okay my relationship with tattoos is honestly pretty strong one of the strongest relationships I’ve had I would say I started getting tattoos way too young and so I have a whole batch of regrettable tattoos from when I was younger that are very unattractive but luckily easily hid by clothing I got my first tattoo when I was 17 or 18 and I’ve been getting tattoo since been like 10 years and I got older I got kind of a second round of tattoos that I actually like I don’t know how many tattoos that today I am giving an orchid and it’s like an orchid plant so there’s several flowers on it I’m getting a tattoo of a deer skull with flowers it reminds me of time with my kids outside orchids are my favorite flowers there’s something in there of a little bit like feminine energy all right time to get inked hey how’s it going good I’m jasmine I’m Diana nice to meet nice to meet you I am so excited to see you again you actually did my tattoo you could love you have a girl I thought I’d be much braver [Music] ready to see your design yeah so I made two different versions for you based on what you told me that you like they’re so pretty it’s so dainty and it just reminds me of nature not like death or sadness I think I like this diamond it will kind of give it a sense of completion and like I’m framing so it’ll feel like its own piece I’ve been tattooing now for about 12 years the way I characterized my tattooing is a lot of fine line black and gray a lot of attention to detail and customized design for my clients [Music] oh I’m already gonna cry oh I am so [Music] she said the biceps hurt I was bad because you can see every single mistake I feel like I’m definitely used to the feeling of this single needle now it’s like a bigger thing but it’s quicker feels like a needle going into your body no surprise there so I like this a little bit better than other tattoos that I’ve had I think some of it also has to do with that I can see what’s going on so right now what I’m doing is going in doing some of the lines but also doing the shading at the same time I got started tattooing eighteen years old turned going on 19 I ended up being introduced to an owner of a tattoo shop and he and I we just clicked he told me that if I wanted to learn I could bring him six drawings by the end of the week and if he felt that I had potential that he would teach me and he liked them so I started apprenticing and I just ended up falling in love with the art form and went from kind of being afraid to be in the shop and like kind of intimidated by all the guys being there every single day from like 1:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. being a female artists in the tattoo world can be pretty challenging it is a very male-dominated industry I would say maybe we don’t always fit in the way the guys fit in but I hold my own and I allow my work to speak for itself so the outline is done I start some shading now oh my goodness okay that hurts that is the closest to my armpit oh okay I feel like all my other tattoos are really like strong handed very like bold outlines and this is so just pretty and saw so I’m gonna switch out needles we’re gonna start using a shader needle which is a little bit of a bigger grouping okay nine needles now instead of one [Music] we’re almost done getting ready to finish up we’re just going to add a little bit of highlight to really make the flowers pop and we’ll be done [Music] right into the earth so bad [Music] okay check it out my dear you’re done that is so beautiful it’s really so different than everything else this looks incredible it looks like 3d this little line right here is so skinny and tiny how did you do that thank you yeah I love that okay thank you so much oh my goodness that seriously every second of pain was a thousand percent worth it [Music] [Music]

100 thoughts on “Women Get Detailed Single-Needle Tattoos”

  1. I think female tattoo artists make a huge different for the tattoo-environment! I think more women would feel more welcome and comfortable if there were more female tattoo artists. I guess it'd just make the step to getting one a lot smaller for women! I loved the tattoos she did today!

  2. Jazz’s tattoo gave me intense flashbacks to the coverup tattoo that the one girl got a few weeks ago…

  3. I fricken thought her earrings were covering the tattoo and was like a sticker in the thumbnail lmao. Just me? Ok

  4. The tattoo artist copied and pasted what she did for the cover up in that other YouTube video. I don’t like her.

  5. Ok, so I hate when I have lipstick on my teeth and no one tells me… it drove me CRAZY that no one told her she had BLACK lipstick on her teeth!

  6. Jazz just gave herself a tattoo only she will be able to enjoy. Everyone else are going to see it turned around…

  7. single needle is a dangerous trend, people often don't even know that they won't last and this artist is just bad

  8. I feel like Jazzmyne's is upside down? I think it would have looked better if the flowers were going up her arm rather than down.

  9. The skull flower tattoo reminds me of what the artist Georgia o'keeffe used to paint. so beautiful and creates a dream-like effect for some reason lol.

  10. I got my first tattoo at 15 and the last one Iv gotten was when I was 18 I have 6 I’m 21 and I wanna get more

  11. The artist touches everywhere with her gloved hands? I mean, what is the point of wearing gloves then ?

  12. Sorry, but I think if you say you do black & grey this has nothing to do with white highlights as seen in the video.

    I do like th tattoos, but the white dots are destroying the picture in my opinion

  13. I got a single needle tiger done by a popular Instagram tattoo artist before she got really popular. Within 3 months it was faded and blurry and now it's just a grayish splotch on my arm. These look fantastic at first but they do not hold. My other darker tattoos look much better in comparison a few years on. I will probably get the single needle covered up eventually. I wish people talked about how these don't last, because they're so trendy right now but won't even look like anything in a few years.

  14. The tattoos are incredible. I loved it. I am honestly not a big fan of tattoos but after seeing this I feel like I want one

  15. I just got a cherry blossom on my rib/side boob area and it was single needle and it IS GORGEOUS. I definitely recommend single needle tattoos to everyone, especially those who don’t have many or are into tiny tattoos and not big commitments, like me. It’s so dainty and elegant and detailed, and it’s not this but chunky mass. So pretty. And love these too

  16. I was confused at first like "1 needle? But there's shading?" Then she switched to 9 needles and I wasn't confused

  17. I'm a sucker for that skull tattoo but I hope they consider how long it will last because it will fade fast for sure.

  18. I started getting tattoos at the age of 18 and I wish I waited until I was 20 cause I LOVE all the once I got after the age of 20 but my first two are two I could live without

  19. Jazz already pisses me off because you can tell she’s one of those feminists that think men are inferior to women

  20. THATS IT im sorry to my parents but im going over there one day when im older
    and im getting my dream tiny tattoo and u cant stop me! (hopefully)

  21. No tatts here.. but planning to get one in the future.. well single needle looks better.. I might get one instead of multiple needle artwork..

  22. Love the tattoos. Have been wanting to get a spinal tattoo for around 7 years now. I know it would hurt, i know i shouldnt but somehow i keep going back to wanting that or nothing at all. If at any point i do get it, im definatly wanting to do a single needle in order to get fine detail done. Wish i knew more about tattooing though or if they do "testings"( to see if id even tolerate the pain)

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