– They’re jiggling right now. – [Shanti] Sure are! (Shanti laughs) Great. (playful string music) So, hi Freddy. – [Freddy] Hi! – What up, Shanti? – Hi Saf. – Hi. – We’ve talked about different, like, body insecurities in the past and stuff, and I remember you talking to me about one when you were really, really young. Do you remember what you told me? – I always wanted a butt. I always wanted to just be thicker. – I always, always, always wanted blue eyes. – Boobs. (laughs) It was boobs. – Within the black
community, being thicker, having a butt, having thicker thighs, and just having that,
like, hourglass shape is what was sought after for young women, and that’s what guys liked. – I was like insecure
about my body in general, and also thinking that my
body looked imbalanced. – I kind of felt boring. – You thought that you’d
would feel more pretty if you had blue eyes? – Yeah, I always was like,
everyone’s so striking with blue eyes and like dark features. – I am super comfortable with who I am and what I look like today. And I also keep in mind to just not comment on anyone’s weight or anything that they
don’t have control over. – I don’t want people to
think I don’t like who I am, but it’s like something worth trying. – I personally don’t want fake boobs, at the moment, but maybe when I’m 60. – So, if I told you that I got you butt pads. (Freddy laughs) I have some blue contacts for you. A mega push-up bra and
like chicken cutlets. Would you want to try
them out for the day? – I’ve never put in contacts in my life. – Oh yeah, is it the bombshell? Is it the bombshell bra? – I have no problem trying
out butt pads for a day, but just the experiment
of seeing if it changes the way that I feel about
my body and just seeing the way other people
react will be pretty cool. – Is it sad that my boobs are literally smaller than the amount of
padding that’s in here? (laughs) – It’ll be easy right? – [Shanti] Are you scared? – Yes. – Let’s see, let’s see how it looks. – They’re in, they are in. – [Shanti] How do they feel? – They feel a little dry, they’re almost like blue-gray, the way it reacted with the brown. – Got your boobs on? – I do have my boobs on. Look how sad my old bra looks. Is this what you feel
like, Shanti, every day? – Kind of, there’s just a
lot of breast to deal with. – It’s definitely going
to make a statement as I walk down the street. – Could you show us? – Oh my god, it’s kind of big to the point where I could get
catcalled, but it’s intense. This is gonna be a day. – [Shanti] Candace is really teary eyed. Got some eye drops, a little backup. – So my pads have created a
ravine between the two cups. You can see the two
separating like a valley between two large mountains. – [Freddy] How do you
feel about my new butt? – Oh! Damn. It looks really good,
and I’m not going to lie, I saw you walking earlier, and I looked over and
I was like, “Freddy!” (laughs) – Guys I’m going to be honest with you, these look pretty cool. I love myself, you know, everyone should, but these are pretty cool. – Kristen, did you notice? – I did not notice, I only noticed when you were grabbing your boobs. Then I was like, “Something’s
up with those boobs.” (Saph laughs} – [Freddy] It’s just different, yeah? – It’s new, it’s very
much like, a butt shape. I don’t know, there’s a lot
to contemplate with that butt. There’s a lot of things to think about. – [Candace] Do you like ’em? – I love them, I want them. I’m so jealous right now. But it’s making the whites
of your eyes look fake. – [Candace] Too white?
– All of it looks fake. You look Snapchat filter. – So I changed my shirt into
something more revealing, and I will say these are
legitimately a shelf. This is why boobs are called a rack. I don’t know, I don’t think I like this. I don’t think I like them. – I was like checking out your butt, and it was like, it was,
it was like it was bigger. – Mhmm. Yeah, but I still miss
your old butt, Freddy. – Thank you. I kind of miss it too. – Okay, I took my boobs out to go to yoga, and I am very comfortable. (laughs) I don’t know. I think I like my boobs. – The big butt’s been fun. All the banter around it has been fun, but I’m getting kind of tired of it, just because I feel so good that I’ve gotten so
comfortable with my body in the last like ten years or so. So it kind of feels like
I’m taking a step back. – So, Fred, what do you have there? – These are my butt pads. What a ride we’ve had. – How’d it go? – I will be very honest and say I didn’t like it a lot. – It was really fun to just
kind of be someone else for a little bit even
though it was just my eyes. – So I went and I changed
into a tighter shirt, because my shirt was kind
of loose like and flowy, and I was like so self-conscious
that someone would notice, that I was kind of
walking around like this. – So I didn’t feel as
self-conscious in them as I thought I would. I was actually having
a lot of fun with them. – What was the most surprising
thing that happened? – I think people like me
better without the blue eyes, which was a nice lesson learned. – As you sort of like get
further and further away from those awkward teenage
years, you just become more comfortable in your body. – I’m such a proponent of
like accepting your body and like self love and
just wearing these kind of felt like “Girl, what are you doing?” – Yeah, it didn’t feel like you. – Yeah. – I think it’s totally normal
to want what you can’t have, and when you actually get it, you don’t feel like your true self. – It made me feel proud
of myself for being way more comfortable in my
body now than I used to be. – There’s not a problem
with like, seeing what different things look like
and kind of looking at that, but at the end of the day, you are you, and you should be proud of it! Like I should be proud of my brown eyes! – I’m still insecure about
some things, but like, I feel like you sort of
develop tactics and techniques to accept it as opposed to trying to like constantly figure out ways to change it. – And of course I’m not 100% mature or 100% a functioning adult,
but it is cool to see like that you can just be more comfortable and things to get better. (cheery pop music) – That is a 16 ounce cup. (laughter)

100 thoughts on “Women Get Their Ideal Body Parts • Ladylike”

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  13. Everybody here commenting a couple things and I'm just like… there is nothing I actually like about myself.. at all lol

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    t h i c k n e s s

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