Hi, Welcome to this video. I am Tom Nuyens; founder of Alive-Academy.com
and in this video I’m going to explain to you why migraine, or severe headaches, are
good for you. To that, I’m going to draw a little drawing
so hopefully it will make it clear to you how it can be a turning point towards something
very good. At the very beginning, because I don;t want
to give you just a superficial solution. I want to start from the very root of the
problem, so there won’t be other any symptoms anymore. We start from the very beginning, at our birth,
and I’ll draw a little heart as a symbol that we are still feeling complete freedom. But then from our birth untill now we all
experience painfull emotions and we don’t know how to solve this pain. This pain will set around our pure free feelings. And since we do not want to feel this pain,
we have found another solution. We are going to build a thick wall around
our painfull emotions. But also around our free feelings. We do this by stop living on our feelings,
we start living in our minds. Or in our thinking. How do we do that? By running away from what it is that we are
feeling and looking with our thinking and our thoughts in distractions outside ourselves. One of the most known disrtactions are continuously
thinking all the time, or continioulsy working all the time, or using facebook, looking on
your phone, being busy all the time, sleeping all the time, so you are not there and won’t
feel. And every single distraction is as a bandage
that prevents the pain from leaving the shelter. So you won’t feel that pain anymore. But the problem with those distractions is,
every single distraction you will get used at a certain point and it won’t work anymore. If the bandage doesn’t work anymore, the pain
will come through the surface and you will start feeling that pain again. So you will have to find other bandages. Plus bandages plus distractions. More and more extreme. For example you start needing alcohol, or
drugs, extreme sex, porn, and so and so on. You need this replacement identity, to run
away from who you are. But the problem is, this is who you ‘think’
you are, this is what you thik with your thinking, with your thoughts. This is your identity. If people ask you; who are you?You say; I
like this job, I like doing this extreme sport, I like to watch porn and so and so on. But it is a replacement identity. It’s a fake identity. And it only gives you short shots of satisfation,
only at the moment when you look for new bandages or new distractions. And then you will find another one and another
and another. So it will not give you the feeling of complete
and lasting fulfillment, the feeling you finally have like, ahhh I have arrived. It won’t ever give you that. Because you are looking for that feeling by
running away from your feelings. So that is not working! And this is very very exhausting. Thinking and thinking all the time. It’s like a bench tool, you are squeezed in
between two points. And it gets tighter and tighter. You have to think more and more untill you
almost explode. And that is what migraine or a headache is. It’s actually to make you concious of the
fact that you are living at a certain point in a replacement identity, that does not serve
you anymore. And at the same time, it is the turning point
towards a life that will serve you a 100%. Where you can life your life to the fullest,
love completly and truly matter to the people you meet. Ehm, if you are interested to find where the
feeling of complete fulfillment is to be found, I made a free video. Just click the link underneath this video
where you can read www.alive-academy.com and in this free video I will explain to you where
the feeling of complete fulfillment is to be found. Because I have survided a life threatning
disease, I know how precious time is, so I want to pay it forward to you. Where the feeling of complete fulfillment
is to be found. So you do not need any short shots of satisfaction
and don’t need the replacement identity anymore and you can start living your life to the
fullest. And also do you know what will happen if you
find complete fulfillement?And lasting fulfillment? Well, that you will become very creative and
you want to start doing what you truly feel, not what your neighbour thinks, or feels. No, what you want to do. And you can become good at it and you will
become very successfull at it. But without fear stress worry as we all know
it, but out of joy, out of complete fulfillment. So, I will also explain to you the 5 steps
that are necessary first to find complete fulfillment and then how you can become successfull
from that point. I see you, just click the link below and I’ll
see you in the next video. Bye

2 thoughts on “Why Migraine Headache is good for you: Better than to cure migraine”

  1. Wow! Thank U so much for sharing this insight with us. I have had a migraine for over 14 straight days and no Amount of medical treatment is helping it long term. I googled that “benefits of a migraine” and you were the first site to pop up. Your video just made me cry so much because it is so true that I have masking my pain and trying to stay busy and distracted in life and that has contributed to my migraine. So I am looking forward to watching all of your other Videos to learn how to live in freedom and joy long term.

  2. Bedankt voor dit…Syncronisity at it's best …. mijn intuïtie zei ook dat dit de reden van mijn migraine was…. ik heb best lang geen migraine aanval gehad….meestal als ik extern bezig was… druk hier druk daar….gedachtes gingen steeds door mijn hoofd… ik heb nu de 3de aura gehad sinds vrijdag middag…ik werd gistermorgen en vanmorgen met de aura wakker en dan de andere kant pijn….ik zocht hoe ontstaat migraine en vond day jou uitleg resoneert het meet!! Door je accent nam ik aan dat jij Nederlander bent!! 👌😊🕊

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