When you look in the mirror, do you like what you see? Or do you automatically think of ten different things you could change? Why is it that how beautiful we are is important? When we were young children, we didn’t care about beauty, fashion, makeup, or how skinny we were, but over the years that changed. We began to focus much more on our physical appearance. We started comparing ourselves to friends and models and celebrities, maybe not even aware that we were doing so or how it was affecting our self-esteem. We do this for two reasons: because we don’t feel like we can love
ourselves until we look a certain way, and because we don’t think others will
love us unless we look a certain way. To realize and accept the negative impact
this has on you, is to begin your journey toward freedom. And that starts now. We are taught that changing the way we look will make us confident and happy. This leads us to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on things we don’t actually need. We buy concealer and foundation to cover up imperfections on our face, mascara, eyeliner, and eye shadow to enhance our eyes. We highlight our cheekbones and contour our nose to slim down our face, and fill in our eyebrows to
make them look fuller. We purchase tanning lotion and teeth whitening kits to try to fit into what society considers beautiful. We straighten, curl,
braid, highlight, and color our hair and paint our nails because we think that
this external change will allow us to love ourselves more. Some of us may even get lip fillers or breast implants to achieve a certain look. This may be partly caused by seeing other people who we consider more beautiful than us seeming so happy. So we get this idea in our heads that if our eyelashes were as thick as theirs or our lips as full, then we too would be happy. But just because someone looks happy, doesn’t mean it’s because of the way they look or even that they are. We’re taught the opposite though from such a young age, which leads us to feeling like we need to buy tons of different products to change the way our face looks. Not only does this drain our bank account but it also consumes much of our time. and where does it ever get us? Our makeup might make us feel good for the day but once you wash it off… is that confident still there? If these things were truly the solution to our
insecurities they wouldn’t only provide a temporary
boost in self-esteem. Making changes to our bodies doesn’t address the problem, Maybe we feel that makeup is a way of expressing ourselves, and if that’s the case, we have to look at a few things: is that a conclusion we came to on our own, or is it an idea we adopted after hearing someone else say it? How does mascara, or highlighter, bronzer, blush, or eyeliner express who you are? How are foundation, under-eye concealer, lip liner, brow gel, or eyeshadow expressions of your self? Of course makeup can be a fun thing to
apply But just because something is enjoyable doesn’t mean it can’t have negative effects on us. For many people, clothes jewelry and shoes are all things you can never have too much of. We go shopping every other week to buy a new pair of boots or jeans because subconsciously, we think these things will fulfill us. But the truth, is they can only ever give us a short-term sense of fulfillment. When it comes to accessories like earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings, what real purpose do these things serve in our lives? It’s great to wear jewelry as a reminder of, say, a loved one or an uplifting message
but for the most part jewelry is used as a way to look more beautiful. We must ask ourselves what the reason is for wearing the things we wear. We may wear a necklace given to us by a friend because it reminds us of our relationship with them, or we may wear multiple rings on our fingers because we like the aesthetic of it. We may also wear items whether jewelry, purses, shoes, or clothes because of the name-brand or designer. We feel a sense of status when we go out in public with a certain name on our purse or logo on a shirt. For some name brand might not matter. There are many different reasons we care about fashion, or at least there are many different reasons we tell ourselves we do. It is common to hear someone say that, for them, fashion is a way of expressing themselves or their creativity, that it’s an art, or that it’s a hobby. If you feel that way, I invite you to really analyze why that’s how you feel. Ask yourself: ‘what specifically about it makes it a hobby?’ or ‘why is it important
to express yourself through clothing?’ along with ‘what is being expressed?’ and
‘for who?’ It can be easy to just regurgitate what we hear other people saying so that’s why it’s important to really figure out why we have these
beliefs. A more common reason we care about fashion is because we want to fit in. This is why we see clothing trends come and go. When a certain item or style becomes popular we want to be a part of that. When we see people we look up to
