Hey there this is Harlan! I’m the creator here behind this channel. I’m usually behind the camera but today I’m coming out in front of lens to tell you a bit about a personal story about myself. I’m actually going to be going into surgery tomorrow and I just wanted to tell you what that was all about. I’m actually I actually have a condition called hemifacial spasm and it affects the right side of my face and right now you’re not really seeing anything happening on my face but it’s still there sometimes it’s goes away for like you know a couple minutes or something but hemifacial spasm is caused when a blood vessel or an artery is in contact with a facial nerve just inside the skull here behind the ear and every time that the blood vessel makes contact with the nerve it triggers a response here with the facial muscles in my face so I can feel it start twitching right now but that’s what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna have the surgery. It’s called MVD or microvascular decompression and they’re actually going to go in and physically move that blood vessel off of my facial nerve so that’s coming up tomorrow and I’m actually pretty excited about it! One of the reasons why I don’t come out in front of the camera in my videos you know you always just see my hands in my videos is partly because I guess I’m an introvert but also this is you know kind of causing me hesitation to come out and from the camera because it’s you know sometimes embarrassing. And when I do occasionally come out in front of the camera I usually try to hide the right side of my face. I’ll just you know shoot from the left side or I’ll hide behind something so you don’t really see my face but sometimes I do go in front of the camera but again it’s really rare and I will usually hide myself somehow so you don’t see my face twitching. So when this condition started for me there was just a little bit of like a tapping sensation right under my eye here I could feel it every once in a while. I mean it wasn’t like like something that was strange because I felt that before but when the condition actually really started then the tapping was a lot more frequent and then as time went on the rest of the muscles of the face started getting involved and you start seeing the spasms that you see like that’s happening right now. So one of the first things I tried to do on my own was to seek out acupuncture and I did about maybe six sessions of that and it really didn’t work. My face was really spasming still during the procedure the needles were in my face and my face was still going crazy all the muscles were still contracting so that doesn’t really work at all. So then I went and talked to a neurologist. From there I went on to get some Botox treatments in my face I did that for maybe a year or so and they kind of worked I mean they it kind of really froze my face which is really what I guess it’s supposed to do but I felt my face was kind of drooping and I could still feel under my face the muscles were still twitching even though maybe it wasn’t as visible on the outside. But then on the inside you know like I said I could still feel the muscles twitching and then also inside my ear I could hear like this tapping sound that’s all actually always been there since I’ve had this condition so it was only just a temporary fix. And it really wasn’t something that I felt that comfortable with because I felt like my face was starting to droop and my face was really weak and so when I smiled it was kind of looked kind of strange I think to me. but I did that for a year and then I kind of stopped that. So if you fast forward about two years later I was feeling my spasms were getting stronger. My eyes were like getting closed like this for a lot longer time you know and and it started really affecting me while I’m driving. So my depth perception was off. I didn’t have my peripheral vision. You know it was really hard it was kind of scary to change lanes on the right side because I couldn’t really see everything out of this side without like completely turning around so that’s when I really started considering surgery. And the surgery was really my last option I mean I’ve known about the surgery since the beginning when I figured out what condition I had here but when it started really affecting me like with reading driving and really was being social with people I started keeping my interactions short with people. So when I finally decided that surgery was what I wanted I went and talked to two different neurosurgeons here in the Seattle area. And I finally decided to go to the University of Washington with Dr. Manuel Ferreira. He seems to be highly recommended by a lot of people and everyone has good things to say about him so I look forward to him and his team working on my condition here and I hope to come out spasm free. I’ve had this condition hemifacial spasm for long enough. I’m ready to have my face rested and be still and to have my smile back and to be comfortable going out in social situations and even coming out from the camera a bit more often than I usually do. So I just turned 50 and it’s definitely time for me to do the surgery I’m ready to be free of the spasms that you see here in my face. If you have hemifacial spasm I completely know what you’re going through. I’m experiencing the same things that you are. I don’t know what the outcome of my surgery is gonna be but I’m very positive about it. It has a very high success rate I think around 95% so I feel really good about that. And if you’re curious about what’s gonna happen here on my channel while I’m in recovery don’t worry about that my videos will continue to be published. I’ve worked ahead of time and they will continue to be published every Monday at 6:30am Pacific time so you won’t even miss anything. I’ll be at home recovering and once I recover fully I will report back and show you the results of my surgery. Until then I will see you guys later!

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