The human body naturally reacts the cold. It reacts to the cold unconsciously to preserve heat. The body feels the cold and works to constrict blood flow towards vital areas that need to be kept stable. It also releases hormones, like cortisol and norepinephrine. It induces involuntary muscular shivering and a change in breathing pattern. It’s also painful and people would rather be warm and cruising, than frozen into a popsicle. So, scientists at Wayne State University School of Medicine designed a special suit to make people cold. Not because turning people into popsicles is hillarious But because it’s interesting. They could use this special suit to measure the subjects in a PET scan or fMRI To really understand what happens in the body and brain in cold conditions. Specifically, it was an inquiry on Wim Hof’s ability to withstand the cold. A man with the ability of increasing body temperature at will And survive under extreme cold conditions. The special cold suit had the ability to be infused with water. So, you could run cold or hot water through it and control temperature. All you had to do at this point was slap a few ordinary people in the suit and measure. Over 25 minutes they would measure skin temperature as they cycled water through the suit From neutral to cold and back. Here’s the trend in the control. Nice and wavy between neutral – cold – neutral – cold – neutral Their skin temperature predictably falling as they were exposed to colder temperatures. After a solid control was established They asked Wim to undergo the same experiment without any kind of breathing technique. His response was very similar to that of the control Nice and wavy. They then asked Wim to undergo the same experiment, after priming his body with his own breathing and meditation techniques. The result was a sustained skin temperature of 34 degrees over 25 minutes. This is completely out of the ordinary! It’s as if Wim just shrugged off the cold. This is also the point where scientists see this and out of excited curiosity, stuff Wim into a PET scan and fMRI To see what the hell is happening. Firstly, to see where all this excess heat was coming from in the body, using the PET scan. And secondly, to see what was occurring in the brain, using the fMRI. What was happening in the body, according to the PET scan Was that the intercostal muscles, the muscles between the ribs of the body Were chewing up glucose like mad And pouring heat into the body. Stabilising Wim’s body temperature. Not only that, but it would keep Wim’s average skin temperature At 34 degrees, without any significant deviation Despite cold and neutral conditions. So what was happening in the brain during all this? In many ways, the brain is an important player. Usually, the brain and body would react unconsciously to the cold. However, in this case, there seems to be a wilful subversion of that reaction Instead of the body preserving heat and regressing Skin temperature jumped up to 34 degrees And his body started expending more energy. Let’s crack open the head and find out what’s been going on! Although physically, borrowing and measuring a brain from someone who’s alive is usually illegal We can use an fMRI instead, to see which regions of the brain had activity. It’s safer, makes less of a mess, and is a lot more legal. First, the Insula of the brain. This is a region implicated in self-awareness of the body and emotions. What happened when the controls were exposed to colder temperatures Was a lowering of activity in the Insula. This drop in activity usually signals the onset of hypothermia. It’s a normal reaction. Normal enough that even Wim’s Insula had this drop in activity. Notably, his activity dropped much lower and peaked higher than that of the controls. This makes sense, given Wim’s technique incorporates self-reflective meditation And his trained sensitivity to the cold. The cold, on the other hand, is interpreted by the body as a noxious experience. It causes stress. And engages the sympathetic nervous system to release norepinephrine and cortisol. It prepares the body to survive the noxious experience. However, because Wim primed his body with his breathing technique The sympathetic nervous system was already engaged. The body was physiologically primed and flooded with adrenaline. Because of this and the added stress from the cold A physiological threshold could have been crossed and engage the Periaqueductal – Grey area An area located in the midbrain of the brainstem. This area exploded with activity. The Periaqueductal – Grey area is used for the perception of pain and pain modulation. Pain killing. What was fascinating in Wim was that as activity in the Insula started dipping… Activity in the Periaqueductal – Grey area started spiking. In tandem. This spike of activity would stimulate the release of endogenous opioids and endo-cannabinoids. It would contribute to the high feeling one experiences when doing exercise. And contribute towards a deep sense of well-being. The control group showed no sign of activation in this area. No explosions. Nice and flat. Like pancakes. Or the Netherlands. What’s speculated is that this activity in the brain facilitated a higher level of control Over key components of the brain autonomous system. Control over the parts of the brain that unconsciously regulate the physiological reactions to the cold. Allowing a seasoned practitioner, like Wim To assert control and allow a top-down modulation of his response to the cold. Keeping his vascular system open… Increasing metabolic activity… And heat production in the intercostal muscles. And subsequently, survive in extreme cold environments. We’d like to close this video with a question of “Mind over Matter” We’d like to argue that it’s one in the same. In a way, yes.. Priming and placing yourself in a difficult position Will cause the neurological processes in the brain to beautifully excite with activity Producing the conscious experience of that focused mind. Yet, the counter perspective can also be made. That focus, attention, and diligence Can stir and train activity within the gray matter of the brain And cause a change in experience. It’s reminiscent of an upward spiral That the conscious decision to improve, in turn, creates new connections within the brain And causes a positive feedback loop that produces a new person. From mind, forming the physical brain… And the brain, forming the experience of the mind. It is with this wider perspective that we’d like to view this experiment. Here we have a man capable of overcoming deathly cold environments. Yet, we seldom considered that his neurophysiology was trained over time for such survival. That if he were to behave as a control, the body would react normally to the cold Yet with focus and honing of mind and body He is able to access those deeper layers of his physiology. Producing something truly spectacular. In this way, we leave you with this idea. Change, in any direction… Is possible. It can be incremental, small contributions every day towards what is valued But exponential in the long run. To the point where a person truly renews. This was a brief summary of a study published by Wayne State University School of Medicine. Thank you for watching! And consider… That change, however small… Can gradually transform a life!