wearing a beautiful swimsuit or pair of shoes we want those items because we
want to be like them and have others look at us in the same way we look at them. When we buy clothes we pick out the items we think we will look best in, will make our body type look the most appealing. We do all these things because
we think that wearing cute clothing will make us look more beautiful and
attractive to others… which will bring us more confidence and happiness. But it never will. Weight is one of the most common insecurities both women and men experience these days. When we see people in magazines, on TV, and on social media with a flat stomach, long thin legs, a thigh gap, no apparent stretch marks, and a big butt, we compare our bodies to theirs. All the things we think are wrong with the way our body looks rise to the surface of our minds and then we pick ourselves apart in the mirror because we hate the way we look. We wear clothes that hide our shape because we are ashamed of it and we believe that if others saw what we truly looked like, they wouldn’t like us. For some, that might lead us to take action, but in the wrong direction. When we think that we aren’t good enough or don’t deserve to be loved by ourselves or
others until we are skinnier, this can make us go to extremes. Because of that, eating disorders are more common now than ever before. Instead of wanting to lose weight to get healthy we want to lose weight because we don’t feel we can accept ourselves until our body looks a certain way. But You must learn to be comfortable and confident no matter what your body looks like. Because if confidence had anything to do with how skinny you are, models who many consider
to have a perfect body wouldn’t fall victim to eating disorders, but unfortunately, they do. Another way we try to change our body is through exercise and fitness. While these are both great things to do, should we be doing them for
the sole purpose of trying to attain a certain physique? In any fitness magazine or social media page, you’ll see pictures and videos of people showing off their toned arms, legs, stomach, and butt. If we’re exercising for health versus aesthetics, we would not have any interest in trying to sculpt our body or taking and sharing photos of it. We might look up to fitness models and influencers as inspiration to get fit… but that inspiration is coming out of a place of: The only reason you can’t love yourself now is The problem isn’t what you look like. The problem is that you think what you look like matters. That is what causes our low self-esteem. But again, having a skinnier, more toned body is never going to bring you the true confidence you’re looking for. Making your face look flawless after 30
minutes of applying makeup can only ever give you a short-term version of what you desire. And wearing clothing that makes you look more attractive is not the solution to your feelings of unworthiness. no matter what jean size you are or what
name brand they are, how tan you are, how beautiful your jewelry is, how perfect your smile is… none of that matters. which again, does not come from those things. But before we get to where it
does come from, there’s something else that needs to be talked about… Mass media is a big contributor to why we are taught that our value lies in our external appearance. Before there was TV or social media, magazines were the main thing promoting the message that beauty is important to a large audience. Now this of course started long before magazines, but mass media is largely responsible for the recent influx of this issue. Many fashion and beauty magazines push the subliminal message that your self-worth lies in how beautiful you are by society standards. They show a celebrity with a new hairstyle and everyone wants that look. A model shares her top tip for a flat stomach and thousands of people are trying it out. And then TV came along, and between movies, shows, and commercials, there’s hardly any escaping the promotion of what ‘beauty’ is. Clothing companies use models with perfect bodies to advertise their products because they know people are more likely to buy items
they think will make them look prettier. Makeup companies use certain effects and
lighting to make the models skin look more flawless than it really is. Some brands will even use Photoshop to slim down their model or smooth out their face. They exploit people’s insecurities because they know that showing skinny, conventionally attractive people that others wish they look like will increase their sales. Now in the past few years, social media has become another platform the same thing to thrive. We follow models and influencers that post pictures of themselves and those images can cause
insecurities to come up within us when we compare ourselves to them because our legs aren’t as thin as theirs or our boobs aren’t as big. We envy the way they look because we hold the idea that But can we really tell someone’s internal state based on their external appearance? For the most part, no. What we don’t see is that they likely experience insecurities just like us. They may struggle with restrictive eating patterns or negative self-talk. They may take dozens of photos before
