Goodmorning.. I just walked down the street and got the best idea ever! I’ll share it with you guys Oke so what I came up with.. wait there’s so much shit here always haha.. ok so what I came up with Something that is super exciting not original but super exciting.. VLOGMASSSS I’ve never done this before.. never posted a video every day for a certain amount of time but fuck it lets do it I’m excited I’m gonna film everything and edit a lot Yeah you know how vlogmas works.. excited! It seems fun to me to do it until new years Quite a challange but there’s a lot going to happen this month so like I said: im excited So lets do it! And please subscribe to my channel I would love that! There’s gonna be quite some work in here so would be nice and comment and like and everything jeeeej How excited are you about vlogmass?? very excited!! What do you think about vlogmas? Yess love it!.. are you gonna watch? hell yeah What do you think about me doing vlogmas? Ohh wow haha here with the wild hairdo What are you going to do? VLOGMAS! Ahhh yes love it! excited I was just at the office with a very productive day only I got such a bad migraine Not ok.. at one point I rubbed my eyes and I couldnt see anymore for a couple of seconds Not really good so I’m going home. talk to you later! It’s going a little better! I’m with Eva and we’re going to get a christmas tree!! I’m going to shoot a campaign with h&m so this is the reason to get a christmass tree Actually we didnt want to do it because we’re moving in dec/jan but fuck it Do you also want to smell Eva? Nope… thats disgusting We just replaced a plant that was standing there.. dont know what happened but it smells so bad not good not good Its beautiful paper, just like I thought it would be. Yeah is it like you imagined? Yesss This is the christmas decoration from last year With christmas tree decorations you need a christmas outfit First part of christmas tree decorations is.. how do you say that, *weird dutch word cant translate sorry* also the least fun part of decorating is: the christmassss lightssss dont get why I didnt take this off last year? The question is: do you start at the bottom or the top?? You start at the powerpoint But it’s not fun because then it already burns… you look so cute hahaha in your pyjamas hahaha… you know what the funnest part is of decorating The best part is after doing all the shitty work of putting the lights in, to then put the socket in and the lights turn on.. such a moment yeah so just leave the socket out first and put it in later.. yesss dont we need christmas music? YESSSS Its so pretty, do we miss something? Yess the lights! You want to turn them on?? ready? YESS!! AHHHHPRETTTYYYY this doesnt work haha now lets clean up the rest and we’re done Harv how do you like the christmas tree? How do you like it?? You like it? yess you do goetsjegoetsjieee is it nice? its patatos with cheese Good morning! wow I’m pretty light in this light but in real life I’m pretty tanned thank you I’m going to bring Harvey to the groomer. he went 6 weeks ago and now it is actually already to late. such a man You’re so pretty and handsome soo handsome And here right away the after. ahhh cute Oke I’m gonna film a video for instagram now which is gonna be really funny I think I’m really excited about this. i made a same sort of video in Paris And now we want to make the christmass edition. but I still have to decide what to wear i want to wear something extreme cause that will be fun but it will also be very awkard. I have a perfect dress for this This one.. but if I have to walk in this in the centre of amsterdam I’ll be quite emberassed Or I’m gonna wear the pyjamas I wore yesterday with decorating… hm not sure Ok this is the dress.. love it but if I bent over like this you see my nipples from the side I think I’m going for the pyjamas,, lets not complicate things on this tuesday morning Oke end result of the outfit: tadaaaaa oke so hey ho letsssss get awkward what did you do? i droppeddddd itttt The end result


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