Sitting on your wallet is one of the most overlooked causes of back pain, neck pain and even headaches. This is why I use the Ridge wallet, as you can tell it’s streamlined to be in the front pocket and it’s that thin and one of the main reasons that people don’t realize why sitting on that thick wallet can lead to that neck pain, back pain or even headaches it’s because when you’re sitting and you’re sitting on that big thick wallet you’re causing a difference in pressure shift so then the hip start to get imbalanced which then imbalances the lumbar spine that lower back and to the head and neck area as well. This is the ridge carbon-fiber wallet They’ve got actually many different styles that you can choose from. If you guys put in the promo code of “Y-strap” you’ll be able to get a 10% discount on your purchase, lifetime warranty on them. So I know, as you were telling me earlier you’re coming from North Carolina, correct? Okay, so a little bit of a drive down here but luckily you have family here Yeah Not too bad Now I am seeing neck, shoulders, upper back Yeah And that’s been since I was like 12 like it never goes away it always hurts all the time. Where at? Like my upper back, my shoulder, my neck. Yea that part. So that’s been there for years? And it doesn’t go away like never even that night it would come like at least once every night every night. I already went to doctors and everything. They have put injections on my back, x-rays everything. They told me to live with it. I was like I’ve been living with it for how many years now Correct. Then I saw you and I was like I have to go. Alright, well let’s get you let’s help you out Sound good? Yes Oh, maybe stand up. Let me just see. Yeah, stand up. So I want to see is there any position that would increase the pain? Like between that neck, that middle back. Whenever I’m like that maybe Okay so kind of hunched forward a bit. If you look down or look up any issues with that? When I looked down it just felt a little more uncomfortable. Okay, anything to the sides? It hurts the thing is I’m used to it by now Well it’s been years you’ve just been living with that. Now, any issue if you rotate and look over the shoulder? Just feels a little pulling but Now I see okay so you’re a stay-at-home mom, how many kids? One. How old? Four Okay, so you’ve gone through I’ve got a um She’s now a year and a half Oh good luck, wait until she turns two I know So I know what you’ve or at least that up until a year and a half what you’ve been dealing with. Yeah People think a stay-at-home mom is a easy job No no Okay, let me have you lay face down on the table, please. So now we’re gonna start things off I always like to first scan the body and I go from that cervical spine checking the leg length and then we check the symmetry from the right side to the left side now actually the first thing and if you kind of come in on top so her right shoulder is actually raised up higher compared to the left. So that’s already the first thing when I talk about checking the symmetry from each side But I’m going to start with palpating. Let me know if anything is painful or tender, okay? Okay I mean right there just yeah. Okay, so that upper thoracic Good Any pain? Yeah. Okay, so pain over that right SI joint So it’s not a huge difference, but the left leg actually does pull a little bit short to the right. When we scan up, so the left side is actually raised up just a little bit higher compared to the right side. Now what I want to do first before we start with the adjustment I’m going to use the massage gun and relax everything for you. Are you ready to get your first chiropractic adjustment? Yeah Good So we’re going to start off up top. Right in here How was that? That was good Okay, let me have you take a deep breathe in and exhale out. One more time a little bit lower here deep breathe in and exhale out. There we go Okay, let me have you sit up on the table and then straddle the table for me Okay, so from here bring one arm up and over and bring your other arm up and over. Good. Keep your thighs to the table for me. So first move a little bit lower, down here There it was, not too bad, right? No. Okay lay face down again for me, please Looking better with the leg length, but now what we’re going to do is we’re going to stabilize on the sacrum here. I want you to raise your right leg up for me. Any pain with that? No Okay good. Relax, raise the left leg up for me, any pain with that? No Good Let me get you to flip onto your back, please Straight Relax your legs for me okay? So what we’re going to do now, we’re going to do a leg pull. With that you’ll feel release in the ankle, the knee going up to the hip. Relax relax let me have control here Felt how that just released? Yeah There we go. Good Come on up Okay now I know that upper back issue let me have you stand up because I want to do an intercostal rib adjustment. So I’ll have you stand right here Perfect bring your arms up Yup, so I’m gonna put my hands up and over. Put your hands, I got you, over mine Good, now I’m going to lean you back. I got you. Squeeze your elbows together And then take a seat right here facing that way, okay. So we’re going to bring one arm up bring the other one up, good. Just like that, okay, let me have you take a deep breathe in and exhale out. Rest right there Now we’re going to use the Y-Strap. I know Your knees bent off the table good good scoot down just a little bit perfect. And I will need help over your hair, can you pull your hair through it? Thank you And now relax You know I’m know I’m not going to be able to Yep, just rest your hands. No. No, you’re perfect just like that Oh! Breathe Yeah, I need to breath. Oh my god. Deep breathe in and out you Catch a breathe. It’s a powerful move What did you feel? It was like painful but relieving. Yeah, that initial pull it’s shocking. It is. I’ll that out from underneath you. And relax catch your breath I was like waiting for it. That’s why I purposely took my time I know. Because I knew you were sitting, you know, the thing is I can tell when people are a little bit tense. So that’s why you’ll see some, well actually sometimes it’s edited out but some patients I’ll wait even up to a minute because you can tell if they’re tense. Yeah you just you want to wait for the body to be relaxed and then when you pull then it’s just it releases everything a lot easier so you noticed like I’ll look and you can always tell if someone’s like guarding you see their neck muscles just flaring up you see that vein in the forehead. Relax you can face that way. We’re gonna use that massage again, so you can face however be comfortable that’s all I ask, be comfortable How do you feel? How’s that upper back? The back is way better. Do you notice a difference? Yeah Stand up stand up Yeah, I feel so much more like relaxed and not so tense I don’t feel pain This is how you need to feel all the time. Oh my god, it feels good. I feel like different.

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