they get the perfect one from the most flattering angle and they may have touched up spots on their face or added a filter to alter the way they look. Something unique to social media is that it gives everyone with a phone or computer the power to share. You no longer have to be a model featured in a magazine or an actor and a commercial to take part in creating content. And while this has amazing benefits like giving us the ability to share an inspirational message or connect with people from all over the world, too many people fall into
sharing for validation. We post selfies because we want others to see this version of our appearance or take a picture after we go to the gym because we hope people will comment on how good we look. We place our self-esteem in the hands of others and let numbers and praise control our happiness. We think that others will value us more if we look more attractive So we post images of ourselves that we think will achieve that… but Your self-worth does not lie in what
your face, body, hair, or clothing looks like. Don’t let the content of these
platforms convince you otherwise. It’s important to know that these forms of
mass media are not the cause of any self-esteem issues we have, but rather, If social media is a place we go to compare
our body to others or seek social approval about our appearance, then we need to step back and look at how this is affecting us… and how we can make a
change. Think back to the question at the beginning of this video. When you look in the mirror, do you like what you see? Or do you tell yourself: Does how good you look control how good you feel? One day you think you look bad and because of that let it get you down, but the next you feel prettier and therefore ‘happier’? When we let our appearance control our emotions what we are really doing is forgetting the
fundamental truth that Surprisingly, this is a controversial
thing to say because many of us want to be able to blame our problems on something else. But once you understand that you are the creator of your internal reality, you no longer have to wait on getting a flat stomach or curves to be confident. You won’t have any reason to change or show off your appearance because you will see that Life will no longer be a competition of who’s the prettiest or who has the best body. Your self-worth won’t be determined by what you look like. You can love yourself no matter how ugly
or beautiful society considers you to be. You will see that If you want true confidence, don’t go to the people who look like they should have it. Don’t look to those who want everyone to know that they are pretty and skinny and have nice clothing. You’re not gonna find it in them because they are still searching themselves. Confidence is not found in a tube of
mascara or a cute outfit. It’s not in a certain number on a scale or dress size or perfect teeth. Don’t look in the mirror to find it. Don’t tell yourself that you’re beautiful just the way you are. Now that’s certainly better than putting
yourself down, but you won’t find confidence by associating it with your physical appearance in any way, positive or negative. Realizing this is the first step on a path to liberation. If you want true confidence, you must close your eyes. You must release the belief that you are your physical body. Confidence is dependent on whether or not you can understand that what you look like is not important. Not just saying ‘oh I don’t
really care about how I look today’, but no longer attaching any feelings to
your physical appearance. No longer identifying with or deriving a sense of self from it. When you see your body in the mirror, don’t say: don’t say, What is beautiful about our bodies is what
they allow us to do, how perfectly everything works together when we are healthy. Our bodies are beautiful in the same way that the physical form of any other being is, whether a lion or monkey or tree. Negative self-talk keeps us from having appreciation for our bodies. And the more gratitude we have in our lives, the less we tend to focus on what we perceive to be ‘wrong’ or not ‘good enough’. So why are we not the body? Think of the body like a vehicle you are driving. It does not define your being, but you do need it to get from one place to another. Scientifically, you cannot possibly be your body, since the atoms that made up your body just five years ago are completely gone now. Yet we exist now and existed back then too. If we are not the body… then what are we? Well it’s easy to identify with the labels we are given such as our which all make up something we could call our ‘life story’ but that does not define what we are either. Those things do play a role in our behavior, thoughts, emotions, and feelings, but the things we experience during this life only add to our life story, they don’t point toward the true nature of the self. What we are is But to get it

