– Hey, it’s Dr. Gregg Gerstin
with Align Wellness Center, and I wanted to ask another frequently asked question that I got. This was from a patient just
last week here in the office who I was working with for a long time, and I was amazed that she asked this. She asked, “Dr. Gerstin, can chiropractic help with migraine headaches?” And the answer is yes,
in most cases, we can. Migraines are a particular
type of a headache that usually winds up having some sort of an aura experience before it that lets you know that it’s coming. And they’re very, very severe. This can wind up having the person want to only be in a dark place, stay in bed all day, and not do anything. Now, in a lot of cases,
for migraine headaches, they wind up stemming from problems right underneath the base of the neck. They also wind up affecting those nerves that come out throughout the
head and go up into the brain, and these nerves are essential. Not just so that you don’t have headaches, but they’re essential for sleep cycles, immune system function. They also can wind up causing
neck pain and stiffness. Now, they don’t have to. However, as they’re left alone, they usually give louder warning signs and more warning signs that
there’s a problem going on. So it may go from neck
stiffness and an ache to a pain, occasionally, to then getting these debilitating headaches that makes you just want to stay in a dark room and not do anything. People wind up taking all sorts of different medications for this, and they’re really reactive
medications in most cases. When the problem shows
up, they hop on, and they take their medication to
try and reduce the symptom, when the problem really, typically, usually stems from within the spine. Now, there are some that stem from things that we eat or exposure. And those you should work
with a professional to detect. However, if you’re not including
an assessment of the spine to look at how the spinal cord is working in your analysis for correcting and taking care of your migraines, you’re missing a big chunk of
where the problem could be. If you or someone you know has had problems with migraine headaches, go ahead and give me a call. Or you can write your questions down below in the comments section, or send me an email or a private message. I’m Dr. Gregg Gerstin,
with Align Wellness Center, and if you have migraines, you
don’t have to live with them.

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  1. Hey Dr. Gregg thank you so much for sharing! Are migraines hereditary and can chiropractic help if it is? I have met a lot of people who say their whole family gets migraines!

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