away with the
mechanical drilling necessary to pierce the skull and get to those delicious brain meats. A physical drill sends vibrations through
the skull, which sounds unpleasant to say the least. Instead, Neuralink would like to crack your
bone-bucket with, what else, lasers. And once their done lasering holes in your
skull and using robo-sewer to run you full of electrodes, they’d like to seal your
skull up again completely. Right now, BMIs rely on some sort of port
sticking out of the skin. Neuralink’s prototype has a USB-C plug to
connect it to hardware outside. A wireless connection would probably mean
less data could be sent back and forth, but it would eliminate the open hole in the skull,
a prime site for dangerous infections. Neuralink envisions a sleek, battery-powered
computer sitting behind the ear that will communicate with implanted chips connected
to four different areas of the brain. It might even be controlled by an app. Some of the uses of BMIs are obvious. People in wheelchairs could control it with
their minds instead of a joystick. Those who have lost limbs could have a connection
to a robotic arm they can manipulate. And Musk envisions his threads of electrodes
not only being used to detect brain signals, but giving feedback as well. Controlling an arm that doesn’t tell you
where it is is like moving a limb that’s fallen asleep. Some sort of sensory feedback would go a long
way to making the technology more practical. But Musk also sees uses for his technology
that are not as readily apparent. Right now the way your brain communicates
with the outside world is pretty limited. If you want to talk to a computer, you’ve
got your mouth for speaking and your fingers for typing and that’s about it. Musk envisions high-bandwidth communication
directly from your brain to machines and vice-versa. He hopes to make the human relationship with
AI a symbiotic one, instead of his famously pessimistic outlook on the future of artificial
intelligence. But again, this may be Musk looking at such
a big picture he’s painting off-canvas. Before any of this can happen Neuralink needs
to get approval from the FDA to begin testing their technology in humans. The threads need to be proven to survive the
highly corrosive salty solution inside the bra And there’s a host of ethical, security,
and privacy issues that need to be worked out as well. Right now Neuralink technology has only been
tested in rats, and the grander ideas they’ve proposed were in a white paper that has yet
to be peer reviewed by other academics. Musk hopes to have human trials beginning
by the end of next year, but like his ambitious four-years-to-Mars prediction, he might be
ahead of his time. Would you use this technology to mind-meld
with computers or are you worried about the ethics and security? Let us know in the comments, and while you’re at it check out this episode on How Close
Are We to Controlling Machines With Our Minds. Make sure to subscribe and I’ll see you next time on Seeker.

100 thoughts on “Why Elon Musk Wants to Implant an Electrical Wire in Your Brain”

  1. Want to learn more about how close we are to controlling machines with our minds? Check out this episode of How Close Are We: https://youtu.be/O0IjaXuTUz0

  2. Sure….someone comes to work high, drunk, depressed or suicidal to operate a giant robot…….sure…..bye bye World.

  3. Ethics, morals and security are just a show stopper, a huge obstacle to the advancement of science. Humanity should appreciate how lucky it is to survive for such a long period of time in such a chaotic universe. We should all support Elon Musk and his work, because what Neuralink is doing right now is the most important thing to be able to fully understand how the human brain works. Neuralink along with Human Brain Project and Human Connectome Project are the only way to put an end to the human suffering, to understand how your brain work, and what made up you consciousness is the most important discovery in the history of humankind and that is not over exaggerating whatsoever. We will be a able to cure most if not all of the diseases, solve most if not all of humanity problems. We will be able to give genius people like Stephen Hawking a chance to be more engaged in the world, making their life easier for them so they can focus on science and discovery. We will be able to put and end to most if not all of the psychological disorders like depression and Schizophrenia. Just imagine being lucky enough to survive until something like this became reality!

  4. How ironic it would be if the rat that was given an implant grew super intelligence and then built a world where rats used humans to test implants for rats. But I guess it's only bad when they do it to us right…

  5. Let's get this right, other than getting your brain fried accidentally, as for reading your actual thought and seeing what you are thinking, that's pure science fiction, as for the use of such tech, it is a merely a type of brain keyboard, no info other than turn of or on or right left-back and forward, simple commands.

  6. So I get the scary aspects of this, but just imagine the whole new worlds of masterpieces that artists and creators of all kinds could unlock with this kind of technology.

  7. Not going to lie. I don’t want a miniature computer in my brain and have my anxiety sky rocket in fear of being controlled by a computer or read my mind. So no.

  8. Because you think our society won't have collapsed by then ??!! We are in deep trouble and all you think about is what would happen if we ignore the problems … Il mean look at the finance, we are on the verge of a global crisis way bigger than the 2008 one !

  9. I don't know why but for some reason I'm convinced every single episode of Black mirror will happen if this becomes a thing

  10. Such a jerk ,I promote naturality,lizarda can get their tails grown back , find those kind of things,in the future if this goes on and on even brain will be artificial and body will be artificial and to them human race is no longer needed

  11. Impressive don't Allow Any One One To Implant Any Thing In Your brain While Your brain Is Still functioning Ok guys Am freaking Out.

  12. Anyone like sexy blond Annabelle dolls ? I certainly do ! And surely I would marry her myself then make her a queen… and princess to the sexiest woman on the planet but she is only a doll. But the moon and memorials feel different for some reason. The same with bullet piercing valves. I could use a good neck massage myself to ditch the hydroelectric pressure to my neck from a frozen wall bullet and door handle. To connect the veins again.

  13. We were warned by a book written by a man who claimed to hear from “God” over 500yrs ago about merging with the WWW (66&6) . . And now your are saying that it’s about to happen in 2 yrs from now ? ☠️ The Bible is obviously real.

