– Hey, it’s Dr. Gerstin
with Align Wellness Center, and today, I wanted to
spend a few moments with you going over a different
type of workstation setup. It’s the one that I actually use. In the practice that I’m in, I do a lot of my notes and computer work when I’m working with patients, in a standing position at a standing desk, and I actually had this
designed specifically for me. We did this because I know
that if I’m taking notes and I’ve got some time between patients, I look to do some things digitally, and I knew that I was gonna
be working on an iPad, particularly, but if you’ve got a laptop or even a computer station,
you can make this same setup. If you’ve had difficulty
with sitting at a desk or if you’re considering moving
to a standing workstation, whether it’s from neck
pain, headaches, migraines, lower back pain, numbness
and tingling out your hands. Check this video out, ’cause
I’m gonna give you some tips on what you wanna look for in a desk, and how you wanna set yours up to make sure it supports you the best. Now, when I looked at my
desk, I knew I’d be standing. I was gonna look for something that rolls around as it moves around. So this is actually on casters. It’s got big wheels at the bottom. I looked to wind up
setting up my base desk, I started from the bottom up
so that it would wind up being, when I stand up, my
elbows would wind up being at just about a 90-degree angle, and that I could put them
right on my keyboard. Now I use this portable keyboard
that connects to my iPad, and I wind up using it so that I can keep my iPad and the screen at my eye level, and I can keep my keyboard at the level of my hands and wrists, so
if you’re using a laptop or if you’re using a desktop computer, you wanna be sure that the keyboard can go on separate points. So if it’s that you have to
install an external keyboard to your laptop, or shift
your laptop around, that’s really important to make sure you’re working in the right places, and you can stand up properly and erect. I then look to make sure
that I could wind up having my screen and monitor
right in front of me. This way, I can wind up
seeing everything that I need and not have to look down or
be looking up at the screen. This gives me a really
good, it probably can go a little bit higher so that
it’s right at eye level, but I’m really comfortable for this. This allows for me to key in, it allows me to tap and
digitally move through my iPad so that we can take all
the notes that I need to when I’m working with patients, or when I have a gap between patients, I can respond to emails real quick, or to the comments you guys
provide in these videos. Workspace positioning, whether
it’s sitting or standing, whether it’s for yourself
or your family members, is really important, so I wanna
make sure you use those tips to help making sure that
your workspace supports you. Now if your workspace hasn’t supported you or you’re concerned that it does, let’s make sure to connect. We work with people all
over the world to help them make sure that their
workspaces support their health and their lives, rather
than break it down. Once again, I’m Dr. Gregg Gerstin with Align Wellness Center. Thank you for letting me
be a part of your health! (upbeat music)

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  1. Hi Doctor! I was wondering, as someone who is not currently suffering any pain/discomfort and is working with a limited budget, should I still get a standing desk? Great video as always!

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