hi everyone welcome to Rachel Pichler
yoga my name is Rachel today we are doing a yin yoga practice for the upper
body so if you’re new to the term Yin if you’re new to my channel it just means
that we hold each pose for a little bit of time so the challenge is to find the
breath stay in the pose and feeling the awesome stretch that you are gonna get
so again if you are new subscribe to my channel to stay updated and if you are
not new welcome back you guys find a little bit of space to move and let’s
get started let’s begin today finding a comfortable
seated position so whatever that looks like for you make your way there we’re
gonna start off by stretching out the neck a little bit so you can either
place their hands either on your knees and your lap or whatever works for you
and then I want you to let your eyes just close and start to take a few
conscious controlled breaths so take a nice big inhale and exhale let it all go
undo that again inhale deeply and exhale release awesome you guys so just
continue to breathe however you want to breathe but let your chin fall down
towards your collarbone and as you start to feel a stretch of the back of the
neck I want to sit a little bit taller lengthen your spine and relax through
the shoulders so very gently we’re just gonna let that
how to roll over to the right shoulder so your ears gonna be coming towards
your shoulder now feelin this to the side of the neck and then so that you
can drop your chin all the way down and let your head roll to the other side nice you guys letting the chin come all
the way back down towards the collar on let the head hang heavy this time you
have the option to take the hands and clasp them behind the head to add a
little bit extra just encouraging your chin towards the collarbone but still
being nice and gentle it’s not just an option if you don’t need the pressure
the added pressure just keep your hands in your lap or on your knees like
gravity just do all the work and if you’ve got your hands on your
head you can just start to let go keeping the chin towards the collarbone
let your head roll over to that right shoulder again this time maybe using
that right hand just to create some more length through the neck finding that
awesome stretch and still be nice and gentle if you want to take things just
slightly further you can take that left hand and actually rest on the floor and
just try and drop the shoulder away from the ear creating the length through the
neck awesome you guys letting go of your head if you do happen to have it roll
your chin oh nice and slow I felt that one and all the way over to the other
side so remember to sit up nice and tall you can take the left hand this time and
just rest it on your head pulling your ear down towards your shoulder I’ll ask you guys if you want to take
that right hand and find the floor for that little extra drop in the shoulder
and then slowly starting to Rosie’s so let go over your head that your chin
fall all the way down one last time and then with an inhale so slow you can
start to lift your head back up again relax through the shoulders you can keep
lifting the chin as high as it wants to go so maybe it’s stopping at neutral or
maybe it’s lifting all the way up for the ceiling feeling this to the front of
the neck only going as far as feels good for you then very very slow let the head
come all the way back down bringing your chin parallel to the floor awesome you
guys so just taking your hands again place them on your knees or in your lap
and we’re just gonna turn our chin keeping the chin neutral to the floor so
you don’t have to turn your head or lean it you know but you’re just gonna turn
the chin over that right shoulder nice and slow it’s like you’re looking over
to the right side but maybe your eyes are closed and then you can turn your
head back and go to the left you guys let’s do one more on each side because I
need this I’m sure you do too and then bring your head back over to the other
side one last time so you guys bringing your chin back to Center take a nice big
inhale exhale oh some work I really felt that I needed that so much through my
neck today so that was great we’re gonna have or we’re gonna move on to our hands
and onto our knees but I want you to slide forward onto your stomach let’s
make this an easy transition so just come on to your tummy and move your feet
out to the edges of your mat so we’re gonna come into a Cobra wide legs nice
wide legs so you can bring your hands under your shoulders you can roll your
shoulders back and down if you have any discomfort through the wrists you could
also do this on your forearms but remember we’re gonna be here for a few
moments so if you want to be on your forearms find your floor arms or you can
even switch to your forearms halfway through but find what works through you
guys so play around with it roll the shoulders back and down
you can stay low with your tummy connected to the mat you can stay here
or you can lift all the way up you can straighten the arms having just a little
micro Bend through the elbow so don’t lock the elbow so just have a little
bent but still rolling the shoulders back and away from the ears so the hips
are still touching the mat the thighs are on the mat relaxing through the
gluts feeling this through the back probably even into the stomach the
abdominals and then just breathing softly I encourage you guys to close
