Did you know that we have several different
types of hunger? That’s right! According to certain studies, the stimuli
we receive through our senses, thoughts and emotions, are the main culprits for our feelings
of hunger. The desire to eat may increase when we hear
eating sounds, such as chewing and cutlery on plates, especially when we are with a large
group. The same concept can be applied when listening
to music. Its sweet melody can make us crave desserts
or sweets, even at strange hours. Imagine eating cereal: it’s fresh, tastes
great, but it doesn’t make a crunching noise. That’s enough to take away you appetite, isn’t
it? Our ears are always alert and aware of the
sounds around us. In today’s video we’re going to teach you
about each of the types of hunger we can experience, so pay attention to which ones you experience
more often. It is a universal idea that the smell and
appearance of food, such as its colors, shapes, textures, the presentation of the dish, etc
have a large influence on our desire to eat it. Our sense of smell is like the hunger of our
nose. You can walk in any restaurant and notice
how the smells influence what you choose to eat. While you’re chewing, pay attention to the
scents, and then you’ll experience the combination of scent-caused hunger and actual hunger. “Mouth hunger” is driven by the sensations
and the flavors. This hunger likes to differentiate between
different textures, combinations and aromas in the food. For that to happen, the mind must be present,
so it is important to savor your food as well. While you’re tasting your food, the ears also
come into play. The difference in the texture of the food,
such as between a raw or cooked carrot, will make your chewing sound different, and this
will cause “sound-caused” hunger. So the interesting thing is to start noticing
how each type of sound affects your hunger and the taste. We have already talked about hunger caused
by your eyes, nose, ears and mouth, but we have not talked about “touch-caused” hunger. This is the hunger that happens when we eat
with our hands like we do with fruit, sandwiches and snacks. We feel the texture of the food and learn
how the best tasting foods will feel. Some foods are a lot of fun to eat with your
hands! If I were to name a few, what would you say? Popcorn, hamburgers, fruits, sandwiches, and
other finger foods? We use our sense of touch a lot when we are
preparing food. Our hands end up being kitchen utensils, and
we use them to mix, knead, roll, arrange and decorate the dishes. When we feed ourselves or other people, we
must take all of these types of hunger into account in order to understand how each one
influences us. They work together as one! Now that you know more about the different
types of hunger, which one do you think affects you the most? If you are still unsure, you can try a test
to explore your types of hunger. Set aside a time, place, and food you usually
eat with your hands. Start exploring using touch. Analyze its shape and texture. Then notice the colors and smell it. Close your eyes to pay closer attention to
the sensations, and finally eat the food. Pay close attention to its texture, aroma,
taste and sound. And finally, of course, savor every bit. This practice is much used in Mindful Eating,
which teaches us to feed ourselves with mindfulness, and always be focused on the present moment. In this way, we can learn
more about how our emotions and senses influence our hunger. Be aware of the different types of hunger,
because will help you deal with any other food related problems you may have.

21 thoughts on “Your Ear Might Be The Reason You Can’t Lose Weight”

  1. People make weight loss too complicated. Eat only raw fruits and vegetables and do cardio for 45 minutes a day and you WILL reach your target weight. Keep doing this and you will stay at your favorable weight, unless you get too thin, if so bring in nuts, seeds and avocado.

  2. Your voice makes me hungry!lol.Its so crisp!Like a fresh apple!!Beautiful voice woman.Teasing from your #1fan!!!Whens the face reveal?lol.

  3. At first I was thinking what does food have to do with your ears to lose weight? But this can actually benefit me, I'm gonna try this and see the effects.

  4. Hola. Que lastima q no hay opción de ver la información en español. Me gusta mucho los temas. Pero me es díficil entenderlos. Gracias.

  5. That's the power of habit. If you subconsciously build a habit of eating when you hear a specific sound. Then that sound will always make you crave food.

  6. This is funny to me..for someone like me who can stay for days without eating ..hearing others eat just make me loose more apitite

  7. Modern agriculture uses NPK a chemical fertilisers to grow their crops,because they don’t returns essential nutrients back into the soil after harvesting their soil becomes depleted after years of harvesting,only NPK props,meaning the foods we eats lacks proper nutrients,so when we eat those foods our bodies tells us I need more nutrients please,meaning the average Americans eats bigger meals,300 gm steaks and larger.The terms OVER FED AND UNDERNOURISHED best describes these.Worst,they loves JUNK FOODS MOST.affect us emotionally too.

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