[music playing] JAMES CAMERON: You won’t
find bodies at Titanic. You won’t find skeletons. The bones actually
dissolve into solution very rapidly at that depth. What anybody has explored the
wreck find is pairs of shoes. MAN: It takes years for
a skeleton to vanish, but the shoes treated
with tannic acid– they won’t eat them. So all around the
Titanic are the shoes. There’s a scene,
where we were filming, and we came across a
pair of woman’s shoes– Yeah. –next to a pair
of girl’s shoes. These were people. These were people. Those shoes got to
the bottom on people. MAN: They were in their cabin,
because the cabin was all around, the destruction of it. And there was a hand-mirror. This is the human element. This is what people touched. It’s what they lived with. MAN: Amazing.

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