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(chalk scraping) – Hey everybody, it’s me Ben. Today’s question is why is it so painful to bite into aluminum foil? Alright, good question. First thing’s first, it’s not painful for everybody. It’s painful for people who have fillings or crowns made of metal. You probably already knew that part so let’s fast forward. What’s actually happening here? It’s sort of like making a battery. (dramatic music) So how does this happen exactly? Well first, it’s two different metals, the aluminum foil and the
metal in your filling or crown, they have what’s called an electrochemical potential difference, they create sort of this voltage and the environment of your mouth, a moist, salty environment
produced by your saliva, is perfect for these two things
to come in contact this way and to transmit this energy. The electrical stimulation from this bootleg
battery you have created, is hitting the nerve in your tooth and that is producing
that weird, unique pain. The production of this current between the contact of
two dissimilar metals is actually a pretty old concept. It’s called the voltaic effect. It’s name after a guy
named Alessandro Volta who most people credit
with discovering it. He was making extra
batteries, a long time ago, and he stacked these
dissimilar metals together and in between them he put water paper soaked with salt water and he found that by doing this, he could create a very low power battery. So that’s it, that’s what’s happening when you’re opening a candy bar, you bite down on a piece of chocolate that still has a little bit of foil in it and you freak out because it’s painful. Thank you so much for tuning in. We hope you enjoyed this episode. We hope you’ll check out
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100 thoughts on “Why Is It Painful To Bite Aluminum Foil?”

  1. I have a numerous amount of fillings, and braces, and I can chew tinfoil without a care… Guess I'm blessed or something…

  2. I still don't understand why a voltage isn't created by the combination of saliva and filling alone? Doesn't the filling already have stored electrons? what exactly makes these two metals conduct electricity when brought together?

  3. I've been stuck in a cave and been surviving off aluminum foil for months. I've been wondering all this time why it hurts my teeth thanks for the video!

  4. Started biting on aluminium foil before watching the video. A few wasted minutes later watched the video and found its not for everyone. Bummer

  5. I don't have any fillings whatsoever, but it still happens for me. Perhaps that just a small exposed nerve. :/

  6. Why do people make cereal with iron 🙁 I can barely eat it it hurts I had a filling on both sides then I lost those teeth but it still hurts

  7. I'm not even gonna bother having a look at the rest of this channel because they say aluminum and are so retarded that they actually type aluminum ffs

  8. i've never heard of that, i mean why are people even biting aluminum foil? and why do so much people have metallic fillings? you americans are weird as shit lmao

  9. one day my mom packed me a Nutella sandwich wrapped in aluminum foil for school and a small piece of aluminum just made me die from pain

  10. My retarded dentist gave me the wrong type of filling by mistake. It was meant to be that white non-metal stuff but he gave me metal instead. Obviously I didn't see it until I got home and looked in the mirror… I might go see if they can drill it out and put the right type back in. Or i'll stop being a complaining lil' bitch about it…

  11. I just got more fillings and when the other side of the dentist's drill touched my metal filling it was Ouch! What the heck, why? You answered my question and now I know what they mean about biting aluminum is painful. Shocking… From now on I'm being careful eating with silverware, never do I want to feel this again. Thanks for sharing this video, it solved my mystery:)

  12. So that's why aluminum has that particular flavor, like when testing a 9v battery; kinda salty and "zingy". Thanks! 🙂

  13. is that the guy from the stuff they don't want you to know the channel that shit is dope as fuck the government don't want us to know anything all. trust

  14. Don't try swallowing aluminum. The Al will react with te HCl in your stomach, producing AlCl and hydrogen gas which can cause you to explode from the inside..


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  16. It doesn't make my teeth hurt and i have crowns. It does have like a tingly feeling and it taste like coins not that I've eaten one xD

  17. Is it possible to drink/eat something so good for your body, that it breaks everything down in it and doesn't create waste?

  18. Why did I bite on aluminum foil so many times when I was young?….I can't think of a reason, but it happened countless times. I never had crowns and fillings, and it still hurts.

  19. I have braces and I was wondering why it created a whole new metallic flavor in my mouth, it also creates a battery smell and the aluminum foil gets moderately hot whenever I bite it, it's pretty cool. But it also makes me salivate a lot.

  20. I was eating a chocolate that had a little bit of aluminium stuck to it. I felt a zap and the aluminium went flying out of my mouth.

  21. This also happened to me when I was using a plastic fork which had a fake chrome finish on it. Dunno how they do plastic "chrome", guessing it's some paint with metal powder in it? Anyway it seems like a bad idea to put on silverware if it can have this effect.

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