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  1. This might be the way to beat Thanos…

    jk try this and feel high that time when i was catching cold… Feel better since then it was 2 months ago will try this for another year and see the immune report again

  2. I'm addicted. I started cold showers and now I am doing baths in a box freezer. I just did 5 min. in the box at 49 f. And then 3 min cold shower. I feel Alive af. Amazing, my body switches mode now at about a minute. Life changing … thank you Wim

  3. I think the key is within seeing cold as energy just like the sun, I even think is even more powerful than the sun.
    Walking in short pants with flip flops in nature while almost freezing, people telling me to go talk with a doctor, I just reply no cold is energy and walk on and leave them questioning themself, f*kcking love it.

  4. Hello, I do the breathing exercise and the cold showers, I wonder what is my inner mental attitude? what or how should I think to influence my Imunsistem or my body temperature??

  5. This is an old teccnique practiced by the yogis of India.
    The would do the same breathing techniques and mind
    control while sitting in the snow. They would produce so
    much heat, the snow around them would melt.

    Another yogi was put into a cave with no food or water.
    It was said he slowed his body down so much that after 30
    days he had not lost any weight and was still as energetic
    as when he started. He essentially went into hibernation.

    Many people can fast for 30 days but will normally lose weight, 
    but there are not many people who can go without water for 
    more than a week, especially if they are fasting.

    The Kundalini method of yoga teaches many breating techniques.
    One of them is called the breath of fire. It is rapid sustained
    very deep breathing for as long as possible. The body will heat
    up and if there is any pain it will dissapate and not be experienced
    during the rapid breathing. Breath of fire is also used when you 
    may need to do a difficult physical task.

  6. This is part of collective consciousness and I'm thankful. Keep developing your body, mind and spirit, we all will benefit. I'll try doing it for all you also.

  7. This is an amazing way of breathing. Using the body as a pump to optimize intake, exhale detox and oxygen absorption. Also managing "Breath Pressure"

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  9. 3:52 'A physiological threshold could have been crossed', the video continues based on an assumption not provided evidence for. bullcrap video.
    Big fan of Wim Hof btw.

  10. Great video on the study. I'm glad Wim is helping to produce this research. I don't think it's coincidental that Peri..Gray Area is/or is very close to the pineal gland and that all those neurotransmitters are released when doing this practice. I currently using it to control inflammation/bursitis in my R shoulder. Thanks Wim!

  11. Wim is using 30% instead of 10% (10% is the normal human brain capacity) of his brain capacity and he’s sharing it with us, but only half a million people are listening. HE IS SAVING THE WORLD!

  12. When I did this the second time, something weird happened at the end as I took in the breath, I felt so so relaxed and calm…I love this feeling!!!
    Thanks Wim

  13. Great job. My body does not burn glucose though, it mostly uses fat converted into Ketones for fuel, which require less oxygen to metabolize, therefore using up less antioxidants. Daily breathing and ice baths are still awesome.

  14. I have been trying the wim hof method for over a month now. And I have been taking cold shower for 9 months. And it works! I have not been sick since!
    Dankjewel Wim!
    Groeten uit Groningen!

