A mantra that I live by is your beauty is my life. So the one thing I wanted to share about today, why it’s such a big day, is that it’s actually the first time that I’ve, sorry, I’ve ever left the house with no makeup on. Anybody who has struggled with, I don’t even, I hate to even say the word. Guys, acne, knows that it’s a process. And sometimes days are better than others. Sometimes weeks are better than others or months even. That’s why I feel like I’m finally ready to kind of take that step to have a procedure. My name is Lindsay and I am getting microneedled. The reason that mirconeedling is such a big hit on the market today is because its a noninvasive instant gratification within one week. For the last 20 years I’ve been a skin expert and it started way back when I was just a child in Romania Bucharest. My mother, she also is a cosmetologist and a medical esthetician, so I pretty much was brought up in that industry from day one. I was made to do this. It makes me so proud to be able to change the way clients look at themselves and they’re happy about their own skin. My name is Kát Rudu and I’m a skin expert. And what’s so great that if you have damaged skin by sun damage, acne scars, hyperpigmentation, stretch marks. It’s an instant brightness to the skin and tightening the pores. So there’s different types of needle sizes. Best for over the counter is to purchase a 0.5, and anything over that is more for clinical use. You cannot cause scar tissue if you’re using an over the counter needle size. You know, what I’ve been doing with my skin since it’s gotten bad is kind of trying
different products. Retinoids, Vitamin C, things that brighten, things that work on the fine lines. But the problem is that it always has been kind of like, I take care of the fine lines but then my skin would break out. My skin is very, very sensitive. It’s combination, it’s dry, it’s finicky. And I think actually that is the thing that scares me most about getting micro-needling. Is that I don’t know what it’s gonna look like after. And I mean that I’m actually worried that it’s gonna be worse. And that’s my biggest fear. I want to get your skin looking perfect so,
-Okay. so I’m just going to kind of come in and do my magic. Okay. I cleanse the skin and then I disinfect the skin. And after numbing we begin the treatment. Micro-needling creates microscopic punctures into the skin. Okay, so now let’s sit up,
-Okay. and here you go. So you’re a little pink. It’s been three days since I did the micro-needling. Since the treatment I’ve noticed that my makeup goes on significantly smoother. The texture of my skin is better. It’s just smoother and brighter overall. I’m really happy that I went and saw Kát and that she could give me very specific directions on how to deal with my skin, which is sensitive and problematic. And so now I feel much more comfortable working with the micro-needling roller at home. Thank you guys so much for watching. For more videos on Refinery29, click here. And to subscribe here.

100 thoughts on “Why Microneedling Is The Best Acne Scar Treatment | Macro Beauty | Refinery29”

  1. This did not provide any useful information, it just seems like someone was trying their macbook iMovie and submitted this

  2. It doesn’t give enough info what products you use during the process and what you should be doing for the after skin care? Yes it’d be different products and serums, oils and/or moisturizers for other people but still… nothing useful more in-depth next time if you’re telling and suggesting people to do a treatment.

  3. This video was so interesting and moving. She is beautiful with or without acne!
    That being said – these sound effects and slomo effects are kind of insane. Like I’m horrified and dying laughing at the same time. Make it stop – this is supposed to be inspirational! 😫😂

  4. This helps with large pores as well or no? Like I have acne as well as pores. Right now I'm 16 but God forbid if this persists I'll have to get this done

  5. Why was there no blood, there should have been some blood if you wanted to penetrate the epidermis right? This would have no effect without blood

  6. The cosmotologist (not a protected title btw) isn't even wearing the right size gloves. Kind of a rookie mistake don't you think 🙄

  7. I feel like women overreact , like oh ,I left the house without makeup 😫,😒really girl?, you're beautiful !

  8. Am I the only one who’s not mad at them for having some effects on these videos? 😕
    Edit; I take my words back lol it IS pretty unnecessary and annoying

  9. Oh, my God, you are such a f**ng liar!!! You make me laugh. Three days!…after three days, your face should be dry and skin peeling, and your make up would look like sh**t woman! But as you had no proper dermaroller done to your face but only cheap advertising, with a cheap chinese tool with 500 worthless needles, you wouldn't know that. Such a bulls**t advertising video.

  10. How is constantly puncturing your skin good for it?? Giving yourself micro cuts and how is that good for skin that's already scarring or problematic?? Make tiny punctures so it's easier for bacteria to enter. And is this something a person supposed to do like every week? THIS VIDEO IS AN EPIC FAIL. DID NOT ANSWER ANY QUESTIONS. 👎👎

  11. Ppl don’t understand this series. It is called MACRO Beauty that is why there’s super close ups and crazy dramatic sound effects.

  12. Why they make it look like this bitch dying damn I love refinery29 but the overkill on editing makes the videos gross or undesirable to watch

  13. Lmao, I like how they brought someone with little to no damage from post acne. I believe bringing someone with bad scars and treating them with the procedure(Microneedling) will have a better impact and convincing us, acne scars sufferers to actually pursue this. God bless anyway 🙏🏻❤️

  14. Ive been to a dermatologist and he told me that microneedling actually makes it worse. Im assuming it depends on how mild-severe your acne is.

  15. I hate to be so negative, but why is she talking about acne like it's a debilitating mental illness? Acne affects a lot of people even post puberty…I had acne until the age of 18. It started when I was 10. I don't understand why almost everyone these days feels the need to be…and once again, I know I'm going to get hate for this…a victim. I'm not saying this because I'm an asshole, or because I'm trying to discredit people's experiences with different afflictions, but I honestly think that we need to get some priorities in check as a society. Acne is pretty superficial. It can leave horrible scarring, but when it all comes down to it, I would rather have acne scars than skin cancer. She said that she hasn't left the house without make-up on before, and was almost in tears about letting herself be vulnerable…the thing is, she hardly has any scarring that's visible. I've known a few people with full on cystic acne, and they weren't exactly confident or anything, but they didn't talk about their skin like they were about to face a firing squad. There really is no need to be so dramatic. I really couldn't notice this woman's acne scarring unless I squinted at the computer screen. I'm sure that she looks at her face in the mirror every day and that's all she can she about herself, but she's really pretty. Being considered as physically good-looking doesn't necessarily mean that you're immune to insecurity, but if there's one thing that she can feel good about, it's this…her acne scarring is minimal, and in the end, it won't kill her.

    I won't apologize for having an opinion. And I already know that I'm starting a fire by saying all this. I'm not claiming to know everything, nor am I saying any of this to be cruel or unfeeling. It's just that for me, the drama here is unnecessary.

  16. Those sound effects were terrible and were so cringe-y I had switch off, but I would actually like to have seen this video and learn more.

  17. So this video tells us how microneedling is performed, but it fails to explain anything about why the treatment works, what the treatment actually does, and why (the title of the video) it is the best skincare option.

  18. She was about to cry? Not going out with makeup ever till now? How about real problems. Very vain. She looks fine!

  19. She looks malnourished but she is pretty and her skin was fine. Look up videos of people with severe acne, she has a minor issue and makes it a crippling deal to only herself. Bless her.

  20. OK. 1. She isn't a "skin expert". Please don't oversimplify the tremendous amount of research that dermatologists do and amounts of studying and learning and years of training about skin pathology. You're a facialist. Any complications that occur from your "treatments" a real skin expert has to prescribe and treat.

  21. It sucks how guys are usually just expected to accept and deal with acne and no one really is there to give advice or guidance, we cant even cover it up with make up

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