Friends, now we go to the Pranayam section
or the breathing section. This is a very simple section. You can do it at anytime, preferably
before meals. And on an empty stomach. The first demonstration is called the Shitali
Pranayam or the cooling breath. This has a beautiful, miraculous effect on migraine.
We will sit in a comfortable position. Place the hands like I have done. And make a curl
of your tongue. Inhale slowly and deeply through the folded tongue. Start with nine rounds of this Pranayam. So this was the Shitali breath or the cooling

20 thoughts on “Yoga for Migraine Headaches : Yoga Cooling Breaths for Migraines”

  1. okay, this is really strange! hahahaha!
    it looks funny but i did it and my headache is gone.

    im kind of amazed!

  2. i am not able to put the legs in that way,it s not comfortable for me! then I can't move the tongue like that!!so??

  3. Yep, looks ridiculous but does actually as it says – it feels cooler immediately when you breath in doin' the tongue thing. Good stuff yo.

  4. Folding the tongue has its own benefit.due to wet tongue the air we inhale gets cooler and relief…thanks for the information.very effective if done in proper manner…..

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