100 thoughts on “you are not your body.”

  1. The fashion part is wrong yes some people have too much clothes cough cough ME but it does express us it makes us confident

  2. Can you please talk about altruism and the fear of the competitivity? Thank you very much for all your videos, I've just discover your channel and I'm glad. Hope you will do a video on these themes. Love from Italy💕.

  3. Society now is powered by fame money and popularity. Which isnt good AT ALL. Love yourself its wayyyyy prettier than all these models on social media. Most of these models and "perfect people" behind closed doors their personality is so ugly and rude you shouldnt be like them. If you are just trying to be healthy I get it but don't base being healthy off of models or "pefect people".💛💜💙💚❤💕💓

  4. Thank you so much for thish it relly makes me realize I am me not what I what to be and I need to learn to love who I am not who I what to be I need to stop think just because someone dose not love me I don’t need to change for them I need to be myself and when someone loves me for me that’s what I need thank you

  5. I got over this. I'm known to be a handsome hunk of a man. I got tested and became ill. God showed me theres more to life than your looks. I have disconnected from my body and mind and see that I am a soul in a human body which is not me but rather I am more than this physical identity we all think we are

  6. I love my body the way it is and the only reason I do when I get more fit is I don't want to lose weight necessarily I want to lose a little bit and I'm already happy with myself but my heath is really important to me and seeing what happens to other people that don't care about their body that's what makes me think that my body needs to be better and I don't do it for like everything that other people do it for I mostly do it for not for attention not for people to say oh my God you're so skinny it's simply for the fact that I want my health to be as perfect it could possibly be

  7. I totally need my entire class to hear this.aaight,listen me out.
    am 18.I'm not gorgeous, or perfect,and I've spent all my life trying to be these things.when I was in 7th class,this dude looked at me and told me I'd patch up against an Australopithecus and itd still look prettier, and I bought it.so,yeah. but then high school happened, and I watched videos like these,and I saw the world all different. first, the boys came on to me.wow.cuz,I just realized, I was born beautiful. like all these dudes were all on me(I'm so not the chic in my dp),but,I felt like they're just playing with me cuz I had this idea that I can't afford gymn or make up or diets,so,I can't be pretty. so I got all awkward and when it hit me I'm pretty and slim and full by nature, I kinda let that shit define me.so,queen b.all those bra selfies cuz I got that bust and a different boyfriend every week and new lips to kiss,but then I kinda lost touch with the real me.my values changed,and my grades stopped mattering to me,I jumped right from A to Cs,and my love for nature got replaced by selfiesticks,I stopped saving up for a book or worthy causes and saved for Gucci brands,I stopped making time for family or charity or church and gave it to these people I saw as cool and identified with it.then i watched a video like this and realized how lost I was.
    so thanks.now am back to me.people think I lost a lot, but they're wrong.I gained a lot,I gained me.I thank for the life,for the body,but,it doesn't define me,and I dont hang with people who only value me cuz am pretty,I deleted all social media, am days away from my final exam,and am working to get my A back,and I apologized to all my exes for using them to itch my insecurities.
    thank you,and I hope we can be friends.

  8. I just use makeup to look awake, cause i need too much hours of sleep and I cant get them on schooldays. And I dont want people to think that Im lowkey dead.

  9. It's funny how when i see a girl with nice clothes, nice hair, nice body, makeup done.. I tend to quickly say I know she's beautiful and that's all I say. When i see a girl wearing regular clothes, regular hair, regular body, and no makeup.. I see the personality more than her looks then I tend to like her more for that. I'm proud of myself for knowing that I like someone for there original appearance and nothing fancy. I like her for who she is, not for what she looks like.

  10. To all the people saying this can encourage obesity and “fat acceptance”, at 16:03 she’s clearly saying “when we’re healthy”… so this preaches health and a healthy attitude(:

  11. I love you so much. You are right these things dont matter. I used to compare my myself to others. In the way the dress and I felt like I should get what they have but I kist told myself they dont matter, i dont need all that to look good i just need myself. Make more vidoes 🥰

  12. Honestly at 42 the age I should start worrying of my fading youth. I actually feel more confident and less concerned of the superficial. I start to see the beauty in others in turn others see mine.

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  14. i am 35 years old. i am only now realizing what is said in the last minute of this video. hard to come to the realization after all the suffering of the past 25 years. the answer has been within all along.

  15. Thank you so incredibly much for this video. I've been battling with an eating disorder and this was something I needed to hear. I'm gonna go back and watch this video when I am doubting myself and my worth for my body. Thank you.

  16. you are hollowing out capitalism girl:))..I am just kidding but I have to say you really has a good philosophy about life and all you say in this video I totaly agree..What make a person a good human being are their mind and personality. Keep going with your beautiful mind and big heart.

  17. These sorts of videos are so inspiring to me, and I was wondering maybe if you’d be interested or have any opinion on a similar idea to this video; people placing so much of their identity on their labels (gender, sexuality, race etc). People my age (teen years) seem to be so preoccupied trying to fit themselves into boxes, when I’ve always felt that those things have no effect on who I am at all. I am interested in your feelings on this topic, and to have a a thought out and thorough video like this one on that topic would be so helpful I feel!

