Hi everyone this is Dr. Ryan Shelton. I am
so honored that you’re continuing on our journey through the Pacific Northwest
with my family so if you tuned in to the first episode you know that we came down
the beautiful rugged Oregon coast as far south as the redwood forest and now
we’re going back inland into Oregon to discover some of the herb farms that are
located here one thing I certainly miss about the Pacific Northwest is that so
many of the botanical agents that we use for medicine grow so well in the Pacific
Northwest catnip or hops skullcap F’s root
lemon balm nettles ginseng the list goes on and on and of course right now I want
to walk down one of the columns of a huge lavender field and the smell and
aroma here is just amazing let me see if I can get some footage there we go some
footage behind me it’s ultimately just acres and acres of lavender and the
smell here is just amazing and again it just reminds me of the reasons and the
passion that I had originally for deciding to be common nature Pathak
medical doctor a functional medical doctor because we should be connected to
earth it’s simple stuff like mindfulness exercise sleep having connection and
relationships and then a connection with the earth with the plants that
co-evolved with us to help us with our health and well-being again it’s an
honor that you’re sharing some of your time I’m going to continue this journey
with you I’m not sure what our next stop is going to be but I’ll make sure it’s
an interesting one for you. Again, my name is Dr. Shelton, thanks so much for your

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