  15. Another good video coming out of the Wim Hof team… We are so much more than we have been lead to believe. Thank you for cracking the mirror bruddah, time for us to start questioning our imaginary limits!

  16. Dr. Hippie strikes again! Of course if you're expending loads more energy, it's $'s running out of your pocket at the same time for food.

  17. So we know you can induce this hyper-metabolic response to cold with this method, but can't wim also retain water and stay cool in extreme heat? How on earth does his body manage that?


  19. But what happens to those that suffer from panic attacks? even the smallest flow of adrenaline can cause a panic attack, in other words this breathing technic will give me one from the first 10 breaths.

  20. El aporte de Wim no ha sido precisamente una técnica especial de respiración, porque éstas existen hace siglos en el Yoga y las artes marciales. Su aporte es mas bien quitarle el aura mística y abrirlo a todas las personas, y sobre todo añadirle el componente del frío como herramienta de fortalecimiento.

  21. Anybody can withstand extreme cold. Let me see him survive a whole week without clothes and cover and i will be impressed.

  22. Curious what the body would do to keep warm if the glucose wasn't there, for example if wim went on a ketogenic diet or during fasting.

  23. I whatched a wim hof video tge other dayhe and several others
    jumped into a pool of ice water he particulalry told one of the guys to hold onto his legs
    so i tried it in the pool the water was very cold aftrr a few minuites I grabbed my legs with my hands
    for some reason the cold stops and then you can feel the heat in your hands
    my son of 12 tried it and he could not beleive it he sat there relaxedwith his hands firmly hold of his legs
    almost as if a circuit had occourred with electrical wires

  24. Don't forget that eating the right way also is included in this as a cleaner burn and nutritious diet fuels that same BURN.

  25. Beautiful! We are being shown that the human body is capable of more than we know. If we are taught how. Thank you Wim Hoff!!

  26. i‘m exercising your breathing technique every day, it helped me in different situations and made me a lot calmer.

    the only thing in my mind is now:
    fully in, letting go ..

    thank you wim

  27. The rush from it is as good as morphine, just without the lasting high. The pins and needles and everything.

  28. I wonder if this mirrors sherpas and similar people who are cold adapted to a degree ?
    How would someone use this to be hot adapted ?
    He could with science help to articulate this which those who can do were and are not able to, and those who chose to keep it secret and mystical. I have seen this in other cultures just that they are not put into mass media as they prefer to remain hidden against the memory of the imperial west and their own history which is surrounded with tyranny.

  29. I learned a lot of my breathing and meditation from tae kwon doe. Adapting to wim hof has been a great journey. Thank you for allowing science to measure.

  30. Hey Wim sir, how can i get your wimhof course method? and i’m frim Indonesia, we dont get cold seasons here ?

  31. does he ever explain how to raise your adrenaline or speed up your metabolism? i mean i know these things are possible but ive never been able to find a video that explains how to apply the techniques to achieve these feats

  32. I have a headscan machine called the Muse and I used this whilst doing Wim Hoffs breathing. The results are amazing my delta waves shot up really high These waves are associated with deep sleep so I am not sure what is going on. I was doing compassionate meditation whilst doing this but I have never had such a rise when meditating

  33. Change is only constant thing in the world
    Fascinating video
    Have been watching wim hof videos for week now, I'm glad that, spotted his idea and his life, in the you tube world.
    Thanks team

  34. So, we make our body strong with Wim breathing method? I tried it once the breathing method and yes it made a difference. And its very funny because i never liked to breath as much like that due too feeling light headed and tiggling in the body. Doctors say thats not good due to hiperventilacion !! Now i find out that its all okay, that those feelings are good they are rechatging our body. Amazing amazing i thank Wim Hof for all of those amazing strategies and researches he went through to find out the trueth and powerfulness of self healing. No more anxiety pills for me !!

  35. Thank you Wim Hof for your videos toray was my first day in watching them and i have seen 3 already with completing the exercise……….i want to master them to help my kids, family amd beyond. Alot of my sorroundings are with people of mental health and it sad how med are makong them sicker rather than healthier. I am struggling with anxiety, panic attacks fear after 10 uears of drug use my whole nerves system just collapse on me. Now, i am drug free but with mental struggles. I will make this my morning medication to watch your videos. Thank you all for sharing.

  36. Wow amazing i been doing 7 ice bath so far..very hard to get in but Easier wverytime i made several video of my self in my small channel i will love some comment on those video to emprove the ice bath thx friends

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