hello friends we are presenting you the solutions for your queries one of our viewer says his wife is having migraine problem due to this she is facing more problems in sex life whenever he wants to have sex his wife says she has headache so next time so he wants to know how can he keep his sex life active without disturbing his wife ? due to migraine the headache gets more severe sometimes the patient gets nausea or vomiting and they have problems with light in this condition the patient only waits to get headache stopped he can’t concentrate anywhere else a research was carried out to find out what problems does the migraine patient gets from sex 1/3 rd patients got relief from pain after sex 1/3 rd patient got more pain after orgasm and sex i want to suggest the viewer to support the partner emotionally talk freely about the changes in married life due to migraine take her to the doctor due to changes in the environment the migraine increases so stop her from facing any changes play light music in the night so that mind will remain calm have love talk stay away from red wine, chocolate, candle light and perfumes if the partner remains more relaxed then she will be more romantic don’t allow her to get stress convince her once to have sex during migraine may be due to release of endorphins the migraine pain may get lowered understanding and love will refresh your life i hope you have got all the answers keep sending us mails we will try to clear your doubts as soon as possible take care and stay healthy

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  1. माइग्रेन में शिरोधारा करवाना कितना उपयोगी है

  2. mam mera pelha lings bouth tight khada ho jata tha ab bouth della laagta h me bouth pershan hu plz reply jldi dedena

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