  18. Sometimes being comfortable with how you look, either that from with your appearance or weight, doesn't mean you'll instantly be happy, but it will make you more confident. Confidence makes you motivated to do more things, I know this from experience.

  19. this video is not for me. I really enjoyed it though, your questions are introspective and I like that ❤️ but i noticed your footage is of a specific aesthetic of beauty.. what about other types of looks…are you saying that they don't influence how people feel about their appearance etc?

  20. A lot of these women wear skimpy revealing clothing, I see it as an indication of low self esteem (wanting sexual attraction/attention). Media promotes this behavior through every outlet, even the music industry– to which I firmy believe ties to women objectifying themselves (sexualizing themselves) due to low self esteem & image.

    Another thing is, naturally humans are designed to reproduce for that is an obvious biological factor and getting recognised by the opposite sex is vital considering it ensures we continue our bloodline, and live a happy fulfilling life. Many women have a warped perception of this reality, where they take this biological sense built into us and alter it. Now it isn't much of passing on good genetics but having cheap hookups as well as getting male sexual attraction which ultimately leads to nothing but short term satisfaction. We are destroying our natural senses which have been giving to us in order to live a happy, healthy, and purposeful life. Denying nature makes you unfulfilled in the long term.

    The porn/sex industry as well affects the minds of young women, as well as men for its majorly unhealthy for the brain to consume. Once a man starts consuming pornography, he gets a warped perception of attraction– and wants only sexual relations with a female. No longer does he seek committing to a women for fulfilling marriage; but cheap sex to fill the void of his desires. Women see this, take note and dress the way they do for that certain male attention. They seek sex and use their natural biological desires in a perverse, twisted way (and this applys to both genders). women in the porn industry are also miserable, and suffer from low self image and a boat load of other mental disorders. Society itself is toxic due to many factors, most unhealthy things are pushed and reinforced to the youth– reasons may be to brainwash and lead them into consumerism. To leading them into false happiness.

  21. I don't agree on the weight + physique part. You didn't talk about how some want to gain weight because society says they're "too skinny". This is an example of me. Everyone says I'm "too skinny", so I now force myself to over-eat. When I look at the scale, and I don't see any gain. I'm very upset, I just wish you talked about the other perspective.

  22. Ohmygod. I swear this is the best video I've ever seen. I personally am struggling with an eating disorder / trying to recover, therefor the topic 'body image' is a huge oart of my daily life. This video helped me so much. It gave me hope. It really touched me. Thank you.💓💓

  23. i dont think you understand how much i needed this right now. I have struggled with my appearance my whole life because I have extra fat (skinny fat) and am always told I'm pretty but could be prettier if I lost weight. And I have tried everything but I just can't seem to lose it because my relationship with food is a reflection of my relationship with my anxious mind. I've been having panic attacks lately because I seem to have no control over my food choices (I just feel like I desperately and frenetically want that cupcake and will literally die if I don't have it). I was starting to have another panic attack/breakdown when I saw this video. I still want to cry but for different reasons. What you said about us being the consciousness of the universe just puts everything into such an amazing perspective. This is such an amazing video, even if it is uncomfortable and irritating until you realize that what was said is right even if you don't want it to be. From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you for taking the time to share this message. I'm pretty sure it has helped many people like me. I hope you have a beautiful happy life

  24. overall I agree with your message and think it is really important to change the mindset towards this concept of 'beauty' and the beauty standards are ridiculous nowadays … but on the other hand I think you cannot only blame social media or society. When you look back in history, there were always some ridiculous beauty standards, women would put belladonna into their eyes to make pupils look bigger, pluck their hair to make their forehead look larger, put on corsets that made it hard to breath etc. So I think there is like a natural/primal desire to be 'beautiful', since looking youthful/healthy/beautiful = fertile = passing on genes and it is also a primal need to fit in, since humans were only able to survive when they were parts of groups. So I think it is normal to have that desire to like 'beautiful' and fit in, but it is better to shift the focus on other things and one should definitely change what beauty means in our society.