  14. WWW=666 , once taken you cannot enter the eternal life because u will be cut off from any form of spirit and bound to here and this reality. You will be giving ownership of your flesh to this reality’s machine(s) and this physical realm .
    We was not meant to be here forever like this .

  15. Elon Musk greatly fears the dangers of AI. So he decides to create a company that’s goal is to plug the human brain directly into AI. What could go wrong?

  16. It looks like it, could be the only way we will be able to interact with these machines, if the prediction in regards to AI development is true. So to me it's the next obvious, step as if you can not read or write then you are cut off from society, and the ability to interact with it, these machine human interface, will probably be in the same category, if you don't have it you will be a out cast.

  17. so I'm fine with letting a computer into my brain. It just makes sense. If you couple the high calculating power of the computer with the parallel processing that the brain already does, you've got yourself a quantum computer (okay not really, but it does a similar thing with parallel processing). Just think of the possibilities. you could crack the United States nuclear arsenal codes and destroy all humanity, or you could find the most efficient route a traveling salesman could take to visit a large number cities each exactly once and then return to where you started, and everything in-between, mundane or extraordinary

  18. This technology can be used against you. It can lead to a future version of slavery wherein larger governances, societies, and even family groups can control you through lack of privacy, security, and/or manipulation of your needs and wants by emitting electrical charges strategically from the device. It has been shown previously that you can damage or stimulate the brain through electrical impulses, and while this may be great if it treats psychological diseases, that technology can also be used for manipulation of how your brain perceives data through a strategic shock linked to an activity. These activities can be learned by the device through organic AI that is already being used today.

    I’m not saying this can’t be great. I even think it could be amazingly convenient and give us access to much larger memory storage because we can just file information digitally on the device someday and retrieve it… but all technology of this caliber can also be a weapon of control or war to some extent. So, just remember how many times technology or science has gotten darker in times of war funding it, governments funding it, or giant companies funding it. Imagine a world with this much high lobbying power , backed by high monetary backing, manipulating the ‘privacy protection agreements’ legally allowed or not allowed to ‘protect’ us,

    It may not even be technology owned by musk in the future. It could be owned by anyone and changed by anyone for any goal. And any goal has equal potential for bad and repercussions.

    If there was a different version in North Korea, Russia, China, Britain, america….etc.

  19. I don't know if i would be willing to implant something like that into my brain, but i do believe that humans and AI could, and must, communicate better.
    I mean, there is two ways, A. to make AI closer to being a human, in order to understand human needs and be operated by humans.
    Or B. making humans able to reach the AI instead, and have a similar capacity.
    After all, it does not matter if the AI turns rouge and starts to launch nuclear bombs at everyone. A person behind the controls can also do that. Humans have morals, but im sure you know someone who don't.

    Thing is, the tech has to be made in a way we can't hack the brain. Thats all.

  20. I would join as a trial for a brain implant for free. Wether it is safe or not. If we are going to not be slaves of the danger of AI, we must listen to Elon Musk.

  21. I’m 15, Elon is my role model! I’m very confident in Musk.. I’ll watch ppl living on Mars by 25 with this chip controlled by someone on Earth, Elon will make impossible POSSIBLE 👍

  22. Years ago: People who warned of Transhumanism get called crackpots and conspiracy theorists
    Today: Transhumanist agenda moving full speed ahead;
    Criminals must be awaiting this tech to have hackers control host bodies to commit various crimes…DUMBEST IDEA EVER it should be made illegal to use brain implants for non-medical applications, brain implants have more risk to people than driving cars…

    This type of technology may have medical applications, or maybe we will discover safer ways to help paralyzed people get their limbs back without brain implants, but having this type of tech for non-medical applications reminds me of the movie Elysium where the one guy modded his body out with screws n shit in his body to become super strong, this is where things are headed and the sad part is people actually think it will be beneficial, it's not going to be like the movies its going to be problem after problem, hackers taking control over peoples brain functions, when accidents occur could be deadly getting struck in the wrong spot….The human brain isn't supposed to be connected to anything or have any added stress which will lead to a lower lifespan, people with brain implants aren't living longer lives.

  23. I would much rather not have neuralink. Id like to keep my brain untampered with. But for disabled people it must be godsend.

  24. He's using all the PR Press generated on his as a "Good Guy" (if you look at his psychological profile you'll see how not accurate that is) to try to sell the most destructive form of technology to humanity and excusing this horrific and destructive venture by blaming it on A.I. –– he literary needs to be monitored by the goverment including Facebook founder who is mayor investor. SICK!

  25. SEEKER –– Stop freely advertising him and show some real journalism by giving the incredible ETHICAL issues that cannot be ever avoided with tech implanted in a human body!!!!!!

  26. see toer
    fr. k into or onto
    your missing a vital element,
    you want the n or en, as onto
    could be spelled oento.
    So, seeentoer or just-ly seentoer.
    see:ent open er, or enter
    center st. apartments, CONTO
    SOLI, Toeyelent < Toilet
    And away goes trouble down the brain< heh? `eh·co, echo, hop ( Dc-otch, over the top T-party )
    oh vertical.

  27. The government may have the final decision of what to do with your consciousness once your body's dead.

    Revelation 9:6

    – And in those days shall men seek death,

    and shall not find it; and shall desire to die,

    and death shall flee from them.

  28. Is better to have this on the right hand and connected to the nervous system instead of getting something on the head. Is just scary messing with the head. The nervous system sends signals to the brain super fast to feel pain like when you hit your finger or pleasure like when getting a foot rub. They already using RFIDs on humans and dogs so a link from the right hand using wifi like a phone signal is great.

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