Welcome to the VitaLife Show. I’m
doctor Janine Bowring a naturopathic doctor and this episode in the show is all
about yoga facial exercises to lift sagging jowls and sagging jaw
line as well as decreasing that double chin
also how to improve lymph drainage in the face how to get those toxins out of the skin cells and to get glowing beautiful skin I’ll share acupuncture points as well to
help the lift those cheeks and improve your skin tone
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advice that you will absolutely love so the following is one
of my very favorite Yoga facial exercises for a natural facelift it will help you to get glowing skin
help to lift that sagging jowls and to lift the jaw line
as well and to get rid of that double chin so all you going to do as you’re going
to look up and then you’re going to touch your
tongue to the roof of your mouth and your gonna actually press it onto the roof of
your mouth and you could do something creative like
sing a song as you doing this I usually repeat the alphabet to myself so see if
you can hear me I’m not sure if you will so you’re gonna look up and you’re going to
say the alphabet with your mouth closed because you have to use your tongue now
against the roof of your mouth and you’ll
actually see my muscle contracting here we go mmm mmm mmm laLALALAAA Now you can see I’m not a singer but let me continue so you can see those contractions
happening I can really feel that muscle contracting which is fantastic really helps to tone the muscles underneath the jaw line and maybe improve your singing skills as
well for me I don’t know I don’t think the vocals have come quite yet but you do your best now for some great
acupuncture points for the face which really helps with detoxifying the face all you do is use your to index fingers
and you’re going to find a point it just beneath the eyes towards the
outer edge of the eyes you feel a bit of a depression in
the top if your cheekbone here and all you do is gently massage clockwise so clockwise when you’re right-handed
and your facing as I’m facing the camera you just
massage for about two minutes I do this actually a lot at work when
I’m looking at my computer screen for a long period of time and actually helps
with your vision as well we really have to stimulate the chi in
Chinese medicine energy in that acupuncture point
helping to lift again the face and lifting up the jawline
and for your double chin as well to do try that please leave your
questions and comments below I’d love to hear how this is going for you we have
so many fantastic feedback here on the VitaLife show so let
me hear from you as well make sure that your sharing this with all your friends and the other thing that you should
really do when you’re doing these facial exercises to drain the lymph from the
toxins from the face one of my favourite things
that I couldn’t live without is the VitaDetox they do check that out
at vitatree.com a fantastic full body detox for getting all those
toxins out the body especially the skin so they have glowing youthful skin to drain the toxins from the face lymph
drainage is really helpful so all you do is you gently stroke along a jaw line this really helps with a double chin as
well very gently to drain that lymph and then also down the neck very gently
always towards the heart about 20 repetitions of each of
these exercises so these are really easy to do again
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all about detoxification why so important to not only just use the
VitaDetox but also to do things in your diet in your daily routine to
get those toxins out of your body and if you click down here these are
great facial mask that you can do at home with some very special ingredients
as well as one that you have in the kitchen a great way to get those toxins off the
skin and also to have a glowing youthful skin
you know I went to a bridal shower the other day and someone who hasn’t seen me in about
10 years she said you look exactly the same as you did when I first met you ten
years ago and that was you know the greatest then she asked me what are you
doing and of course this is what I’m sharing with you in
this video so I hope you love it please leave your questions and comments below like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter
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52 thoughts on “Yoga Facial Exercises : How to Lose Sagging Jowls : Chubby Cheeks – VitaLife Show Episode 162”

  1. Does this workouts do harm to the face?
    And i've been having a problem lately with my face, u see i started doin facial workouts but i seem to find that when i take a pic of myself, my face is not straight, not right, so i'v been thinkin, Is it the kind of camera that am usin thats sucks? Or its just that facial workouts r giving me a hard time?
    What do u think?

  2. decent enough tips, but you talk too much, and too much self-promotion. I won't click on your videos again because you are wasting my time. 

  3. Thanks for the helpful tips, Dr. Bowring.  Your skin is so radiant.  I'll try the exercises and let you know the results  :  )

  4. Hi, great video.  Can you tell me how long to do the "jowl exercise" as in how many reps and how many times a day would you recommend to see expedited results. Thanks.

  5. I love your videos and the upper lip exercises really work for me at 66 years old. So thank you for that. Do you have suggestion or videos for bags under the eyes?

  6. extremely helpful, I am laughing at the people who say you talk too much because how else can a message be shared. It has been useful but keen to learn about lose skin? I've lost 40KG but jowls were better when I was plump. Any ideas would be great thanks

  7. Hello Janine I did your set of exercises for sagging jowls and saw instant results! It worked out for me and feel grateful you posted these videos in YT.

  8. hi love your bids, I'm 43 and hate face lines I have the laugh lines and line in the middle of my eye brows and have used different creams to get rid but can't, can you help please ?

  9. Hi. this video series has so much benefit to people. When I volunteered to tech Nithyananda yoga in a women's correctional facility, i taught some accupressure points on the face for firming and toning. That small part of the yoga session always had on-lookers as ALL men and women want to avoid getting that jowly look. My yoga training was in India under Paramahamsa Nithyananda. soon there will be an opportunity to raise mitochondria to unbelieveable levels, resulting in anti-aging, miraculous healing, seeing through the third eye and more…at the Sadashivoham 2016 program. Dec 1 -21. 2016.

  10. could you please upload a video for jaw symmetry and also for one side job reduction,and also i have asymmetrical nose ,plz upload a video for symmetrical nose and also for lip slimming excercise

  11. hii.. video was really helpful..thanks for that ..
    what i want to ask is i got problem on my face is i found my face fatty on my right side of whole face and the cheek bone of that sides face is also visibly outward and the same problem with the right side jaw line it is not as same as of left profile…can this issue be solved by any facial yoga or other facial exercise..because of this problem i always prefer pict from left angel and if somehow i got click from right side it shows my ugliest side..please help if you can

  12. Hello I wanted to ask that if we only do these acupressure point on face without doing any facial exercise will this work? And how long do we need to do this acupressure to see desired result and how manytimes we can do in a day? As my only one cheek is saggy not both of them. so do i need to do acupressure only on one side of face? please help!

  13. the constant switching of the camera angles is very annoying and would be better focusing on frontal – thank you for the videos though.

  14. Hello . How are you ? I am your big fan . The exercises you Tell really works … Plz can you Tell the exercise for between the eyes i mean the frown line..

  15. Hello,I am very thankful that you replied. There is only one exercise for frown lines . It is a little difficult and I tried but sorry, didnt worked…
    Plz tell a new and easy exercise . Plzzzzzz.

  16. Hello . I am very thankful that you replied. There is only one exercise for frown lines . It is a little difucult and I tried but sorry, didn't worked …
    Plz tell a new and easy exercise for frown lines.

  17. I found the advertisement for plastic surgery a little odd right before this video started. Isn't that exactly what we are hoping to avoid by doing these exercises? Maybe Dr. Janine is not aware of it.

  18. I have sagging skin on my lower jaws I do not want to push it back up it will fall down again I want to deal with the saggy skin make it tight without botox to puff my jaws out like a frog the older we get and loose fat and muscle the more the skin will become saggy we need to deal with this problem and stop trying to push the skin back up

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