What’s up guys, Sean Nalewanyj, realscienceathletics.com
and in this video today, I want to talk about body fat percentages and why I think the vast
majority of guys out there will be best off to stay at or above around 12% body fat and
why I think about 12 to 14% body fat is the ideal sweet spot that will strike the best
overall balance between muscle fullness, muscle definition, along with optimal health and
performance both in and out of the gym. For existing subscribers, I’ve talked a lot
about this subject before and in previous videos, I’ve put 10% body fat as my recommended
minimum, but the more and more that I really look critically at the fitness industry as
a whole and just the rampant obsessive physique, neuroticism, that’s so common within it and
the glorification of body fat levels that just aren’t healthy for most people, the more
and more I really want to help push the narrative away from this, leaner is better mentality
and more toward encouraging people to be comfortable with carrying a bit more body fat rather than
feeling like they need to be really lean all the time. Now, this has nothing to do with encouraging
laziness or settling for mediocrity like I know some people might think or might say,
it’s just about making a logical cost benefit analysis and realizing that the overall upsides
of maintaining a slightly more moderate body fat percentage outweighs the downsides of
trying to stay really lean all the time. Now, some people will for sure disagree with
this and that’s fine. I’m of course not saying that this applies
to every single person out there. There are obviously exceptions depending on
someone’s situation, but what I am saying is that, it does apply to the vast majority
of people out there who don’t compete and who don’t make a living from their physique. I’m pretty confident in saying that most likely
you will feel better, you’ll be happier and you’ll have a better overall quality of life
by keeping your body fat percentage no lower than about 12% and up to about 14 or 15%,
if you’re still going for that aesthetic look. And possibly all the way up to as high as
18 to 20% if muscle definition isn’t a huge concern for you, but you still want to be
within a healthy range. And by the way being at 12%, okay, a true
12% as measured by DEXA, that still qualifies you as being leaner than probably 98% plus
of the general population and you will have visible abs and still look impressively lean
to the vast majority of people if you’re around that body fat level. For example, this is a picture of me from
a couple of years ago at about 12% body fat measured by DEXA. So for anyone who thinks that 12% body fat
is high, it’s only because you’ve been conditioned by the fitness industry into thinking that
seven or 8% body fat is normal, which it absolutely is not and only a fraction of a fraction of
people can actually maintain that year round and even 10% is pretty low for most guys. I think one really important thing to realize
here, is that the difficulty of getting a leaner, doesn’t operate in a straight linear
fashion for each percentage point that you want to drop. And what I mean by that, is that it’s more
like a curve where the leaner you get, the more difficult it becomes to get increasingly
leaner. And that’s because your body requires a certain
amount of fat for proper functioning. And so, the more you try to strip away that
fat, once you’re already toward the leaner and lower end of that healthy range, the more
your body’s going to try to fight back and the more uncomfortable symptoms it’s going
to produce, in order to motivate you to go ahead and consume more calories. So as you get leaner, maybe down toward the
mid teens, each percentage point further that you want to go, requires disproportionately
more effort and more overall restriction to maintain. And so, if your goal is to build a lean, strong
muscular body, but to also feel your best and to have a good amount of overall lifestyle
freedom, to where you’re not having to be overly cognizant of everything you’re eating
and actively restricting your calorie intake down to uncomfortable levels, there comes
a certain cutoff point where that balance starts getting tipped too far. And I think for most guys out there, around
12% is the point where trying to go lower starts producing more net drawbacks rather
than net benefits. And for women, I’d put that around probably
20%. The other thing I’d challenge here is the
whole idea that being leaner even looks better in the first place. It’s easy to just assume that leaner is better
when you’re constantly looking at Instagram content all day long. And it’s this big circle of physique competitors
and people wanting to stand out and get attention to build a following and grow their business. And so, everyone is just feeding off of each
other. And this narrative that low body fat should
automatically be desirable, just gets taken for granted as true. But really is it actually true or is it just
something you’ve been conditioned to think? In my opinion, once you’ve sort of taken the
red pill so to speak, and you really understand how this whole fitness industry really works
and that being really lean is actually just a form of controlled starvation and that people
with shredded abs are often not in good health and actually feel like crap either all the
time, or at least for certain portions of the day, those physiques start to look different,
right? They don’t look as appealing anymore, at least
not to me. For me, when I see someone with good muscle
development and visible definition, but with more moderate body fat, it just looks healthier
and more balanced than someone who’s shredded. And to me the shredded physique just looks
depleted and unhealthy a lot of the time. And also remember that out there in the everyday
world outside of this little online fitness culture, a lot of people really don’t think
that excessive leanness looks good because they haven’t been as conditioned as the people
who are really absorbed in fitness social media all the time. And then the other thing to consider too is
how you end up looking in clothes. Yeah, when you have your shirt off, that increased
muscle definition does usually look pretty impressive and it definitely makes you look
bigger in pictures and videos. If you’re someone who makes fitness content
or posts their physique online for whatever reason, but most of the time throughout the
day you’re wearing a shirt and it’s already challenging enough to look big in a shirt. If you’re a natural lifter who also wants
to stay relatively lean, but when you try to maintain a really low body fat, a lot of
the times in clothes, it’s going to look like you barely even lift because your overall
body size decreases and you really lose that muscle fullness. So you end up putting in all this effort to
have lean abs, even though they’re covered up for most parts of the day. When on the flip side, you could just add
a bit more body fat and you’ll actually look better when you’re wearing clothes, which
is most of the time because your body won’t look so depleted. So in my opinion, not only will you feel better
at a more moderate body fat level, but it actually just looks better as well. And then the other benefit of staying in that
12% plus body fat range, is just in terms of overall lifestyle. You don’t need to be as restrictive with your
calories. It’s much easier to just be able to go out
to a restaurant or out with your friends and not need to be constantly aware of your food
choices. It just puts you in a more balanced headspace
where you look good and you are lean. Because remember that 12% body fat is leaner
than probably 98 or 99% of people out there, but you can also enjoy those other aspects
of life more freely without that constant feeling of restriction. And on top of that, if you do happen to go
off track in the short term, maybe you gain a few pounds of fat for whatever reason, it’s
also much easier to get back on track and it won’t bother you as much mentally. When you put so much focus on leanness, that
can actually really mess with your head because you’ll find yourself always obsessing over
every ounce of fat you gain or lose, every tiny bit of fat on your midsection. Always checking the mirror constantly. The point of fitness is to enrich your life
and to make you feel better about yourself. And when you get overly focused on trying
to be lean all the time, it actually can have the opposite effect. You’ll actually become more neurotic and more
self conscious about how you look. And then because that level of leanness becomes
your new normal, you have the added stress of always wanting to maintain it. So the bottom line here is that, in my view,
the key is to find the proper balance between muscle fullness, muscle definition, while
feeling your best physically and mentally on a day to day basis and yes, there are exceptions. Some people out there are fine at 10% body
fat or possibly lower depending on their genetics and their individual circumstances, but for
most people, for probably 95% of natural lifters out there, who don’t compete and just want
to live a good overall life, that involves looking impressive physically, but it doesn’t
totally revolve around that. I would say about 12 to 14% body fat is going
to be that good solid balance point. You’ll have that muscle fullness but still
look impressively lean at the same time. You won’t feel overly restricted throughout
the day and you’ll have peak energy, peak strength, mood, libido, and you’ll almost
certainly be in a healthier place mentally as well. If you found this advice helpful and you want
to learn exactly how to eat and train to strike that proper balance between size, leanness,
and overall lifestyle, then make sure to take my physique quiz over @quiz.seannal.com because
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