  25. I don't fully agree with this.
    We wear cute outfits to feel more beautiful which makes us more confident in our body, which highly effects the way we walk, talk, interact with other people and think about ourselves. So, yes, putting an effort into our outward appearance can affect how comfortable we feel and how happy we are.
    There are obviously a lot of issues with beauty standards and it can really take a toll on someone's mental health, but that doesn't mean that fashion and make up are bad things.

  26. I struggled with my weight alot in the past
    So i decided to lose weight and i actually lost those extra pounds last summer
    But tbh i'm now not as happy as i expected that i'll be
    I'm always anxious about my body and my image and I'm always afraid of gaining weight
    I think about my calories intake and the workout like all the time so i'm always stressed and upset
    And i'm trying to stop thinking about gaining my weight back all the time , and only think of having a healthy body and life instead.
    And this video has really helped me🖤🖤
    And to anyone that is thinking of losing weight , think of making your body stronger and healthier instead of becoming obssesed with getting that skinny body before you start your journey , and don't make your mind believe that your happiness is connected to your body's beauty because it's not.

  27. If women spent half as much time and money as we tend to spend on our outward appearance doing philanthropy work instead, we could change the world twice as fast.

  28. We lack content creators like you. Thank you for spreading this message and this idea. I hope more influencers pick up on this.

  29. Looks are important. It sucks but this is the ugly truth. If you are not looking good you would lose some oppertunities in life and that's it. Life is difficult for ugly and fat people. It always has been and it will always be. :/ Also this girl is slim and cute so she would have no idea what would ugly/fat people feel. She cannot advise on this topic sorry.

  30. I really liked the video, but i have to say i dont completely agree with you. I believe this social phenomenon is all oriented and fed by sex. Whenever this theme comes up, its the only variable left out, whitch in my opinion shakes things up. What do you thjnk?

  31. We guys don't a problem with a girl looking HOT on purpose. The guy will stay with you anyway because he knows who you really are on the inside. If you want to know what attract's him? just ask he will tell you anyway. It doesn't matter if you are fat or skinny if he like's you he will hit on you regardless of what on the your outside.

  32. People don’t want to consider their roles in life. They want their adolescence to continue forever. The free period of life where they can flirt with everyone they want. They don’t want to believe that this can and should end.

    Is it possible that the whole point of beauty, is to attract one other person, so that these two can have children and combine to raise them together?

    If you consider this possible, then beauty is to attract, and then after that person has pair bonded, they should intentionally diminish their beauty to strangers. So that they are not attracting others as they did when they were searching for that person.

    Keeping beauty throughout one’s life, especially in public so that random people can view, is the source of these questions of insecurity that you were talking about in your video.

    When young, use beauty to attract the best possible partner, do everything to pair bond. When this has been done, intentionally diminish public facing beauty. Private beauty, for the other that you have pair bonded with, makes sense.

  33. is makeup not toxic. it always amazes me the lengths women have to got to fulfill an idealized conception of beauty. make up, hair pulling, shaving half the body, crazy hair color, chemicals, etc. women who are natural are far more attractive in my books. it show their self esteem, its freedom from the slavery of social pressures

  34. I can't wait for people to wake up and realise that the beauty industry is disgusting and oppressive, especially for women. I can't believe how many girls have fallen to the lie that make-up is somehow empowering, it can't be further from the truth.

  35. Absolutely amazing and uplifting and so very important to know and understand! I can listen to you all day long! Thank you!

  36. I totally agree with you, but I actually like being put together: putting on a little makeup, or doing my nails actually boosts my confidence. Even when I take my makeup off, I still think that I'm beautiful. Although I'm only 15, and what would I know, but I do have body image issues, but I don't let it bring me down! Sorry for ranting

  37. Thank you Anna! This is what I'm trying to teach myself. I'm 26 and almost love myself as I am 🧡 but you making this video gave me a boost! You are great, especially for your age.
    I am savning this video, just in case I have a bad day.
    I haven't watched all of your videos yet, but so far I love every one – myself being vegan and minimalistic. They are smart and makes me think.
    Thank you so much. Keep it up.

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