Rogue herbalism started in 2016 as a
team of dedicated herbalists who came together wanting to offer their services
to the community. We focus our services on what we consider underserved groups
in the Rogue Valley area so that could be anybody who isn’t receiving services
like alternative health care primarily but it’s also people who are unhoused
and people who basically experience some form of marginalization or
disenfranchisement. So what we do is we load up Pearl’s SUV with all of our
supplies, and we bring out a pop up tent, we have a mobile apothecary along with
hygiene items and all of the paperwork and documentation that we need, tables
chairs you name it, and we set up in a park usually or another location where
people can come and visit us freely and where we have some visibility. And we
offer one-on-one consultations with our practitioners, we offer education around
self care, we offer free herbal remedies and as well as hot and healthy meals
and seasonal items, hygiene items anticipating the needs of our clients
is important to us – we’re not just serving hot meals or offering consults,
we’re reminding people that they matter, that their health matters, that they
matter to us, and that the herbal medicine is what is bringing us together.
I think a big piece of what we hope for for the people who come to the pop ups
is to remember that they have a community, that they have resources
available to them and that they have these innate connections to the natural
world even if it’s not an apparent part of their life and that they have, you
know, their own connection with their own healing journey – and it’s a space where
they come and they share their stories and they reflect on their needs and it’s
really I can’t describe how valuable it is to us and I hope to them – to have a
space where they can just come and be heard and be received, be well received
so our mission is really to to hold space for people and to be there for
them and show up for the people. We reached out to Banyan when we are first getting started to see about donations, wellness products, and it formed into
this beautiful relationship banyan is our fairy godparent we’re so grateful
for them so they provide high quality wellness products that we
formulate with and distribute to the community. Banyan’s financial support has allowed us to for just really all of the supplies that we need to be able to show
up even you know to cook the meals, to bring
the products, to do community outreach and let people know where we’re
gonna be and when so, their support has meant everything to us we’re really
grateful without Banyan’s financial support we wouldn’t be able to reach
even a fraction of the people that we’re currently serving, so thank you so much –
thanks Banyan!

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