your eyes with Ian it can be a challenge as the mind likes to wander off and
you’re gonna pose a position for a certain amount of time you’re like it
feels like forever because my mind is just going crazy but if you just bring
it back to the breath you let all those thoughts go for a moment and just feel
this stretch that you’re getting I think just goes by a whole lot faster you
don’t want to be over nice job you guys so we’re gonna take a
little half way break so stay for another inhale wherever you’re at and
slowly slowly as you exhale drop your chest all the way down so we’re gonna go
back up finish that same that same set that second set of our Cobra with wide
legs and you can go wherever you want to go forearms you can keep that chest nice
and low with really bent elbows or you can lift all the way
remembering to just relax through the legs the glutes there’s a few more breath you you guys feel the breath coming in and out one more inhale and slowly slowly exhale
lower your chest all the way down to the mat maybe rock the hips from side to
side or just find stillness for a moment no aether key guys so we’re gonna find
our forearms again staying with those or I guess moving into those shoulders so
you can move the legs in a little bit if they want to go in but you’re gonna
reach your right arm out in front and we’re gonna slide that left arm under
the chest so tuck it all the way under your chest so that it comes out the
other side and you’re just gonna let gravity pull your body down and you’re
just gonna lay on that arm so if you want a little bit more here just
slightly try to lean to the right side to try and drop that shoulder down that
right shoulder resting your head if you can they using in in here slowly lift
yourself back up we’re going to take that left arm out from under us
I want you guys to just slide over to the right side of your mat you’re gonna
bring that left arm out so it’s gonna be nice and straight and in line with your
shoulder then you’re gonna look away from that arm so bring your left cheek
down or left ear and then you’re just gonna start to roll you know lift the
right hip right shoulder like you want to roll over onto your back but you’re
just gonna go as far as you need to go to feel a stretch through that left arm
shoulder maybe even your chest you can bend your legs you can pledge feet
whatever helps you roll but to bring it further it’s both dropping that right
hip towards the mats and with your next inhale slowly start
to roll back over onto your stomach you can bring that left arm in and we’re
gonna move back to the middle of the mat and we’re gonna switch side so the left
arm is gonna reach out and that right arm is gonna slide under the chest and
letting gravity pull you down maybe trying that little lean over to
the left if you want a little extra nice guys slowly inhale and lift
yourself bringing that right arm out from under you
sliding over to the edge of your mind if you’d like and then bringing that right
arm out nice and straight and line up the shoulder right cheek to the mat or
right here and then just start to roll on over towards that arm and with your next inhale slowly turning
back over onto your stomach mm we are gonna be moving on to our back so if you
want to roll on over you can roll on over and we’ll be bending our knees and
planting our feet once you do get onto your back so reaching your arms out to
your sides your arms squeeze straight or your elbows could be bent but we’re
gonna be lifting the hips up just a bit and sliding them to the right side of
the mat then your knees can fall over to the left so we’re just going for a nice
long spine that’s why we move those hips over so if you look down to your hips
they should be right in line with your upper body and your shoulders so you can
just take that left hand and place it on your knees if you want to help weigh
them down a little bit but I want you to just check that that right shoulder is
still down and then if you want to add a little stretch for the neck you could
turn your chin over your right shoulder staying as you are for another full
breath I’m using an inhale to let the knees come all the way back up you’re
just gonna plant your feet pick your hips up slide them over to the left and
then let your knees fall to the right and then the same thing just adjust the
shoulders so the left shoulder stays down maybe turn your chin towards the
left and then let the eyes close and just feel your breath the twist the
twist helps to release that little back the spine thank for your last full breath I’m
using it inhale so let those knees come all the way back up so we’re just gonna
bring the knees into the chest lift your shoulders up give yourself a
nice big hug and then start to lower back down bring everything down send
your legs out long feet nice and wide ah taking a nice big
inhale through your nose exhale out your mouth
awesome work today you guys feel free to stay and shahboz enough for a few
moments or bring your hands together at heart center
and have a great great day great weekend namaste

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  1. We are at the end of the first week! Finishing up with more upper body flexibility poses today. Enjoy ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ’•

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